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Melodic Structure
Community Member
You guys are awesome 4laugh

ok hunter: 130k
Soviet Economist: 50k
Osmossis: 7.1k
IZRA3L: 73k
Squishy Nightmare: Demonbow
1x Connie x1: 1.1k
Amours: RuRu Kitty Plushie, Death Whisper
spammasterjay: Action Hero
-Sincerely Willow-: Demonic Earmuffs
Magnate Matricide: 8k
Aureya: 2.4 mil, Little Lucie 3rd Gen
Zebulous: Harry Potter Quidditch Uniform, Angel Ghost Sheet
GooderBatman: 24.5k
yakusho: 33k
Darth Wolf Sidious: 25k
Xedhadeaus: Inari's Beads 4th Gen
Jesuth: 10k, Berry Tavern Wench's Cincher, Peridot High Elf Bodice, Golden Birch Wood Elf Corset, Egyptian Feather Fan, Bakeneko Whiskers, Pink Ribboned Black Cat Hooded Jumper, Election 2008 Donkey Plushie, The Sphinx, Catastrophe!
Le Dieu Rouge: 530k, Pepper and Mint, Vittoria's Intimates, Madame Seer, Sakura Blossom Hairpin, Bone Scythe, Psychedelic Submersible heart I'll miss you sad
Fynn Kilroy: 10k
petuniahh: Cloud
Mind Soldier: 3.5k
Euphonical: 40k
Redi The Kid: 20k, Superior Form
079-me: Formula 1: Famestar Hero, V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Hairpin
Astro Coast: 5k
unRouly: 105k
Leanover: 19k
Robot Punk: 20k
zythum: In The Ruhk
On Wings Of Song: 30k
ADreamForTheDead: 10k, Black Leather Tight Jeans
Poketto Nezumi: 10k
Mr Barack Hussein Obama: Lonely Star: HE, Lonely Star: Pisces
SinisterStrings: Geist the Spitz
King Coatl: 10k
ZombiiFiend: 50k
je anne boleyn: Thank You Letter for July 2007, Red Velvet Queen of Cups

Second attempt at OMG Hat
Polka Dot Sock: 55k
SATAN R00LZ: 40k
Resistsiser: 1,160,000g, Ancient Katana! heart
XxWindReindeerxX: Fausto's Bottle 11th Gen
The Ephemeral Fixation: Timmy 2nd Gen, 63.5k, Vampire's Bat Swarm
W0TD4F4CK: 429.6k heart
The Bubble Gum Thug: Astra-VII: Curse of the Gray Wizard
an anonymous benefactor: OMFG heart
DeadPo0L: 25k
I LIEK UNICORNS: 300k heart
Paradox Queen: 1k
Vsalinas: 19.9k
coyote song: 700k heart
Melodic Signs: 1,000,000 heart
Keikaru Doori/Popular Bear: Modus Operandi heart
princess poonus: Pistachio Macaron n_n
Similar copy: 3k
bittons: 18k
mittiez: 20k
ch4nel: Blush Mood Bubble
Beautiful Bonez: Sibyl's Incantation, Nitemare Sash, Scarlet Mist n__n
inky octopies: Monthly Collectible for May 2012!
G0DM0NSTER: 1.35k
Pmyi: Kitty Slippers
gull: 4g mrgreen
Oh look a kitty: 500k heart
Smells Like Soap: 50k
Bryan the Taoist: 10k
Kayla Wise: 30k
Kraigos: 250k smile
El Koopitan: Vivacenote 2nd Gen, Large Pirate Hat, Sims Baby Carriage, Flower Crown. Fox Ears, Aquarium Spikey heart
idiot wind: 20k
Nisreeenie: 200k smile
kayla wise 2: 20k
ZBubbletea: 10
Val Is Bomb: 50k smile
an anonymous benefactor: Nitemare Headband
woah gabe: Ancient Katana heart
vippa: Golden Laurels emotion_bigheart emotion_jawdrop emotion_bigheart
Penetrusion: 100k smile
A Cockwork Orange: 50k smile
tape`: 40k smile
GoresIut: 30k, Mall Cop Mustache
zosh: 24k, King of the Pirates, Year One Soldier's Sword
Iconica: Antipathy heart
Irate Camel: 10k
Euphoric XTC: 6.9k, Catastrophe!, Jellyfish Cape, Anchor, Black Skinny Jeans, Castaway Black Boots, January Birthstone Cape
Coldfire Oxymoron: 180k cool
DiggerNick: 13k
Im Rinny: Mouton Twins
Laughing Kookaburra: 80k
Areweeffingserious: 224k heart
Vulgar_Darling: 1 mil heart
Cherry City Blues: 50k

~I also give out donations randomly~
I have given, to memory, two RuRu Kitty Plushies, Demonic Pitchfork, Music in the Air, Valefor Academy, August 2011 Letter, Commedia, Bani the Bunny, Maleficent Seven, Muramasa, BuBu Kitty Plushie, Little Lucie 3rd Gen, Mana Seed 2nd Gen, Kiken Rider, Mythrill Halo, Carol of Ol' Ebenezer, Asphalt Jungle, Oni Set, Mythrill Halo, Monthly Collectible Letter for September 2012, Oculus Mythica, Ascending Demon, Ancient Katana, Over-decorated School Briefcase, Checkered Nightmare and uncertain amounts of gold.

You know who you are if you've obtained an item mentioned above. wink

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