lol goawayy.
13yokid used to be, about me on gaiaonline.

arrow YAAAY
lol hi. (again)
im susan C:
i are tomboy
I'm in middleschool
a har working kid
i'm in 8th grade omg. :'D
...........i'm dumb c:
I like anime, bleach, naruto, manga, spicy rood, ramen, bun rui, cute stuff, kpop, dramassome...
I like drawing, unless my drawing sucks.
DO I SMILE!? yes i do. stare
i laugh alot o u o

i'm not sensetive e.e... OK KIND OF, -- MOVIES/ANIMES/STORIES..........................o u o make me crrrrrry or die.
im basically one of thoose nubs that are blankyblanky
i would use my kid voice on you... >8D
my spelling sucks .....
i DO NOT date people on internet/=gaiaonline, so don't fall for me online
because reasons
1. I do not want to be stuck in a triangle or square or wutever e.e
2. I don't have feelings over someone i don't even know over internet
basically i'm loveless i can't LOVE people on site, its awkward watching it too.
3. because, i'm still a 13YrO kid, who still goes to school and neeeding to work hard in school and testss...
4. I don't want too
5. I think its a waste of time
6. i think its going to ruin my education
7. Its pretty much annoying
8. It's a pain in the a**
9. because i can't play along
10. i r not escaping real life
so.. SUCK IT >;D or don't suck it,
which ever one is fine c:

i can be mean at times, when im pissed or mad or sad...... or when i feel like it... LOL
i dance, i sing, i draw i can play the piano too! :'D
gaia is cool o.o & boring i play maplestory, is level ...-50 D:
im a kid
donna is a dog 8D yayy
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Name: Susan
Age: 13
Birthday: Apirl 26
Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Asain (mostlyviet smile
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Smoke / Drink: LALALA
Occupation: dance draw sing and wut else c:......i are not very skilled.