Last Week Was Greatest and Now It's This Week and It's Not Fun D:&
Anyways this is possibly the last week to goof off and do something stupid because next week is registration week &.& Meaning actually doing something for school and the following week school is going to start D:&

I'm having a bad week, mainly because I've screwed up my sleeping pattern so greatly that I'm hoping there is such a thing as Night School.
I'm also bored as usual so I have time to kill and time to die ._.
I'm also just dreading the whole school thing but at the same time I can't wait just cuz I want to see everyone =3

Currently: As of now I'm trying to finish up AP HW but being terribly distracted &.&
I keep wondering why I have the class but then I remembered it's Europeans, they're awesome ^w^ (Hetalia Dork xP)
I'm also trying to convince my brother to send over his xbox! xDD which will be epic because it just is! =3
Lastly, I'm going to have my haiirr dyed and I'm wondering what's the end results will be &w&

Other Things:
This is the last year of school that I need and it also might be the last time that i see all my wonderful (crazy) awesome (insane) friends again....Sooooo
I'm planning one of two things:
1. A road trip all over California during Spring Break
2. Following Warped Tour In The Summer
That's really all that I've planned with my head but I really should run it through with my friends :]]

So That's about it, summer is coming to an end and it's almost the start of school Dx

- Fairy