Guess who graduated from high school finally? That's right. It's me. I did.

About bloody time, hmm? Took some... inspiration, I suppose. My parents are thrilled naturally, and to be honest, so am I. There's finally a direction I want to take my life in - yes, I want to be an attorney!

I decided this sometime in May. Hmm... yes... so then as soon as I was off break from school and ready to start my co-op, I managed to score a placement in a legitimate law firm. I almost couldn't believe it myself. I was certain I would be unable to do such a thing, but I just put a little effort toward it and the results just came to me. I was thrilled, and I promise you that the experience in full was excellent and irreplaceable.

Even if... I was a little too shy at times. I imagine they might believe I'd make a poor crown attorney due to this, and they might be right... or they might be wrong. Time will only tell, I sincerely believe. The amount of effort I put into this dream of mine will reflect the talent I earn.

I'm going to start making frequent visits to the courthouse and record the knowledge I pick up in my prosecutorial handbook, a nifty, little black bound journal freshly bought and with pages upon pages of snow-white just eager to be marked with the learnings of law. I really loved being in the courthouse the last time I got visit with my class during our Law course, which is basically what spurned my idea to pursue this career.

On a sorta-related note, since it's law-inspired, I started playing the Ace Attorney series. Maybe that was obvious from my last entry, though. I know that to some people this will seem suspicious, and trust me, I've already had one person bring this up, but let me answer this clearly right now -- No, I didn't want to become a lawyer because of AA, it's actually the other way around. I remembered I've always wanted to try the AA games after I started up my thoughts of a law career. I realize that being a real prosecutor isn't going to be anything like what the game portrays it as; I've done my research, honestly.

Anyways, I adore this game series with every itty bit of my heart. The game is fun, invigorating, and fresh, and the characters are just superb. I bet no one will be shocked by this, but I just love Miles Edgeworth. He's the snarky a*****e with gentlemanly tendencies, a good sense of fashion and a degree of classiness, a high amount of intelligence and wittiness, yet has a good heart and a genuine inclination toward justice. He has a realistic amount of flaws to go with his strengths as well, that are usually laughably endearing. In short, he's my perfect man. I hop from fictional crush to fictional crush like a cup of good coffee to another, but if I could so choose, I would just pine after Miles forever. As far as fictional men go, anyways.

Anyways, that bit of gushing aside, I love the protagonist Phoenix Wright as well, and his aide Maya. To be honest, I rarely do this, but I shipped them pretty hard until my hope for a relationship was dashed on the rocks by the end of T&T. So sad. I've been playing the games in chronological order so I'm in the middle of Investigations right now, and as much as a game centered around Miles is just super peachy (I love peaches) I do miss Phoenix. Plus there's something somehow lacking about it, but oh well.

Actually my favourite part of Investigations is the father-daughter centric relationship Miles and Kay seem to have. It ranges from adorable to hilarious.

I had to reformat my computer recently however so my save got wiped, forcing me to start all over again after I was at the last case. Oh well.

I really, reeeaaally hope Capcom changes their mind about choosing not to localize Investigations 2. The moment I run out of fresh Miles dialogue, I am going to be slightly depressed.

I haven't touched Apollo Justice yet. I don't rue the fact that it has a different cast, that's actually a good thing in order to prevent stagnation of the series, but I do wish more of the old cast had a prominent appearance in it at least.

Ummm, I think that's enough of that! Ciao!