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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Fanfiction Pet Peeves

***** (Shota/Loli)


Yaoi/Slash/Shounen-ai (I don't have a problem with this but only when canon hetrosexual characters are turned homosexuals just because it's the fangirls fantasy. Nothing is scared anymore...seems like there's a yaoi fanfic of anything nowadays. It starts to get sad when it overwhelms the canon pairings.)


Those author's notes that keep interrupting us, the readers as we are reading the story. It's usually a stupid reason for the author to interrupt a story for. If they want to say something to let the readers know something there's a thing called footnotes.

When there is no summary and/or the author puts "I suck at summaries" in the summary.

Chapspeak/Shorthand/Textspeak...those belong in aims not in stories.

Massive amount of spelling and grammar mistakes.

OOC (Out of Character)



High School Fics

Random Japanese words or phrases in the story (or any random language) For example: "Hi, you are so kawaii! Do you like my kuro eyes? The kaze keeps getting into my eyes."

When characters don't act their age. Why would a 27 year old (or a 600 year vampire/demon/elf/etc.) act like a teenager? It's unrealistic and annoying that adult characters are immature, acting like teenagers.

When the author didn't do their research and it shows in their story. Worst when they are writing in a fandom they have never seen or read and writing things that aren't canon.

When authors's immaturity is shown when it comes to certains things like sex (lemon) in fanfiction. If they are saying thingy instead of p***s then maybe that should be a clue for them to NOT write it and wait until they are older.

Bashing. I get annoyed when the author's hate of a character is apparent in the story. Just because they hate that character doesn't give them the right to make other characters bash on them. That's just another form of OOC.
Breaking up canon pairings.

Changing the canon rules. For example; if it's establish that characters in the book all have blue eyes because it's genetic (everyone in the whole world has blue eyes), then don't make the OC (original character added in) have purple eyes or some other "special" color eye. The same goes for changing anything already establish...like if the character is an alien that has no sexual organs please don't make them magical grow some inorder to get them with someone.

When characters who meet for the first time fall in love too quickly. Seriously, why must characters declare their undying love after two or three weeks of knowing each other?

A bio introduction before the first chapter. I don't care to know what the favorite color, the body shape, and how big the new characters boobs are. I rather find out by reading the story and not being told the first thing I see in the chapter. The readers aren't stupid we can big up hints about a character while we read it. So authors should keep in mind that they should "show, not tell".

When things happen without a reasonable explanation, other then just because.

When characters lack emotion and depth. It's important that they are realistic as possible and have feelings and a personality.

Lack of plot.

Stories that aren't properly marked. I like knowing what to expect for example if it contains slash, rape, abuse, underage and anything that is offensive.

When P.O.V. is constantly shifting in the story. It's annoying and disorients the readers. Pick a P.O.V. and stick with it.

Formatting issues, when the story is one giant block of text. Or there's so much spaces in it.

Flamers. I perfer constructive criticism.

Authors who withhold chapters for more reviews.

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