Friends - 2/ GG - 1,226$/ Entertainment - 5%

sweatdrop Today was... ummm... awkward per-say.
Lets start off by saying I am fully open about being a transgender alright? I do not hide it and tell some one at the last moment that I have a v****a.

Okay, so this girl that I have been hanging out with a lot, and I am really liking.... told me that she is falling for me. That I'm the most down to earth, nicest "guy" that she has ever met. stare
I didn't think anything of it because I thought she was respecting my sex orientation.
Haha I was dead wrong.
I guess it either slipped her mind, doesn't, or she wasn't listening/paying attention when I told her that I am a girl!
She flipped.
Told me she needed time to think.

Never going to hear from her again......