No, this title has nothing to do with drugs so if that's what you were looking for A) Too bad B) Stay away from me.

I'm dealing with some stuff in my personal life at the moment. Like being single again. I've been single like 3 weeks. I don't like being single, but part of me says stay this way because I realized a problem I have. That's I need almost constant contact in a relationship. Even if it's just text. I like having someone special like that in my life.

I'm a female, I'm straight, I'm turning 21 this year. If you're interested in talking hit me up.

In other news, I'm redoing a lot of things at the moment here. It's just that time of year I guess. I've been gone, I'm gonna try to be on more. No guarantees, but there are other ways to reach me. Facebook, which I don't give out; my blog on Xanga, which is in an adjustment process; and my deviantART account, CLICKY!

A lot has been going on. I'm working on some stuff and dealing with some stuff. I'm just all around dealing with things. Hence the title 'Dealing'. Get it? Yes, my jokes are lame. I don't care. Peace.


Additional: No, my username will not change. Razor is my nickname, but my username here has, and probably always will be, hshaver13. It's an originality thing I guess. Easy to remember, no issues with it, etc.