Poke' Journal Drawings/Images. These are some drawings I did of some characters. I will give bios and all.

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Name: Nulveras Hix
Trainer Title: Elite 4 No.4
A.K.A.: The Spiritual Flare
Types of Pokemon: Ghosts
Signature Pokemon: Chandelure *
Age: 21
Birthdate: October 31, 1990
Birthplace: Lavender Town (Moved to Unova)
Bio: Born in Lavender Town, he grew up living with his adoptive parents who took him in after his birth family abandoned him. He loves Ghost type Pokemon. At the age of 15, he moved to Unova to study on how Golurk was created. Along his travels, he remembered his Pokemon, Litwick, whom grew up with him, born on the same date, same time. They were forever bonded, literally. The parents of the Litwick put them into a Destiny Bond. If one falls, so does the other. Later in life, Dracke, Champion of the Elite Four, Challenged him to a battle. He was impressed by his and his Litwick's bond. He offered him into the Elite Four as Number 4. As they got stronger, their bond became stronger. Litwick finally evolved into a Lampent. He went on a haitus to train his Pokemon to make them stronger and to create a greater bond. He evolved his Lampent into a Chandelure, making it his strongest Pokemon. His bond with his Chandelure earned him the title: The Spiritual Flare (Credit to Undead Criminal Punch for the backstory behind Nulveras and Chandelure)