It was overall a gloomy day. Everything seemed a little bit wilted, despite the impending downpour. You could tell, because if you looked up, you could see that dark cloud preparing to unless a torrential fall of precipitation. However, not everyone would be lucky to be inside when this storm hit. There was a mage, a lone one at that, walking the trails by himself as he let out a rather disheartened sigh. His hair was a golden color, tired back behind his head, the length of his reach his mid back. His robes were a brilliant green color and went to his knees, the cuffs of his robe were wide and colors with a golden yellow that a bit darker than his hair. He wore thick brown boots, and a roomy pair of trousers. What he held in his hand was similar to a staff, but it wasn't a staff. It closely resembles and axe, but the blade took up half the weapon, and had runes in it. Use for both long range and close range attacks.

He went by Joseph, and he was slowly unraveling the mysteries of Mana, a magical energy almost anyone could harness. Whether is was used for magical devices, by warriors when they need to slay something quickly, or by mages like himself, who use it in their everyday life. Now as he walked down the path, a soft jingle could be heard as he did. There was a small bell tied around his waist. Once, an thief after his life asked him why a bell was around his waist, and soon enough, a small dagger had killed the thief. As he put it, it was to hide the sound of knives in his coat sleeves.

And as he walked, the ran began. With a simple wave, the water froze in midair, forming a form of frozen disk over his head. A magic umbrella of sorts. As the water hit the disk, it would either join with the disk, or slide off. He was happy he could use simple magic like this, be always yearned for the more powerful spells. He wasn't power hungry, he just saw it as unraveling the mysteries of his art.

Through the darkness of the downpour, he could see faint lights in the distance. That would be his destination, and that made him smile lightly. He was a little wet, and not to mention cold from the wind. He could use a hot meal, and hopefully his goal would be there.