Very angry and sad that when i go to california to visit my brother before he heads overseas, that i won't get to see my other family members that i have hardly ever met or know. Around the 15 of july, i think, (to see him before he goes over seas) my mom won't do it >.< an its not like i get to go to california a lot either. (only been there 3 times). Its friggin horrible! The part of CA where my brother is, is way down south, and my family, and another friend of mine is up north, near my family too. So i'll only be able to see my brother and not my other family members who i have barely met. This makes me so effing angry and sad. I have only met a couple of my family members once!, and my great uncle & aunt 3 times, but that was when i went back in '09 to see my grandmother for the last time >.< (she had cancer really bad, R.I.P grandma joyce heart cry )

And when i turn 23 next year, i won't be able to fly free on my mom's airline anymore. So no matter what i won't be able to visit places/family or go anywhere. An I cannot get a job etc right now to even be able to pay for anything because of my health. I feel like this will be the last time i ever get to see everyone on my moms side of the family, since i live an i'm from massachusetts.