This is my first entry for my online journal. Now, I know many love it when people prettify their posts. I know I do myself, for I do it all the time. But the truth is, I just want to get my words out, so I MAY add a picture of a character or two, but that's it. I recently joined a roleplay called "Melodies of Life, a vocaloid rp" in which you play as the characters wo are androids living in an apartment. I automoatically chose Kiyoteru. I was further interested in what it may have been like for my character BEFORE the apartment, when he was made. Many others stated very little about there beginnings. But I am. I hope you enjoy Part one of a pre-storyline to my character Hiyama Kiyoteru in the roleplay, "Android, Room, Man, and Ah"


His favorite color was white.

It was a "perfect" color that for the fashionistas was a trendy color that went with everything. For printers and businessmen it was an economical shade of convienience. It most religions it represents cleansliness.

For project Hiyama Kiyoteru, it was simply the only color he knew.

He didn''t know what it was calledback then, but it was everywhere. White made itself at home on the walls in that void of a room. It lurked on the floors in confidence, and was blemished occasionally by abrupt coffee stains or meager scratched of a paling gray. His best friend was white. His name was Ah.

Oh? Have I gotten ahead of myself? Let me start over to clear your mind. Hiyama Kiyoteru was THEIR project. Just like Hatsune Miku was, and the Kagamines, and everyone else before Hiyama. There was only one difference: they didn't break as soon as they were functioning. It was Kiyoteru in this whiteness that made Yamaha hang their heads in shame.