Anikacy's Universe:

Locations and Places:

Western Aesthetic Temple
[Still Damaged]

Eastern Aesthetic Temple
[Fixed biggrin ]

Dream World [This place randomly changes over time so no fixing]

Nightmare World [Will never touch this place its evils]

Valley of The Kings/Bridge To The Nightmare World [fixed biggrin ]

Thornaxius Mountains, Black Stone Peak
[Fixed biggrin ]

Wall of the Heavens [.... this is like a wall of history, no touchy]

Great War Plain
[Fixed biggrin ]

The Pool of Energy [Fixed biggrin ]

The Dimensional Gates:

-1st Dimensional Gate - Closed, covered by western aesthetic temple leads to the ocean world- [well if its covered i cant fix it.]

-2nd Dimensional Gate -Open, currently needs to be shut, opens to pocket universes- [err idk how to fix this]

-3rd Dimensional Gate -Open, leads to barren desert world, and Southern Aesthetic Temple, lots of canyons here [Not part of my universe but I try to help]

-4th Dimensional Gate -Closed covered by eastern aesthetic temple idk where it leads to [same with the 1st dimensional gate]

Current Inhabitants:

Me!!!! [herp derp]

My Einherjars [Jayden, Ania, Richieu, Vauns, Kohaku, Mhikail] -they help me fix me universe- <33333

The Chronicler [idk his real name] -he also helps me fixing the universe, he writes on the wall of heavens about important events and stuffs like The Great Catalyst, and The Awakening- <33333

Keeper of The Temples - theres one for the Western and eastern temples, they maintain the temples conditions, -my einherjars help the fix their temples

The Demigods - theyre the primary residents of my universe, currently its only Rayne so far, [theres Rayne, Leon, Susan, and others but alot died sad but more are comming!!!! :] ]