Here's a couple characters who were part of the prelude to Kindred. They require a bit of an explanation...

Rokon - Creator of Opatin and Zekta. She is a Vuplix Zekta (Think furry) who is also viewed as the chieftaness of her creation-tribe. She holds many secrets from her tribe. The Opatin constantly feel betrayed that their Creator has moved on to what they perceive as "bigger and better" things. The Opatin also dislike the fact that Rokon has an outsider master. They detest outsiders due to a terrible past with them. Rokon came from a section of Celeste called the Crescent Island, where she grew up with the five "Pokreators": Pachi, Edge, Risu, and Unchi. They have been separated ever since outsiders took over their island in a wake of cruelty. Rokon now lives with her creations underneath a mountain in a cavern called the Crux.

Futachi - Rebellious soul and Dewott Opatin of Rokon. He has had one of the most unmentionable pasts of all Opatin. He's held the utmost bitterness towards outsiders and constantly threatens to rebel against Rokon and the Zekta. In the prelude, Futachi causes commotion when Rokon allows an outsider carrying mysterious cargo into the Crux. He amasses a small group of Opatin, though is scolded by Rokon to be the outsider's guardian until he reaches the capital of his country Divalia. Futachi holds dark secrets that his Creator does not even know about...

Eifi and Sting - Two Zekta who are close to Rokon. Sting is a Jolteon who enjoys hunting to no end, and Eifi is a rather feminine Espeon who enjoys... Sting to no end. The two are forced to support the outsider, albeit reluctantly, with his broken carriage.

Arrin - A red fox from Divalia who bears the job of delivering strange cargo to the King of Divalia in Couro. He would rather just go about his business with nothing going wrong, however a wooden wheel is broken on his way to the city. Hearing rumors of bandits and tribes, he fears he won't make it. Rokon spots him and welcomes him into the Crux, which the Zekta are nervous about, and the Opatin are furious about. An incident with the Opatin causes him to be guarded the rest of his trip by Futachi. The wheel is restored with a sort of Opatin-invoked symbology... Neither Futachi or Arrin have any idea what the cargo is.

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The lone girl walks through the gaudy halls of the glorious palace. Very few off the street have access to this palace at this time of day, but when it comes down to the important matter at hand, that is, national conflict, a Divalian snake such as she is an exception to the majority. In many ways. This girl, a green and white snake of a peculiar sort, walks unassumingly through these majestic walls, her career in practice even here, as she makes not a sound with her footsteps. She smiles, perhaps proud of herself for whatever information she has acquired in the previous ordeals, if one could call them that.

Janovy, or Jane for short, is about as far away from being an ordinary citizen as one can get when it comes to Divalia. Born outside of the country, she has become assimilated into royalty through a freak incident in her past. Being an adopted child of such highness, she has devoted her life to returning what she owes to the royal “family” – her “family” – of this country: triumph and providence. The strange snake is essentially a respected stranger to the makings of this country's Creator. She originates from the plains; a former member of an unknown tribe, as well as a victim.

The slim girl is wearing tight assassin's attire, minus all weapons of course, as well as the headgear. Having worn that for far too long, she shakes her head, letting her fairly short darker green hair flair out a little more. Jane reaches a stairwell leading up to two wings and a central portion of the castle. Recognized by guards strewn about the castle, she is let through the center double doors. This leads to the grand dining hall... Though walking in this late into dinner could be potentially awkward.

Yet, she does so, and stands for a few moments and scans the huge dining hall, looking over nobles and wealthy civilians. Dinner's been served. A while ago. Just as well, it has been a while since she has had dinner at this particular palace.