Senior Carnival/Wear a SlipKnot t-shirt of Paul Gray's Memory [RIP]: May 24th (Tuesday)
Brittany's birthday: May 29th (Sunday)
Prom 6PM - 11PM: June 1st (Wednesday)
Senior Breakfast/Graduation Practice and Relay For Life: June 3rd (Friday)
Graduation: June 5th (Sunday)
Portguese fiesta: June 10th (Friday)
Kat's Graduation Party: June 11th (Saturday)
My 18th birthday: June 15th (Wednesday)
Going with Brandon to see Bad Teacher: June 24th (Friday)
My 18th birthday party: June 22nd (Wednesday)
Going with Brandon and mom to the Cookout at Shields in Mansfield: June 23rd (Thursday)
Angel's Graduation Party: June 25th (Saturday)
Going to the Beach with Brandon<3: June (???)
Seeing Fireworks with Brandon<3: June (???)
Going to the Brockton fair with Brandon<3: July 3rd (Sunday)
Seeing Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince with Brandon and Kat: July 15th (Friday)
Brandon's birthday party: August 7th (Sunday)
Going to see Randy and his band play in Torrington, CT: October (???)