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Name: Hugh Brant
the whitest boss you know

Race: Caucasian human

Gender: Male

Age: 45 years

Eyes: green

Hair: graying blond, wavy, thinning, worn slicked back

Build: Sort of in shape, with a bit of a gut, lightly tanned skin, tired eyes, crooked roman nose

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 lbs

Clothes: Usually dresses for work: button-down collared shirt tucked into nice slacks, brown work jacket. Otherwise, prefers polos or loose-fitting t-shirts and worn jeans. Always wears old sneakers, he's got about seven pair. Occasionally wears reading glasses.

Occupation: Owner and manager of Brant Bros. Transport Lines, owner of the Quetzal

Relationships: Dan Guerra (best friend from way back); Paulo Federico (reluctant business partner); everyone else (wage slaves beloved employees)

Personality: Shrewd, cranky, and hates his clients, but loves the independence of managing his own business. Runs a tight ship, his way or the highway, but is very protective of his employees. Has a bit of a long-running feud with various district leaders (a.k.a. "bureaucratic ********" wink , and usually gets other people to negotiate for him. Despite grumpiness, he has a brilliant poker-face and can be very patient when negotiating or working with difficult people. Does not actually have a brother.

Likes: Jimmy Buffett, flying the Quetzal, the smell of old leather, billiards

Dislikes: Laziness, the Yerma crime families, being told what to do, sweets

Reference pics: [tektek] (more soon)

{ The customer is always right, unless they're dealing with me. }