Hey folks. Taking a break from Ethereal Cross, as you could probably tell. But just so this journal is keeping up during breaks, I'd like to introduce the RP known as The Creator Kindred. This is an RP by ... The guy who goes by many names... (Eden Volfer, Nic Esten, Hiel Ertaga.) And me! I really enjoy this RP, seeing as how it's possibly one of the greatest ones my friend and I have done in a very long time. It introduces a -ton- (I mean a -lot-) of new characters. It's fun as hell though, I won't lie.

Kindred takes place on Theory, which is where Conception and Theory started. If any of you are unfamiliar with the concept of Theory, it revolves around Creators living alongside their creations. Nic and I have only ever RPed on one continent, where the rules were much different. Right away, I can tell I'm gonna need to display this visually. Theory's a confusing world, so let's show you the map.

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So, for starters, the continents can be thought of like Earth's. At one time, they were all merge together. That could have been drawn better, I suppose, but the point being that it was a Pangaea-like world. They all got separated, obviously. As for the continents, they are all different in terms of time, specie, and physics even. So here they are:

Celeste: This is the continent we RPed on the most so far. It has a variety of time periods, dating from the middle ages to the future. It has the widest diversity of species on Theory. Celeste has a lot of large islands, such as the Crescent Island and its sub-continent Estera. Celeste is the most mountainous region. It has the coldest temperatures on Theory. It is also the most mystical...

Regions: Eastern - Empyrean Region. / Southeastern - Starlight Region. / Northeastern - Ether Region. / Central - Dawning Region. / Southern - Calamity Region. / Northern - Astral Region. / Northwestern - Twilight Region. / Offshore Northern - Sol Region. / Offshore Crescent Island - Lun and Lux Regions. / Construct - Core Region.

Sub-Continent: Estera. / Western - Eva Region. / Eastern - Adama Region.


Kindé: This is the continent Kindred takes place on. It's time period is a sort of medieval-advanced. It is home to -almost- exclusively furries, though only certain types. It is the largest continent and is home to vast plains of rolling green hills. The climate is mild, generally sunny. Rain and snow are plentiful in this wide open continent, however there are a few deserts. Its sub-continent is Abyssea.

Regions: Western - Terania Region. / Southwestern - Sefra Region. / Northerwestern - Kenala Region. / Eastern - Amoru Region. / Southeasterm - Scellis Region. / Northeastern - Tewane Region. / Offshore - Lost Cemetery Region

Sub-Continent: Abyssea. / Northwestern - Crantaas Region. / Southeastern - Setaas Region.


Nové: This continent's residents has interfered in every storyline. It has the most futuristic time period of all. It is home to humans, furries, and namely androids. It's climate consists of both hot and cold arid deserts, which were adjusted to accommodate the people's wishes. There are a variety of utopias covering the land. Huge chunks of the continent were wiped out with massive bombs during war. This includes the sub-continent Lumina.

Regions: Eastern - Gamma Region. / Central - Alpha Region. / Southern - Zeta Region. / Northern - Delta Region. / Northwestern - Theta Region. / Southwestern - Beta Region. / On Estera - Eta Region. / Construct(With Kindé) - Halo Region.

Sub-Continent: Tempest Rift. / ???


Archae: This continent is the most submissive; not known particularly well. It has the oldest time period of all. It is home to creatures with bodily shells known as ancients. The climate is the wettest on Theory; with the most rivers, lakes, and nearby islands. It is extremely cavernous. Most residents live underground. Most of its mountains are volcanic, including the incredible Antia sub-continent, which is a single volcano.

Regions: Southeastern - Sanyx Region. / Northeastern - Akyx Region. / Central - Peryx Region. / Southern - Argyx Region. / Central Western - Gliphyx Region. / Northwestern - Trophyx Region. / Western - Konnyx Region.

Sub-Continent: Antia. / Upper - Volpyx Region. / Lower - Bacchyx Region.


Peregrine: This continent is the most isolated. Very little is known about Peregrine, aside from its vast forest. It is believed that a single tree piercing the skies is at the heart of its grand forest. The creatures here are plantfolk, almost literally a part of the forest. The climate is tropical. It is the smallest continent with the smallest amount of regions. Very little exists on its deadly floating sub-continent Avaelta.

Regions: Southern - Boatinne Region. / Central - Pascilinne. / Northwestern to Avaelta - Evascinne Region.

Sub-Continent: Avaelta. / Western - Evascinne Region.

I suppose that's all you'll need to know about Theory for now. The only way to truly understand it is to jump right in, really. I'll have the first one posted up soon... A little heads up though: I switched from present to past tense a ways into the RP. Nic was always using past tense. So it'll be easy to tell which ones are mine for a while. xD I'll label them anyway, I guess. 'Till then~.