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“Lord Judir. Lady.” The young servant bows his head slightly to the two foxes as they passed him on their way to say their farewells and goodnights to the royal family before departing. The skunk then walks swiftly to another end of the dining hall, taking away cleaned plates and cleaning up vacated seats as he spots them. On one of his trips back from the kitchen, he glances for a moment at the entrance to the hall and goes still. He blinks a few times, his tail only twitching slightly before a wide grin crosses his muzzle and he walks quickly to the large double doors.

“Lady Divalia,” he says softly, bowing deeply at his waist before straightening and letting his wide smile show. “It's good to have you back, my Lady. Your seat is prepared, next to your father, as usual. I'm sure he's interested as ever to hear what you have for him. Shall I get your usual from the kitchen, or have you already eaten, my Lady?” The skunk waits briefly for a response before nodding and motioning with a paw for Jane to walk in front of him to her seat. As he follows, his tail flicks gently behind him in an obvious expression of happiness.

As it was, each Lord and Lady in the palace was assigned a personal servant, and this skunk was Jane's. And, as most of the palace servants did, he enjoyed his job immensely, but when Jane was out of the palace, he was reduced to not much more than a palace servant; performing menial tasks around the castle that needed to be done. He much preferred things when his Lady was around because things just seemed to be so much more interesting whens she was. Even if she was a little dismissive toward him; though, that was to be expected. He was only a servant after all.


A large portion of the dining all turned to look at the front of the room as the booming voice carried throughout. A large lion stands slowly, grinning wide as he looks to the approaching snake and skunk. It was obvious from his apparel of brilliant white silk and gold trim ad finery, as well as the thick velvety white cloak that was held together by a clasp of a flourishing tree – the symbol of the Divalian kingdom – that this lion was much more than just a noble. He was the King.

As the rest of the hall slowly turn back to their food, the King grins and holds his arms out as he walks toward Jane. Once he's close enough, the feline wraps his arms tightly around the snake in a tight, but kind embrace. He turns his head and licks his adoptive daughter's cheek gently before pulling away and smiling wide as he motions for her to sit before doing so himself.

“It is good to see you, Janovy,” he says, much more quietly this time, still beaming at her. “So tell me, what is the news, my daughter?” Beside him, a lioness rolls her eyes, though smiling as well. She gives a small nod to the girl, though says nothing, only turning her attention back to the two cubs beside her and trying to keep them from throwing food at each other. Rather unsuccessfully, at that. These were the Queen, and the royal cubs.