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A-chan's Documents of Complete Randomness
I'm going to write what is ever on my mind in here, Which, well, is always something random. Have fun!
Dear Amanda,

How long has it been since we've met?

Almost four years-- I had to go check. I kept that silly old RP bookmarked and I go back and read it all of the time actually. Everything seemed so much simpler then-- just two kids writing stories together.

We've been through a lot though, haven't we? So much, and it's amazing-- we live a thousand miles apart from each other. And yet, when we talk, I always feel that you are right there. Egging me on, giving me advice, making me feel special.

Because believe it or not, that's what you do.

I remember once, we had this huge argument, and you told me you never wanted to hear from me, ever again. You said that instead of being a friend, I did nothing but cause you hurt. I'll never forget the heartbreak that day. But how long did it last? A few months and a lot of long talks later, we decided to be friends again.

And aren't you glad we did?

I am. You've been more of a friend to me than a lot of people have lately, especially since I've moved away from all my physical friends. You're always there when I need you most, and that alone makes up for every single hardship we've endured.

It's hard to have friends that are so far away, even with internet and webcams and skype. It's hard to keep those relationships afloat. And I guess that's why I realize you won't always have time to talk to me. But you know what? That's okay.

It means I cherish those times that we do all the much more.

I know you've been going through tons of s**t, and I wish you didn't have to. You've had enough, and I wish the universe would just realize it and just leave you the ******** alone. I wish they'd realize how tired you are and how you can't take much more, no matter how strong you are.

Everyone has a breaking point. By God, I'll make sure you don't hit yours.

But I can only do what I can from a distance, and it ******** kills me every time.

What's this letter for again? Oh, to tell you how much you mean to me, but I don't think words could even really describe it. You've given me good advice, bad advice. You've loved and hated me. You've yelled and yelled at how much I don't understand, and how much you hate me trying to help you.

And yet, you always come back for more. I guess that means you take my words to heart more than you care to tell me, ha ha ha.

The point is I am so very lucky to have you as a friend.

It seems like a lot of people don't realize how special you are, but I do. You are truly one of a kind. Sometimes hard to get along with, but in the end, I wouldn't change you for an instant.

I'd never have you anyway but the way you are now.

The other night, I dreamt about Marquin and Jaraia. They fought of Mana and saved him and lived happily ever after. It's silly, isn't it-- still thinking and dreaming up plots for a long lost RP that died more than two years ago. Ah well. We can take a lesson from them, I suppose.

They never gave up. I won't either. I will strive and do everything that I can to be the best friend that I can be, the kind of friend that you need right now.

Because that's what you deserve.


P.S. Go post.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jul 22, 2011 @ 06:18am
....You're an angel.

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