Hi everyone.
I am so sorry about my lack of inactivity on this site and in the Guilds.
I am trying and trying to post but at the same time enjoying my 18th year of my life.
Going to Clubs and partying has been great on a weird side.
Me and my boyfriend broke up today cuz of him judging on how I like Goths and stuff like that.
I went to a Club called Club Hell in Providence and my boyfriend got mad and upset at me cuz he thinks that Goth people are weird and are freaks.
They aren't so why is he judging?
I wanted to just end it with him which I did now I am going try having a 4th relationship with another guy name Sonny James.
He is very sweet and plus yeah of course he lives around my state so why ask?
Anyway yeah we are planning to meet at the same Club I went to on Wednesday which is Club Hell.
I am so excited to meet him. : )

On the otherside yeah I'm sorry about the inactivity.
I will promise to get active in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and hopefully next Summer because I'm moving out of state and going to live somewhere else.
I lived in Mass for 18 years already and getting sick of the guys, the state itself, and the people who made me go through hell.
I just wanna be happy not be in a mess and always be upset.
So I'll try and try to be more active on here.
So sorry to you all. heart