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Journal of an Anime crazied fan Um this is were i put my life and stuff, if you plan on hurting my friends cuz i say there name and you want to find them to do who know what,...I will kill you,, and thats not a threat its a promise!!!

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I'm here waiting for you
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Sitting in a shack on the outskirts of a small village Yuffie growled at the stack of papers that were laying on her desk and the phone which sat on the window sill beside her. The papers never went away, it had been a year and three months....and so much had happened. With the WRO reformed much to Avalanches extended work and of course their newly found help, much was getting done to restore the world. Although many old alliances were broken, both Cid and Barret had left with such a fuss that not even Cloud was able to contain them, Yuffie was sure that it was for the best. With the WRO working closely with the ex-ShinRa employee's people began to trust them ... to a degree, and soon they were as integrated as Reeves. Yuffie had even seen Rude and Cloud talk about a few things at Tifa's pub on occasions that was when Reno wasn't drinking his liver into the next lifetime.

Hearing a rustle near by Yuffie turned her head to the side to see Rude walking ... well attempting to as he was carrying a passed out Reno on his shoulders. Rolling her eyes Yuffie pointed to the bedroom of the small two bedroom apartment and shook her head. The two had been gone all evening, in fact looking out the window it was daybreak and the sun was starting to rise high in the morning sky. Hissing and cursing her self for not getting any sleep she filled a few reports and loged a few activities to Reeves. She also sent yet another request to locate Omega's remains, she knew the site and every time she went there she found nothing but a few tattered bits of red cloth. Cid had even tried to get Yuffie to fly on the Shera again but she plainly refused and instead took the trip by chocobo. It was one of the reasons she took her current mission because the town wasn't far from where Omega had crashed.

As her stomach rumbled she grumbled to herself about forgetting to stock up on food and other supplies, and as she made her way to the kitchen she cursed even more when all she could find were empty beer bottles and coffee. How does that man live?! I swear he has beer running threw his veins. Sighing to herself Yuffie passed by Rude who nodded his head to acknowledge she was there.

"I'm going on out were out of food." she sneered at the last part.

"We'll be here." he replied and opened a bottle of water which Rude religiously kept in the fridge out of fear of the local water, which Yuffie didn't blame.

Grabbing a cloak off the coat rack, an all too familiar crimson red. The cloak itself was similar to that of Vincents, Yuffie had it tailored to match his only with a few adaptions of her own. First off it had a hood one that covered her face, the second adjustment was its length. It was tailored to fit her and only her, Reno had tired to wear it once. Three stab wounds and a black proved this was one item Yuffie would sacrifice her job for. Opening the door Yuffie shut it hoping that the sound was enough to make Reno groan. In truth it wasn't difficult working with the Turks, sure they had been ruin to all that her father had attempted to lay to waste and yes Yuffie regret ever signing up for the silly quest in the first place. But it didn't mean they had their uses. Walking down the small path that led to the village up ahead Yuffie knew the way quite well. Pulling the hood over her brown hair her emerald eyes scanned threw the crowds as she weaved skillfully threw the mid-morning rush. The market was always busy with women shopping for gods knows what, and Yuffie had made it like a sort of game to see how much money she could make off of stealing from the crowds and then turn right around and use the money she had pick-pocketed toward her own food.

Today was no different, with skillful hands she would pull out purses and pouches alike. With agility and a few bits of luck matera she was able to make off with quite a bit today. Swiping and apple from a near by fruit vendor she munched delighted at the day's catch. She had plenty of money but food shopping could wait, there was one place she always visited every morning. Gathering a few more apples this time with money from her winnings, Yuffie made her way to another path one hiding by the overgrowth of forests that lined the village. Once again with a quickened pace Yuffie made her way unseen threw the crowds and to the outskirts of the village, fallowing the familiar path. The air seemed peaceful as she made her way threw the forest making sure she had a few kunai to spare just in case. Her large four pointed star was strategically placed within her holster she had found a mini materia which shrunk things making her other wise more obvious weapon less well...obvious. Fallowing the path upwards and towards the eastern parts of the forest she came upon the trees which had been gnarled and twisted from Omega's impact. Her she paused to place a apple core beside one of the trees for the woodland critters so they would go for the apple and not her.

Fallowing the treeline the ground became harder and more rock like structures were visible. The rocks paled in comparison, because in truth they weren't ever rocks but bits of Omega that had fallen during the last battle. Reeves had warned Yuffie about coming to the ruins because of the dangerous levels of Mako energy that radiated from the ruins but Yuffie never listens. No matter how many times he told her that Vincent had died a hero,...there was no other way he would have wanted to go. Of course there was a better way to go...to go on living ...with m- Shaking the thought from her Yuffie felt a tear begin to descend from her eye to her cheek. Blinking away the rest she continued on her journey and finally reached her destination, there on the ground lay Omega. Of course he was beyond repair just a stone statue, a remnant of a time long gone. Kicking one of the bits of rubble Yuffie sat atop one of the stones eating her apple as her eyes gazed out at the rubble.

"Gah Vince you should have seen the market it was so much busier this time around. I think the villagers are preparing for a festival or something. Any ways I scored big! I managed to swipe over 50 gil, not to mention some poor slob was caring one of these!" Yuffie held up a gleaming Heal materia as she presented to the rocks. "Not that you could see it...." her words trailed off and she sighed placing her newly found materia in her belt.

As she did this she noticed it for the first time, the rubble had been disturbed. Leaping off the rocks she had been resting on Yuffie bolted to the rubble. She ignored the sting of pain when she had removed some of the rubble she quickly shoved aside in a hastened attempt to find him. He wasn't dead? But she had been there, she had seen. Her heart raced as more rubble was moved aside only to find ... nothing. Falling to her knees she figured it was some ruse that Reno had done... he was the only other one who knew that she visited here often. Tears formed as she head onto a small rock in her hand as she blindly threw it in the woods.

Vincent... where are you.

(( Sorry bout the length again couldn't help my fingers kept going.. sweatdrop ))
~~I need your love
I'm a broken rose~~

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