Look like this part got deleted... It's pretty sad, this has been happening a lot lately. I don't know what the problem is, but I can't just keep re-writing parts based on memory. So I'm going to start copy-pasting it to OpenOffice. I'd write this in OpenOffice to begin with, but it freaks out whenever I implement the BBCode stuff, and I -really- don't want to do that separately.

Sadly, this is a lost episode. The good news is that it wasn't that important or exciting. The bad news is that it'll have to be a quick summary. I can't afford to waste time doing things I've already completed. I have to keep moving on this thing.

Better yet, this is only an intermission. It's not as... juicy... as the real thing. But this little dilemma right here just shortened the intermission by about four episodes. It's a terrible thing to have to redo four to five hours of hard work and careful thought by memory alone. It's absolutely not worth it, so a summary will have to suffice.

In this episode of Ethereal Cross Saga, Topher returned home to Cruce. He tells Cruce about his day at school, including Al's suspicion and Bongo's latest hearing of an interview with Officer Raymond, who told the world that there is a white and black Shaymin out there. Topher told Cruce that he came very close to being discovered, but managed to keep the secret. Cruce however, tells Topher of his ordeal in Gathering Forces. He has admitted to Sam that he has these odd powers. Topher becomes frustrated with Cruce and refuses to speak to him for a few hours. Cruce's Mom, Janet, is still heavily traumatized by her experience in the hostage situation, thus keeping the family separate. While they eat dinner in Cruce's room, the two boys notice a breaking news report. An Awgo officer by the name of Javert has captured a Shaymin, albeit differently colored than the two in their Chronic state. The Mysterious Shaymin appears as follows:

User Image

The episode ends with Cruce saying, "Topher, there's more of us out there?". This hints at the episodes later to come, making mention of two new characters (Javert and the Shaymin.) This also hints at the next episode. The short dispute between Cruce and Topher is settled with this capture. Although, the suspicions at their school and around their home have not completely subsided. Topher says that Cruce was better off not going to school yesterday, but Cruce himself decides he has to return to school to stay by his cousin's side.

So, to be fair, that's actually more than the episode clarified. It was a really short section that held some significance, but with all the coding and stuff, it really makes an episode surprisingly a pain to finish. And when Gaia decides to log you off even though you click "remember me", it makes my job exponentially more difficult. Gaia. The economy here sucks. The bots are dead. There is absolutely no hope for them anymore. If I was allowed to idle for more than fifteen minutes, this wouldn't have happened. Just letting you know that you're screwing me and possibly many others over with this stupid paranoia. So pleeeease get over it...

On a brighter note, you're up to speed. And this saga (I always type "safa" wink is looking to be about eleven to thirteen episodes long. Here's a quick note, however: When this saga ends, it will lead directly into EC2. I changed the whole "it being a year from this point" thing.

Sorry about the trouble everyone. Let's move on, shall we?