So far...

“Amplior” (Latin - meaning "larger" ) makes a willing, living thing 3 times as big.

(Latin - meaning "smaller" ) makes a willing, living thing 1/3 as its size

“Aeris Exprobrandum” (Latin - means “defy air” ) levitates objects with the maximum weight depending on the skill of the person. Average weight is about 150 lbs. Takes a good amount of concentration.

“Capere Accensis”
(Latin - means “catch fire” ) can light inanimate objects. Ex: piece of wood, an arrow, article of clothing. The flame is no bigger than a grown man’s thumb. Done by snapping one’s fingers and uttering the phrase.

“Invia Facta Invium”
(Latin – means “impassable become passable” ) Allows a solid object to be passed through and is about the size of a door frame. To the eye the object looks the same. Must use counter spell to make object solid once again.

“Quod Redire Inviam” (Latin – means “return to being impassable” ) Counters the last spell, returning object to a solid state.

“At vero” (Latin – means “release” ) this spell allows user to unlock doors, window, chests, lockets, etc. as long as the lock is not magically locked.

“Haesito” (Latin – means “halt” ) stops oncoming missiles such as; arrows, knives, rocks, birds. User must see the object the projectile(s) coming at them and then say the spell and raise their hand, palm facing oncoming targets. The object(s) will then momentarily freeze in the air, then fall to the ground.

“Invisibilis” (Latin – “be invisible” ) This spell does not turn the user completely invisible, but see through, blending in with objects near them. If the user moves, they can be easily spotted, but if they remain still, it's unlikely they'll be seen.

"Replete Aquas" (Latin - means "fill with water" ) the spells allows user to refill a cup, basin, barrel with water. It doesn't matter what liquid was in it before, as long as it's not completely dry.

"Praesidium"(Latin - means "protect" ) this will protect user from another magical spell momentarily.