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Well, titles, I should say.
That last one was "Surfing the Gale", although changed to "Earthquake". It made more sense there, honestly... Plus I've taken a break, so I'm all jumbled up. ._.

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The Second Cross:
The Glimmering Hope

[Cruce, Emelina, and Bongo have left the safety of their guarded school. To avoid any unnecessary conflict, they have left the back way. Unfortunately, the earthquake and warped geography of the land has complicated their path... As it has elsewhere.]
(S u r g e -- T r u e)
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-Disorderly Route.-

[The distorted stretches of street and earth have acted as a ramp to one of the risen mountains. It has brought two unique characters to the mountain's peak...]
True: [Seems to be an azure fox Mobian with baggy clothes--a shirt and shorts--and a small physique.] Ugh, Surge... You're so nuts sometimes.
Surge: [Is a gray rabbit Mobian with blond hair and a blue shirt and shorts. He is holding a high-tech Desert Eagle.] True, dude, you gotta live a little. Look at this place, maaaan... [He looks out at the distorted world that continues to stretch out into the sky above.]
True: [Standing beside him, overlooking the surreal scenery.] ...If I knew where we were and what was going on, I might think it was pretty--er... cool. Cool...
Surge: I might've thought it was gnarly also. But we've got a problem, True. Nightmares, more like.
True: [Sighs...] Why is Darkness here? What is this place...?
Surge: I don't know, man. But we've gotta get moving. This wind is totally buzzin'. You keep usin' that killer magic of yours. I'll keep usin' mine. Let's hit it. [He starts ahead, heading down the floating mountain.]
True: !! [Follows close after Surge.]
"(I'm really not comfortable with all of these Nightmares flying around freely.)"
"(Can we at least try to get help from someone who isn't deranged and shoots at anything...?)"
[The two make their way to what they believe is terra-firma...]
[They stand in the center of a four-way intersection with little debris. Surge looks in the direction of what appears to be a high school. Half of it has been badly ravaged by the tremors, and another quarter of it has been lifted into the sky.]
Surge: True. Check it out. [He points at the few standing school buildings.]
True: [Takes notice of Surge's discovery.] Oh wow. Buildings that live!
Surge: Be careful what you wish for. Let's see if we scavenge anything. I'm getting tired of all this running... [He jogs to the front buildings with True behind.]
[As they reach one of the outside hallways, they instantly spot a few Nightmares heading to the floating section of the school. A few of the Nightmares are imps, while two of them appear to be Mobian Nightmares. The two haven't been noticed yet...]
Surge: ...[Whispers.] Stay quiet... Let them go on ahead.
True: [Whispering as well.] Surge, I... I think they're after something, and I feel like... Um...
Surge: Hm?
True: It feels real familiar, but I can't really... [Shakes his head.]
Surge: A familiar feeling? That's mighty. Let's flank them... [He moves ahead and spots another way to a separate hallway.] Over here. Looks like this leads to the same... Hey... [One of the doors has been left open. A few school advertisement papers have been left on it.] "Surf club." ...Suhweet!
True: Surge...! Shh, do you want them to hear us?
Surge: Sorry dude, I gotta check this out... [He enters the classroom, examining the decorations. A white and blue designed surfboard is hanging on the wall.] ...This'd come in handy.
True: [Watching from the doorway.] Wherever we are, looks like surfing is as much a sport as it is back home. That's weird, isn't it...?
Surge: It's weird, but I'm totally diggin' it... [He takes the surfboard carefully from the wall.] No one's using this anymore!
True: Now you don't have to run around anymore.
Surge: Totally... [He sets the board down on the floor and stands on top of it. It glows blue for a few seconds, then lifts into the air, defying physics. It is as if a ghost is holding it and Surge up... But it is, in fact, Surge himself.] Ah, heeeeere we go.
True: ...Surge, I think we should go see what those Nightmares are up to. I don't like it when Darkn--Waah! [Surge flies passed him and out of the classroom. He dodges, bending backwards.] ...!! ...
Surge: Woohooo! [He flies to the roof of the buildings that remain. Surge leaps off of the board with a well-timed front flip and lands on both feet, the board hovering above Surge and landing vertically in front of him. He grasps its side and moves ahead, looking out for any Nightmares. The sound of wings is heard...]
True: [However, these are not Nightmares' wings. They are a set of rather large, pearl white angel wings that have sprouted from True's back. He flaps them gracefully a few times before touching down on the roof.] Sheesh, Surge. You almost took my head off...
Surge: [Turns his head slightly.] Wipe-out, True... check this out... [He points ahead over the rubble that is the remainder of the school. It has been distorted into a ramp that leads to the school's football field, which is hanging suspended in the sky. Upon it, the clouds join together and spiral into a tall tower that pierces through the blue...] ...True, that feeling of yours... Is it maybe Sengoku?
True: I don't know. [Shakes his head.] But the Nightmares are headed for those clouds. My guess is... we should be, too. Maybe we will find Sengoku there.
Surge: Or worse... Ginsengaar.
True: Let's hope for the best.
Surge: [He nods.] As always.
[After a few seconds of watching the tower in awe, the two start forward.]
"Ohohoho, what a splendid base this makes~"
"For Darkness, and for the Soul Spheres' sakes!"
"Lyasha, be a sweetie and check the perimeter."
(L y a s h a)
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-Skyspiral Tower.-

[Lyasha is a new high minion of Darkness. She works under the Shade Lea, and has command over a legion of Nightmares, though is still just beginning. She seems to be much like Lea regarding physical traits. Her hairstyle is different, but the rainbow coloration is the same. Her wings are less elegant in size and shape, however equally colorful. Her flowing dress seems to represent the darker colors of the rainbow, ranging from indigo to red as it descends. Rather than a staff, she holds a wand tipped with a rainbow jewel...]
Lyasha: [She is standing on what appears to be a cloud at the gaping entrance to the spiral tower. The arched entrance is lined with crystalline blue marble. Most of the structure is held up with this blue "re-bar", in addition to the solid clouds.] ... [Lyasha looks to one side and raises an arm. At this gesture, a small section of the cloud becomes black. A Sorenian Nightmare in the shape of a Fairy-rabbit ascends from the darkness. She repeats the action on her other side, the same type of Nightmare, though slightly smaller and pony-like traits, rising before she looks ahead and sighs.] ...
Nightmare Fairy R.: ... [She notices Lyasha unease.] Something troubling you, Lyasha?
Lyasha: Mm? Well, this world is breaking apart so easily, it's almost sad.
Nightmare Fairy P.: Hehe, that bothers you? This world is so weak and insignificant! It is nothing to worry about.
Lyasha: It just feels like things are happening at a rate faster than I can keep up with. It's... well, it's annoying.
Nightmare Fairy R.: You are new to Darkness. Many things will be happening faster. I cannot predict what will happen on this strange new world, but I can say this: it will happen fast.
Lyasha: I suppose I should be more concerned with Lea's plans anyway, hm? I'm not sure what she wants the Soul Sphere up there for.
Nightmare Fairy P.: It ties into the Chaos Emerald Ginsengaar presented to us. What a pretty jewel, huh?
Nightmare Fairy R.: Indeed. While it is true you need be focused on our plans, you must also keep a careful eye on your immediate duties. Do not fail Darkness, Lyasha. That is all but a warning.
Lyasha: I understand. [She nods.]
[At this moment, a small horde of Lightspawn soldiers appear before the tower, weapons wielded.]
Lyasha: [Readies herself.] !
Nightmare Fairy R.: [Prepares to battle.] It is as Mistress Lea predicted...
Nightmare Fairy P.: Gonna put the hurt on these runts!
Nightmare Fairy R.: Lyasha! Consider this a test...
(C r u c e -- B o n g o -- E m e l i n a)
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-Aeroscarred Streets.-

[The terrain has shifted severely, both closing and opening new or unused paths. The trio now truly understands how lucky the students at the school were. It is one of the only standing buildings left...]
Bongo: Wow... This is crazy.
Emelina: How do we navigate through this? Nothing looks familiar... Nothing but the school. And I can't fly, at least not yet. I don't know how.
Cruce: [Leading the two.] I'd try and teach you, but I can't change into anything else right now; I'm stuck like this. (Until... Hm...) And besides, I never used wings. I just kinda floated naturally. In this form, I have a sort of super speed. Kinda like Sonic.
Bongo: 'Wonder what I can do. I bet it's badass.
Cruce: [He steps onto where the street starts. They are now traveling opposite the way Cruce comes to school, although the geography has been altered beyond recognition.] Dunno, we'll s--Uh oh, heads up people. [He throws an arm out, stopping the two behind him. Just ahead, a blackened, distorted body lies. It has a devilish appearance: sharp claws and demon-like wings. In addition, the body seems to be serrated at the limbs with horns protruding from the back of the head.]
[The demon slowly rises, facing the three with low, haunting moans...]
Emelina: Eeeehhh, what is that thing?!
Bongo: Is that one of the Nightmares?
Cruce: Looks like a human version of one... Stay back guys, this one's on me. [He raises a fist to the Nightmare in the midst of casting, visible air shimmering around his body. Upon casting, he lashes his arm out with his fist now open. Glimmering, bright red air surrounds the demon, holding it in place for a moment.] Let's make this work! [He shuffles his front foot a bit before abruptly rushing the enemy at an overwhelming speed. The impact is severe, and the red air bursts from the Nightmare, albeit empowering the attack. With his sudden stop, the Nightmare continues hurdling forth until it hits a large break in the risen land.]
Emelina: Whoa!! [She turns to Bongo, excitement clear in her face as she flutters her wings and takes flight.] Bongo, did you see that?!
Bongo: Did I? [Turns to Emelina.] I--...Emelina, you're flying...
Emelina: Huh...? [Looks down at her dangling feet.] Wh-whaa! I-I-...I am... I am! H-how am I...
Bongo: [He turns forward, his eyes spotting a small handgun-shaped weapon. Quickly, he scrambles for it as the Nightmare recovers.]
Cruce: [He turns his head a bit, hearing Bongo approaching.] Careful, man.
Bongo: [He swipes the weapon and observes it. It is a more modern weapon: a black pistol with a sharpened end, two white rings around this tip. Its shape is very similar to a pistol's, despite the strange dome-shaped protrusion from its side.] A laser...? [He examines it before aiming it forward.] Get down!
Cruce: !! Je--More like back! [Cruce returns to Emelina's side, the Nightmare walking forth once again.]
Bongo: [He smirks slightly, pressing and holding the trigger until a red radiance can be seen at the laser gun's tip. As it draws more power, the Nightmare raises an arm, swirling blackness entering its grasp and forming a weapon of its own. It appears to be a large axe.]
Emelina: Be careful, you crazy person!
Cruce: I heard those A5 things have a hell of a kick to them.
Emelina: Aren't they prototypes?
Cruce: Nah, these are solid. It's the military's new laser weapons which are prototypes. They use 'em anyway. They're promising, after all.
Bongo: [The Nightmare gains ground... Then, Bongo releases his finger on the trigger. A thin, beam of red photons is fired forth. It penetrates the dark skin of the Nightmare. Before the demon falls, it holds two devilish hands to the penetration... It is gone in the wind.] ...******** yeah! Suck on that, b***h!
Cruce: See what I mean...? [Turns to Emelina.] ...Hey, you flying?
Emelina: [She blinks.] ...U-um... yeah...
Bongo: [Returns to the two.] That was easy! That was a Nightmare? Well that's sad, I thought they were tougher than that.
Cruce: They aren't all that easy. Nice work though. Hang on to that A5.
Bongo: No s**t, huh? This thing is hot...
Cruce: Punny. Right on, let's keep going.
Bongo: Uh... Where were we going again? Topher or something?
Cruce: [He nods.] Maybe Topher returned home. It's worth a look.
Emelina: Mmmm, gosh... I hope the cutie's okay. I could fly ahead and--oh, but I don't know where I'm going.
Cruce: It's anyone's guess, honestly. C'mon. [They continue forth.] ...I wish I could fly right now. It was so nice while I was a Shaymin.
[Bongo give Cruce a suspicious look. Upon doing this, he notices that Emelina is doing the same exact thing.]
Bongo: ...Dude... How long have you been able to do that...?
Cruce: What? Be Shaymin?
Emelina: We've known--The Circle, I mean--has known you for so long, right? Your family! You've kept this from your whole family for this long?
Bongo: You've always had powers?
Cruce: ...[He shakes his head, and does not respond.]
Bongo: ...Cruce? How long have you had these powers?
Cruce: ... What powers...?
Emelina: You know! The Shaymin thing! And the... I think you said Safa thing?
Bongo: Safans are your characters, not you. But... I don't think you're making this up, because of...Uh... Mmph...
Emelina: ...Because of the power he's shown us already. There's something to it. And you're not telling us... Cruce? Is there a reason?
Cruce: There's reasons that I know exist, but I don't even know those yet. And already, there're more than I can count.
Bongo: You can't even tell your closest friends?
Cruce: I never wanted to involve any of you in any of this in the first place... And, yes, you're both with me now, I know... But me telling you everything I know--it isn't much, by the way--would just put you in more danger. I can't tell you who or what the heck I am. I don't even know the answer to that. I can't tell you how Darkness works. I might be wrong and give you false leads and whatnot. It's a difficult situation.
Bongo: Don't kid yourself! Did you see how I beat that Nightmare? Darkness is easy!
Emelina: Bongo, don't underestimate them... ...Cruce, if you have your reasons... [She flies to Cruce's side and holds his shoulder with both of her paws. He stops, his head lowered.] I will still be happy to go with you knowing nothing.
Cruce: ...[He looks at Emelina and smiles.] ... (She's scared... But she's also brave. Maybe she thinks I have a dark side. I remember back to the first crisis, it looked like I did. I... hm... ) Thanks, Emi... Yo, Bongo. Emi also. Here's an incentive to keep a move on: I'm sure Topher turned into something like me. I bet you'll both want to see that, right?
Bongo: Hell yeah, man. If he survived...
Emelina: Oh, shut it, he's fine... I'm sure he is! [They continue.] ...So how do you know he turned into something?
Cruce: ...I have a feeling.
Bongo: Wait, how can you be so sure...?
[Before Cruce can answer, three small pillars of shadow rise from the ground. They produce three grunt Nightmares... Cruce's street can almost be seen from their position.]
Bongo: [He aims his weapon forward and fires hastily at the central Nightmare. The smaller blast makes contact, yet only knocks the imp to the ground. The other two notice this and assist their fellow Nightmare up once again.]
Cruce: What the hell...? (D-...Darkness...) ...
[All three of the imps turn and flee, or so it appears, in the direction of Cruce's neighborhood.]
Bongo: Y'see that?! They're all cowards, Cruce! [He turns back to Cruce and grins.] They can't beat me, and they can't run from me! [He sprints ahead in pursuit of the Nightmares.]
Cruce: No, Bongo! Dammit! C'mon Emi. [He makes use of his super speed ability and catches up to Bongo with ease.]
Emelina: [Hovers, stunned at the speed of Cruce.] ... [She shakes her head quickly and joins the other two.]
Cruce: [Dashes ahead of Bongo and stops, holding out his arms and blocking the way.] Hold it, speedy.
Bongo: [Comes to a near-sliding stop.] !! H-how'd you--?
Cruce: Remember what I said? Sonic speed? Dude, you gotta think before you charge after the most powerful known force in this universe.
Bongo: ...C'mon, they're not that powerful. You saw how weak they were! And stop ruining the fun, dammit. You said it yourself, no rules!
Cruce: Yeah, no rules. But you can still die. Gotta be smart, dude. If you can't be smart on your own, I'm gonna have to help you out. Look at Emi! [He motions to Emelina.]
Bongo: Ugh, just let me kill the Nightmares, man...
Cruce: ... [He sighs, a hand over his face.] ...Alright. I'm helping though... (...I'm nervous about this... Did I really see two Nightmares helping another of their kind? Last I checked, Darkness couldn't care less about their allies when in danger. And how did they know where to pop up grunts anyway? They shouldn't know where we are.)
[The three continue on the battered streets. Cruce turns to his street. The hill has been warped into a steeper, more mountain-like terrain. All but few of the homes have been destroyed. There is something quite new about the old neighborhood, aside from warped destruction. Small, variously colored nymphs with different kinds of light-empowered weapons patrol the area. Most of the nymphs are light blue and pink, in addition to radiant pearl white.]
-Nymph Sanctuary.-

Bongo: [Lowers his weapon.] What is this, some sort of fairy refuge...?
Emelina: Whoa! Look at all of them!
Cruce: ...Uh, well, did the Nightmares come through here...?
[A pink nymph with red and purple feathered angel wings approaches the three. She is wielding a decorated harpoon.]
Nymph Officer: Ah, you look like offworlders! We had thought this land was inhabited strictly by humans
Cruce: It sort of is, but we're in a crisis here.. My name is Cruce. This is Emelina, and the Mobian there is Bongo. We were originally human before being transformed into creatures from what I gather would be different worlds.
Nymph Officer: I see...! Fascinating. Well, it is reassuring to finally meet a few friendly faces. I am Luxé, an officer of this force.
Emelina: Pleased to meet you, Luxé~.
Bongo: Yeah, hey. Did you see three Nightmares pass through here, by any chance?
Luxé: Nightmares? Me'ihm, no. You know of the Nightmares?
Cruce: Much, I'm afraid. Encountered a few earlier and we saw them run this way. I thought they might've been steamrolled by all the... Um... [Glances around at the creatures afloat.]
Luxé: Heh, call us nymphs. We're the forces of Lord Hideaki's Grand Light. We're the Lightspawn. Think of us as the opposing force of the Nightmares.
Cruce: [His eyes widen.] Whoa, nice. (The Lightspawn? H...Hideaki...? ...Hm, I wonder why I didn't see any Lightspawn during that first collision.) It's nice to know we've got allies out there.
Emelina: Is it ever!
Luxé: Hmhm~. [She smiles warmly.]
Cruce: Say, I hate to bother, but have you seen a boy around here? He's about my age? He might've been transformed into a Mobian, or he might be a human, or--
Luxé: Or, he may be a Sorenian. I've noticed that very few of us nymphs from the other worlds, Soren and Mobius aside, are able to come here... It is complicated for us to understand. I'm sure Darkness is as baffled.
Cruce: A Sorenian... (...Sorenians, I can't believe this... I just can't...) ...
Luxé: Yes. I'm sorry, but we are the only ones here. Are you three looking for this boy? If so, I am more than willing to lend aid to your cause.
Cruce: Well, I wouldn't want to endanger anyone else...
Luxé: Endanger us? Hmhm, you are benevolent. Don't worry, it is our job to fend off Darkness. If we die, we die for Light.
[A voice emanates from somewhere.]
???: And so soon will that death be! Eeeeehehehehe! [Behind the three, a large pillar of blackness rises, surrounded by many smaller pillars. From the central pillar comes a Mobian-shaped Nightmare. Like other high ranking Nightmares, a few features are visible on this one. It appears to be a horse Mobian with clown attire. Multiple darkened colors appear on his puffy apparel. On the back of his large collar are five tall, black feathers which fan above his head. The Nightmares surrounding him are unique in their own way. They each have visible traits as well, and are significantly brighter than the average Nightmare.] Make way for the Cirque de Nil~!
Luxé: Oh no... [She backs away, other nymphs already aware of the coming crisis. Each of them have their weapons ready, including Luxé.] Soldiers of Light! Attention!!
Cruce: What the hell is this...?
Bongo: Bunch'a dark carnies? I always knew they were evil...
Emelina: They look dangerous...
Luxé: That is an understatement... [She speaks as the leader's lesser Nightmares clear him a path.] That's Ko. He is a high minion of Naught, ranking just under a Shade. He is the ringleader of a mighty group of Nightmares who are, too, quite close to Naught.
Ko: [His voice is rather high and irritating.] That's right, baby! It's time to get cookin', and I know just the recipe~! Thanks to that little incident, or should I say TRAP we set near all the activity, looks like these sorry saplings lead us right to a grand heapin' 'o treasure! Nymphs everywhere! Oh the blood of Light, how I missed its taste...! [He raises his arms as if praying.]
Bongo: This guy's a lunatic.
Emelina: He called us saplings... H-he's a creep.
Cruce: [Glares at Ko.] Don't be afraid... I know Darkness loves feeding off of fear.
Luxé: Ko, what do you want here?! There is nothing for you! The Chaos Emeralds are not here. The Soul Spheres are not here. You have no quarrel with us at the moment, so why aren't you aiding the other forces of Darkness?
Ko: No quarrel?! NO QUARREL?! Eeeehehehehe! We're Darkness. You're Light! Can't you DO THE MATH?! Oooiii, and they call us clowns the dummies. Any chance to eliminate Light is a celebration~!
Bongo: [He aims his weapon forward.] Ah, shut the hell up! [Holding the trigger as he speaks.] You're bluffing! I took out you Nightmares earlier, I can do it again! [He releases the trigger, firing a blast of red. Ko vanishes in thin air. The other Nightmares evade this without struggling.] ?!
Ko: [Suddenly, he is inches from Bongo's face. He pokes Bongo on the nose, keeping his finger there.] Oooh, an impulsive one... Darkness likes that.
Bongo: Ge outta my face!
Luxé: Don't you try anything, Ko... There are so many more of us than you think.
Cruce: Hurt him and you're gone. [Ready to cast, he holds an arm forward.]
Emelina: [Refusing to watch, she covers her face with her paws.] ...
Ko: [He glances around almost innocently.] What...~? Just shut up for a sec, okay? [He faces Bongo again.] Wolfie, you said you took out a Nightmare earlier?
Bongo: Damn straight. I'm ready to do it again... [He growls.]
Ko: [Lifts his finger.] How fierce... We need ferocity like that on our side. With our numbers and your strength, we'll be that much closer to unstoppable! Though, we're hittin' that wall now, looks like! Eeehehehe!
Bongo: Whaaat? Me, join you?
Cruce: You're not stupid, Bongo. You wouldn't.
Luxé: Don't let him deceive you.
Ko: Oh, c'MON! [He begins levitating, as if floating on the surface of water. He hangs his head back and stares at Bongo.] You got the gun, you got the brawn. You're Darkness material. And besides... [Smiles menacingly at Cruce.] You won't have any rules to follow anymore. For good!
Cruce: You've been watching me...
Ko: BinKO! Eehehehe! You're so simplistic, Crucie!
Cruce: And you know my name...? ...Where's Topher?
Ko: Tophwha? Ohhhh, that one girl! Hehehe, that's a friend of yours?
Cruce: Girl? What are you babbling about?! Just tell me where he is! [He steps forward aggressively, his fist shimmering.]
Ko: Down, puppy! Your little friend is at a pretty nice place called the Skyspiral Tower, if I recall.
Cruce: And you're just telling me this...?
Ko: Yupperoonies! I know you'll go there!
Luxé: Cruce, it is going to be a trap...
Ko: Oh, be quiet, you. He knows that. [Mockingly, wiping his eyes as if crying.] He just can't stand the thought of his little girly friend being huurrrt.
Cruce: Shut up! [He pumps his fist forward, a slicing gust of red air shooting at Ko from above. Again, he vanishes. He reappears near Cruce, leaning on his shoulder and yawning. Cruce turns quickly and attempts to clobber him with a roundhouse punch. Ko quickly floats away and giggles.]
Ko: Well well well, it looks like you already have a few issues to work on! [Now floating in front of his circle of Nightmares.] Hm? [He places a finger against his temple and become silent for a few seconds.] ...Oh darn it. I can't be free as a bee! What party poopers those Shades can be sometimes! Come along, my carnies o f carnage! We'll meet again, Crucie... [He gives Cruce a disturbingly dark glare before summoning a dark corridor to take him away... The other Nightmares vanish into smaller corridors at their own times soon after... One remains for a few moments, eying Cruce and his friends.]
???: ...[Seems to be a Sorenian Nightmare with visible details. He is black furred tabby cat with a tight black gown that is buttoned only once at his chest. The rest of the gown splits to the ground. His collar is raised, his eyes a gleaming orange. Under one eye appears to be a crescent-shaped design with tiny asterisks beneath. This is the only visible make-up. His hair is long--about to his shoulders--dark gray, and parted into two bangs that fall down the side of his face. He carries a sheathed rapier at his side. Another quite notable feature about this Sorenian is his lack of wings.] ...
Emelina: ...Cruce...?
Cruce: ...[He nods.] Yeah... [He is watching the Nightmare closely...] Who is that, Luxé? He's not leaving.
Luxé: I'm not sure I've seen this one before.
???: ... [He turns away, frowning.] ... [He sighs before conjuring a dark corridor...]
Bongo: 'The hell was that about?
Cruce: Dunno. Probably trying to scare me or something...
Emelina: Ko scares me... [Shudders.] I hate clowns.
Bongo: [He sighs through his nose, crossing his arms and looking away...] ... Hm...
Cruce: [Faces Luxé.] Well... I thought for a second that we were in trouble.
Luxé: The feeling is mutual. Hm, I am but one of the leaders at this post. If I consult the other two, mayhaps I can join you three. I'm curious to see what that Ko is up to...
Emelina: Oh, you wouldn't mind~?
Luxé: Of course not! I will be glad to help. Will you have me?
Cruce: Hey, sure! Pack your bags and come along. [He smirks.]
Luxé: Not to worry, I travel light. Hmhm.
(L y a s h a)
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--With the addition of Harmony--
-Skyspiral Tower.-

[Lyasha and Harmony, both former protagonists, are kneeling before Lea at the top of the tower. Inside the top chamber is a small sanctum extremely similar to that of the Aphotic Tower's. The difference is the cloudlike structure of the building and the lack of a roof. Similarly again, a garnished wall behind an altar seems to be luminous with an ancient artifact. It is the cyan Chaos Emerald; fitting with the blue coloration in the room.]
Lea: [She is standing in front of the altar with her staff at her side. On the other side of the altar, a dark corridor manifests into the air. Ko emerges...] Ah! Where have you been~You harlequin?
Ko: Oh, a-so sorry! I decided I wanted to go out and have a little fun with those Lightheaded suckers. [He begins floating playfully.]
Lea: Oh, sometimes Ko, you are a pain~Why, you give me a migraine. [She faces the two new Nightmares.] Oh, you two! Excellent work fending off those Lightspawn!~Who would've guessed they'd come further on? Ohohoho, but not a chance they stood!
Lyasha: Mistress Lea, the Lightspawn know where we are... There are bound to be more attacks.
Lea: Yes, Lyasha, indeed~And this gem is what we need. We can't let them have it. We must work to counter their knowledge.
Ko: Actually, Your "Shadyness", I went out with the rest of the Cirque de Nil and found a whole fiesta of Lighties! Tons of 'em! I even found some former humans. I think I've got one thinkin' about joinin'. Another... Eeehehe, he hates me!
Lea: Oh~Ko? Do tell.
Ko: Well, his name is Cruce, see? And--
Lyasha: Cruce?! ...
Ko: [Staring at Lyasha.] Uh, esssscuse me? Talking here.
Lea: Wait, Ko...~ Lyasha, what do you know?
Lyasha: Mistress, I... C-Cruce, is... He's... [She holds both paws up to her head tightly.]
Ko: Ooh, Mistress, looks like you're not the only one with a headache.
Lea: Lyasha, Dear. What is the matter? What is this?
[Before Lyasha can answer, one of the Cirque de Nil Nightmares dashes into the sanctum, bowing once.]
Crique de Nil Nightmare: [Bows.] My Superiors! Lightspawn have been spotted in the distance. They are approaching in heavier numbers!
Lea: Oh? Well. Harmony, go fix this, will you?
Harmony: Yes, Mistress. [She rises.]
Ko: You. Buddy. [Points at the Nightmare.] Go with Harmony and some of your pals to stop these Lighties. Make 'em eat dirt. Or cloudstuff... [Shrugs.]
Lea: [She watches Harmony and the other Nightmare off before returning her attention to Lyasha.] ...
Lyasha: I'm sorry, my Mistress... I'm not so sure what came over me. [She is now on her knees, paws on her legs.]
Lea: ...This Cruce... Ko, you met him, no?
Ko: Baaaah, that Cruce is just a big hotheaded buffoon. [He makes a shoo motion with his hand.] But the kid's got the glare... I don't know if he's such a pushover.
Lea: Hmm... Lyasha... You will go find this Cruce person. Ko will tell you where he is~as for your head, don't think to hard about this. Now go get prepared.
Lyasha: Yes Mistress. [She nods and stands before taking flight and heading out of the sanctum.]
Ko: ...I don't mean to interfere or anything, but uh... Lyasha just up and keeled over at the mention of Cruce's name. You're sendin' her to see her friend like that?
Lea: ...Friend? [Turns to Ko.] You know something. Speak.
Ko: Right-oh! The hothead has something to do with your little project. He got all grumpy when I made fun of him for it.
Lea: Oh...? Ohohoho... This should be quite interesting then...!
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