User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.God is not something for me that exists above the sky; God is not a person or a thing. I do not find salvation through God nor do I find comfort in the idea that God exists. This sounds cold and callous; but it is the simple truth. I find what might be God just outside my window, in the cry of the raven. I find God in the wind, and on the ground. There is no being out there that has demanded that I be good, and has told me that if I do not follow his guidelines I will be placed in a pit to rot. Just as surely as I know the sun rises and sets; I know this.

However, I also know that something greater calls on me, and all of us to be our very best. I know that for one reason or another; I am here.

In Buddhism, it is said that we all started out the same; as desire. And then, when the time came, what-ever form that desire takes, we suddenly wished to be. I like this idea; the thought of being here because I wished it is beautiful. It means that I was put here, not by some man with a white beard and fire in his eyes, but by my own fruition. It means that everything I do in this world is because I MADE it happen. I willed it to be, and I willed myself to do it.

I do not find salvation in Jesus Christ – I find salvation in the endearing kindness of others. I do not find glory in hymns or religious text. I find it in the scent of the rain as mist rolls down from these seemingly timeless mountaintops. I don’t find hope in the thought of any deity; I find hope in you and me. Whatever is in “God,” is in all of us. It is in every living creature, and it connects each and every one of us. It’s in life giving rain, and it’s in the renewing chaos of fire – It is what makes the human experience meaningful. I don’t have to search for meaning behind it all; because right in front of me. I will live to better this world and to help my fellow man. I will live to see the glory of this earth in the budding of the leaves, and the falling of the snow. I will live to strengthen my connection with all that is holy; all that is in you and me. I will live to better myself as I learn through the suffering in my day to day life. I will live not appease a god or goddess – Not to worship some being behind the veil. For I don’t care if my soul moves onto a heaven of any sort. Because the fact of the matter is – I am here now. And I will not be defined by what heaven I went to, or what afterlife I find. No. I am defined by my actions now. By my choices I make and every singly step I take. I am not defined by religion or salvation; no – I am defined by these words. I am defined by every breath I take. I am defined by my hopes and dreams; my failures and my shortcomings. I am defined by the way I deal with hardship and the way I laugh when are times are good. I am not some product of divine providence.

Nah. I am here because I am. And it’s as simple as that. I have found my meaning; and I have found that my spirit is content with this. Happy even. I do not feel empty as you might think; I do not feel hollow or incomplete. For I am a part of a bigger whole – And this, dear reader is where I find “God.”

I don’t need to understand it. I don’t need to chase after it. I don’t need to praise and worship it. I am humbled by it. And I am baffled by it. It’s all so obvious – But so impossible to grasp. As long as I am open to learn through it, I think I’ll be ok.