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Characters and interesting tidbits I find.
Nothing too special in here. If something catches my fancy, or I think deserves to be saved I'll post it in here. Otherwise I use this mostly to host my personal RolePlaying character profiles.
Character Profile - Raien DeCuir

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Given Name: Raien Mirelia Ariane DeCuir

Physical or Appearing age: Very late twenties (28 to 30)

Factual age: 36 - Lots of factors play in to this. (to be explained)

Race and Heritage: Human - Non Gaia native.

Class: Mage/Sorceress


Hair Color: Soil Brown

Eye color: Light Brown

Height: 5'6”

Weight: 143lbs User Image

Physical Description: Raien is small in the torso with a modest bust instead of one that is head turning. Her frame favors long limbs but with surprisingly sturdy shoulders and arms. Rather than a pronounced chest, or backside for that matter, she has a leggy profile that alludes to some height, sporting a stronger lower body with long and defined legs. Thus, it is far more common for her to wear shorts and (more often than not) skirts with creeping hemlines. A rough idea of her ethnic background could be guessed from her dusky, medium-brown complexion, one that isn’t flawless but even enough and natural as someone who would often spend a fair amount of time outdoors, while taking modest measures to care for herself. She has had her fair share of scuffles but considering she is primarily suited to long-ranged combat as opposed to close quarter, she doesn’t earn herself too many battle wounds. Those that she does manage to accumulate, she hides with complexion charms or spells, at least where is necessary.

Her style of dress is very feminine but falls on two very different ends of the spectrum, whether more refined and steeped in the arcane for business purposes – or colorful, loose and easy, allowing her to be relaxed in her periods of free time and especially when spending copious amounts of time with her son. Such dress gives her the freedom to move about and perform her maternal duties without hassle. Either way, it's fairly rare to catch Raien wearing pants or anything that isn't a dress or a skirt.

Equipment and Abilities

Waist Scarf - Self explanatory, it's a simple decorative cotton scarf with a sole purpose to look pretty - but if she deems it necessary, Raien can and will use it to distract or restrain opponents. It's roughly 2 1/2 feet long and typically sits around her waist/hips and peeks out from just beneath her top layer of clothing but certainly not long enough for opponent's to grab unless they're right on top of her.

Staff – Serving as a signature tool, the staff has a dual purpose - as an object of focus in casting, or as a quarterstaff style weapon in combat.

This staff is crafted out of solid oak, lacquered and as long as she is tall plus a quarter. Making up the top 6 inches of the staff is a rigid and fixed quartz crystal which is used as the foci for her casting. The end of the staff is capped in iron but to avoid balance issues, is equal in weight to that of the crystal at roughly 2 pounds. Halfway between the center and the butt, and a quarter above that, how such a staff is traditionally held, the wood is coated with a lightly decorated, metal looking finish to indicate the grips.

••••Protective Ward - The wood is charmed, spelled to ward other casters and regular people away from her personal property. There is nothing to prevent someone from simply taking it, but it does act as a determent from theft or destruction by heating up and becoming too hot to touch. Effect kicks when grabbed by an opponent’s hands while Raien is still holding onto it, or the staff is left unattended.
*A second of bare handed contact will inflict a 2nd degree burn. The staff heats up underneath the opponents hands, effectively forcing them to let themselves be burned or drop the staff.

••••Impact Burst - Raien can also channel the energies into the staff that, upon a direct hit, can be expelled outward in a small, localized burst that deals minor damage and used primarily for knockback.
Half post charge - 2 post cool down

••••Flash - From the crystal at the top of the staff, she can will forth an intensely bright light that briefly blinds an opponent for 6 seconds. If opponent is particularly sensitive to bright light, this becomes 10 seconds. (Half and Whole post respectively)
1 post charge - 3 post cool down

Charmed Zip Strips - 1 inch wide banded zip cuffs or zip strips uses as a binding tool that is tougher and that much harder to break than traditional zip-ties. They are not only wider than your typical zip ties (thus making them more durable against brute strength) but are able to be cut by some repetitive sawing with a sharpened knife. Crafted from charmed silver, the special properties of the zip strips essentially act as a very minor dampening field against magical or psychic based abilities, preventing removal through either means and enforcing some level of compliance against casting. They do not completely suppress said abilities, only induce a minor haze that brings some measure of difficulty to lethal forms of casting or psychically performed feats.

Moderate Physical Proficiency - Both her former husband, as well as her good friend here on Gaia have given Raien a little tutoring in the ways of self-defense. Enough that she can deliver fairly strategic punches, elbow strikes and moderately strong kicks. She's no trained hand to hand fighter but if need be, whether she is disarmed or rendered unable to use her abilities, she can still defend herself.

Magic Sense - Raien has the ability to detect, or feel any magical presence, whether a spell or magically inclined individual, within a 90ft radius. Charmed or spelled items will also trigger this sense, but only by physically touching an enchanted item will Raien know the intensity of it's magical properties. She gains no other advantage besides awareness of these magical properties or presences.

Minor Wards - These are protective but invisible inscriptions that are designed to "ward off" any undesirables, primarily used to protect a room, a building or personal space of some designated area against intrusion but can also protect against teleportation and summoning within that space.

Banishment – With a small ritual, Raien is able to essentially force minor, extra-planar entities or spirits out of the current realm and back to whence they came. Typically used for lingering spirits and such that attempt at clinging to life and make nuisances of themselves, not at all for high-level or more powerful beings and not for use in any combative situation. There is a modest casting time and a set of requirements for what is really only a minor ritual.

Magical Circle - Created by drawing a circle (whether visible or not) with her staff on a ground surface, a circle can have two purposes. When the circle encloses her personal seal, it acts as a trap. When activated/triggered by Raien with the right word of power, the target becomes trapped and cannot leave the circle, nor cause physical harm to the caster herself. A protective circle, one that encloses Raien herself and offers moderate protection against lethal magic, must be cast at the time of need but requires no seal.
*Not for use in Combat

••••Zone of Truth - To add insult to injury, Raien can and will modify the glyph used in the holding circle, turning the area within that space into a "Zone of Truth" - a designated space in which a target is compelled to speak only truth when directly questioned. The enchantment does not actively force the target to speak truthfully, as a powerful enough mage or other such being with a high enough will could overcome the compulsion, given enough effort.

Escape Artist - Raien is particularly adept at getting herself out of a pinch when she has been physically restrained in some fashion. She is capable of worming her way out of basic bindings, such as ropes or similar (and less effective) materials, from anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the level of complexity. Excessively intricate rope-work, however, will either take much longer or become far too much hassle to bother with. Her ability to worm free also applies to holds of a simple sort, but any complicated grappling is too cumbersome from which to try and escape.

The manipulation of Aetheric energies - Raien draws upon the raw, arcane energy that exists on the material plane and forced it to manifest in a physical form that can cause variety of damage. She personally characterizes this energy as lines in an endless grid or network of power that flows through the entire realm. The concept involved drawing upon those so-called 'lines' and pulling the energies into herself, she can also use her to staff for channelling as a focusing object. Her inherent abilities as a mage allow her to manipulate these energies and utilize them in four different ways: offensively, defensively (passive abilities), supplementary (stat boosting), or crafting/fueling spelled charms. Obviously this is restricted to one specific use at a time.

Offensive - This involves tapping into the gathered energy and focusing it into some kind of physical manifestation. Typically the energies conjured take on various soft, almost ghostly shades of teal, purple and grayish white. Damage taken is directly relevant to opponent’s durability and area of impact.

••••Small burst – Full post charge - Damage equivalent to a powerful, full contact kick executed with excessive force.

••••Moderate sized burst – 1 1/2 posts charge - Damage equivalent to being rushed straight on by someone roughly three times heavier than herself.

••••Heavy burst - 2 Full posts charge and 1 post cool down - The force of said blast has the ability to easily flip a vehicle (car) length-wise This sort of blast will not break any shields but can very easily dent softer metals, and while the burst won't pierce any protective circles or barriers of the magical variety, the impact would still send an opponent backwards with a thick wall of sheer concussive force, almost effortlessly.

••••••Knockback burst - No post charge but 2 post cool down. The purpose of this is to put distance between her opponent and herself in a pinch or when she needs to get away quickly. Also helpful towards flying or aerial opponents. This attack inflicts no direct damage to the opponent unlike the bursts, but knocks them back at a distance of two feet – essentially equivalent to someone forcefully shoving them away with all their strength.

••••Obscuring Mist - With energies conjured, Raien can create a fog-like haze that spans just a little over 6 feet and obscures opponent's view. This fog is not central to Raien, and she the caster can see through it with relative ease but with 90% visibility.
-1 full post charge for a 2 post duration and 4 post cool down.

••••Lash – Instead of focusing on blunt, burst damage through blasts, Raien can (when provoked and feeling particularly unkind) instead force any gathered Aetheric energy to manifest in a whip-like form, loosely so, one that will inflict modest physical damage, painfully stinging the opponent, accompanied by a mild burning sensation due to the nature of the raw arcane energies (only if it makes contact on exposed skin), and the possibility of moderate laceration injury (again, only if contact is made with exposed skin)
Charge: 1 ½ posts
Cool Down: 2 posts but because of the potential severity of this method of attack, Raien will only ever make use of it when emotions are running higher and she is provoked into acting out a little more violently

Supplementary - Again this requires tapping into the gathered energy but instead of focusing it towards an outward manifestation, Raien instead utilizes it to slightly enhance her own physical capabilities. The limitations to this ability restrict her to only being able to do one thing at a time.

••••Very lightly elevated durability - The best example would be to say she can ordinarily take two hits from a large spell/blast/or physical beating before giving in. This power bumps it up to three. This offers no defense against stabbing, slashing and projectile weapons.
-Charge: One and a half full posts
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 3 posts

••••Marginally faster healing - This ability makes the body’s natural healing abilities that much faster. It is meant to aid in the recovery process, making the rate of mending slightly accelerated - potentially able to cut down the entire duration of healing a deep surface wound (for example), something that might take anywhere from 4 to 5 days, to 2 to 3 days.
-Restricted to out of combat use only.

••••Enhanced physical strength - As with the body’s ability to mend itself, Rai is able to give herself a little bit greater physical reach by adding to her natural strength; she goes from being able to lift her body weight (135lbs) to a maximum of 600 pounds in a dead lift. Despite this, she primarily uses it to much more easily physically manipulate someone of great height and weight.
Charge: 2 full posts
Duration: 4 full posts
Cool Down: 5 full posts

Charms - All of Raien's charms are crafted from physical objects (trinkets or otherwise) and infused with Aetheric energy. They must be pre-invoked before use by the creator only, and can either be worn like a pendant, held in hand, or depending on the material, they can be sewn into fabric. There are countless types of charms, but Raien only utilizes a select few.

••••Pain Charms/Amulets - These have a dual purpose much like the energies she puts into them: This charm actively soothes or dulls mild doses of pain from injuries and damage sustained through both supernatural abilities as well as natural (by human hand or weapon). Supernaturally induced pain not originating from injury however, does not count.

••••Glamour charm – These act in the same fashion as a glamour or illusory spell but work on a slightly smaller scale and only have effect when the charm is held or worn (e.g. around the neck). These charms can either mask something as small as a scar to anything like changing hair, skin, eye color or anything on the surface level. The charm is not capable of drastically changing physical body structure. When the charm is removed, no longer worn, or destroyed, the glamour fades.

••••Sleep charm – Pretty self-explanatory, it’s like any sleep-inducing agent but in charm form. It’s a much more offensive charm that, once it makes contact with a target, will do just as it says and put them down for a certain amount of time.

---If full contact is made an ordinary humanoid being with no elevated stats, they will be put in a sleep like state for one full post. After that post is complete, they awaken with little to zero after effects. That could be something as simple as a headache or nothing at all.

---For someone significantly weaker than the average humanoid they will sleep for a full post and retain a drowsy effect for the next full post that has an effect on his or her concentration.

---For a being of far larger mass and durability (e.g. Athan), or with inhuman physical stats, the target succumbs to a lesser effect and feels significantly drowsy or groggy for a full post, thusly affecting his or her concentration.

Overwhelming - Raien has tricks up her sleeve for in any instance where she is disarmed, locked in a physical confrontation with her opponent or simply cornered with no other means for escape and no time to fully cast. The first step is all about absolute concentration and intense focus on her target as well as the feelings she wishes to inflict upon them. If she manages to make and hold direct skin contact with her opponent for a whole post, the target will find themselves overwhelmed by feelings of either disorienting confusion, or sudden panic. Their actions and behavior are thusly influenced by these feelings, but the best-case scenario would give her a means of escape.

Drawback: Emotional drain on the caster, equal to the intensity of emotion inflicted upon target.
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: Varies based on intensity, but this could mean anywhere from 4 to 6 posts

Glimpse of Madness - Raien has been touched and thusly tainted by the Warp. Her exposure both through both Damnatus, Rasilyn and other experiences, has sullied her. In the bonus round during HoH 2011, the block was destroyed and after a traumatizing confrontation, she remembers things again, mostly frightening and maddening fragments. In the instance she manages to make direct contact with an opponent's head, she can force them to experience those very memories and the pain associated with them.

Cost/Drawback: On a D6 roll of 3 or lower, this action will negatively affect Raien, as she too relives the experience herself.
Duration: Temporary insanity/Disorientation effect lasts a single post for either.

Warp Taint - Desperation and trauma can actually bring Raien to willingly draw upon and completely taint/pollute her Aetheric blasts with Warp energy. Because of the very nature of the Warp and this type of energy as pure, uncontrolled change, exposure to it will ultimately result in mutations for the opponent and, if unlucky enough, Raien as well. When hit by light and moderate blasts, the opponent is afflicted with a minor mutation, and when hit by a heavy blast, the opponent is afflicted with a moderate mutation.

-After a Light blast, on a D6 roll of 1 or 2, Raien herself is afflicted with a minor mutation
-After a Moderate blast, on a D6 roll of 1 to 3, Raien herself is afflicted with a minor mutation
-After a Heavy blast, on a D6 roll of 1 to 4, Raien herself is afflicted with a moderate mutation.


Minor: Minor mutations rarely manifest as anything more than objects morphing out of the skin. They serve as mildly painful annoyances that are still quite morbid and unsettling.
(ex. small tentacles, odd patches of skin/fur/scales, surface blemishes)

Moderate: This is when victims begin to feel true pain and horror. Moderate mutations tend to violently and painfully morph flesh or even burst out of the area.
(ex. eyes, mouths, etc.)

Disclaimer - For people who do not want to have to deal with the way mutations work, then they can choose to manifest them in less "disturbing" fashions, such as open sores, burnt skin, flesh tearing open and other more common injuries, but the pain and shock factor absolutely must be conveyed.

Divinatory Tarot - The cards can only offer insight on present and future subjects, asking questions, or be used for simply reading one’s fortune/outlook in some aspect of their lives. This ability cannot be used in battle and lends her no aid in combat.
[Note: These cards were originally commissioned by Damnatus (from a hedge wizard) specifically for Rasilyn and since Raien is able to commune with the cards and are in tune with her energy, this means any stranger who tried to use the cards would find the deck awkward, difficult to work with accurately and comfortably.]

Minor Clairvoyance - As Rasilyn was a Seer, and is now a part of Raien (more or less) Raien is still somewhat afflicted with visions. However, they are extremely sporadic, if almost rare, primarily in the form of dreams or nightmares that are cryptic and confusing. They offer her no real aid in battle, only serving as warnings or hints at possible things to come.

Warp Reflective [Warp Reflectives are beings who possess souls that mirror the emotions that the Warp is composed of. They usually possess the ability to call upon it similarly to Psykers and sorcerers, though they cannot do so with any true strength. What makes them special is their ability to reflect back the thoughts and emotions of those around them, dependent upon their own mood. These reflections strike chords with those that view the Reflective – they might see them performing an action that strikes up the most vivid and wonderful of past memories, or they might cower back in fear as childhood nightmares are relived through the Reflective.
Warp Reflectives who know of their unique trait and utilize it can be some of the most potent of manipulators in existence, as they are able to connect with almost anyone they come across; however, those who do not know of their ability have a less pronounced effect on others and merely do so by accident when it does occur. As with any sort of unique connection with the Warp, there is always a horrific side effect – for Warp Reflectives, they act as the perfect gateways for Daemonic Possession. Even their lack of innate Psyker strength means nothing for daemons that manage to find and possess a Reflective, as their mirrored souls to the Warp enable them to bring about almost the full potentiality of their apocalyptic horrors.]

Rasilyn carried the reflective trait and seeing how her soul is now bound to Raien’s, this trait also affects her. After learning more about it and coming to understand how it worked, Raien worked at developing her ability to utilize this trait and thusly manipulate other people. She plays upon their emotions and memories, often using it to liken herself to a fond acquaintance or better yet, a formidable foe not to be trifled with. Often enough she will use it to gain information or access to resources that might otherwise be much more difficult to obtain.

Personality: After the crazy events in her life and getting her real and true memories restored to her, Raien turned rather quickly into a little more cynical and skeptical kind of person - which are not exactly negative traits but do make her rather moody and opinionated in some respects. A friend, one she made in the period before her pregnancy and subsequent birth of her son, has even called her complex. She hasn’t completely lost touch with her natural emotional nature, but more pleasant times are far behind her and Raien has been finding the motivation to be optimistic, a bit scarcer these days.

Presently, her mentality is in questionable shape. If you take into account all the things she has been through: ruination of a happy marriage, losing her first child, the tampering of her memories, being used as a tool to hurt the man she used to love out of a lich's petty revenge, all among other incidents there on after. In low-key situations where there is very little action and interaction going on (meaning very few to no other people around), Rai will sometimes slip into dazed silences, and just lets her mind drift and her mood become quite pensive. She doesn’t brood but if idle for too long her mind races behind a quieter outward appearance and this is why she often tries very hard to remain active and occupied. The trauma has not been kind to her and she is still working through it.

On top of it all, she is a new mother so her maternal instincts are high, and prevalent more than they normally would be. Protective doesn’t scratch the surface when it comes to her son, so her concerns for his well being do stress her out from time to time and the very thought of anything happening to him is a deeply rooted and debilitating fear. Her head is compiled of not-so-fragmented memories anymore, all of which are of a cryptic and dubious in nature. Amongst those, she sometimes entertains twisted, outright appalling thoughts, ideas and feelings, even the happier memories are unwelcome, for they only serve to tease her.

Raien possesses a very strong fear of death and of what may lay beyond the mortal realm for her upon her demise. Her fear does not end there unfortunately for beneath the seemingly stable and coherent surface, she greatly fears everything. Rai is terrified not only of death, nor just of her cohort (whom secretly frightens her to the core for many reasons) but also of her situation. Once a very independent person, she now finds a disturbing lack of comfort in being alone in a foreign world.

History: Raien was born to a pleasant, high middle class family in Girona (Gerona), a province of northeastern Spain, in the northern part of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Though only her father was magically inclined, a talented mage in his own right, and her mother of the mundane, she was still raised in an openly mystical environment and neither pressured nor discouraged from pursuing her inherent talents for wielding the arcane. Eventually she moved stateside and, much like her father before his retirement, held a position in a modest sized agency that governed and handled supernatural affairs without involving the mundane populace. They employed the usual people, the ‘paper pushers’, and the grunts, those who handled the boring, clerical work. They possessed their own legal division, employing those who took care of the logistics and all the red tape before any footwork could ever be done. Then you had the field agents: investigators, representatives and runners. Raien was one of those people and at first she thoroughly enjoyed her job, but over time, things started to get a little shady.

She found herself being asked to perform tasks and carry out jobs that clashed with her moral standards, even having information withheld from her prior to taking cases. There was a lot of secrecy and unusual restrictions popping up that all suggested that the agency was slowly adopting new policies and standards of practice. Being someone with fairly good moral standards, she expressed her concerns to the agency, but the tight knit, no-nonsense group had ceased to possess much patience for ‘free thinkers’. They gave her the choice between keeping what was a steady job or being kicked to the curb with a black mark on her ‘record’ if you would.

A man she had been seeing, and having relations with, persuaded her to not make waves and keep the job. Their ‘relationship’ didn’t fit the definition of traditional but she tried to cling to the scraps of companionship, tried not to make trouble until an incident called her morals into question once again and she spoke out against it. Ordinarily, noncompliance and flat out insubordination would have simply resulted in termination from the organization – like any real occupation.

However, what she had not expected was the complete revocation of rights and harsh accusations. She had been set up, framed as committing illegal activities or possibly criminal acts while under employment and had no means of proving her innocence. Still, they offered her a chance to leave quietly as long as she did not pursue any action. Taking that as a sign to keep her mouth shut, Raien accepted and left – picking up her life and completely relocating to the Northeastern part of the country.

For a while she fumed and seethed, honestly considering revenge before eventually simmering down and realizing she was far better off without them and that it was a good opportunity to start fresh and just live the way she wanted to live – peacefully.

That was precisely what she did for the next couple of years while she got settled in this new place. She held a few odd jobs, got herself a place to live before finding more stable employment in a local lounge somewhere within the working district of the city. It wasn’t especially busy but did seem to mainly attract business men and other such people who found the establishment conducive to productivity, a quiet locale to sit eat and get work done. By that point, Raien was entirely comfortable in her new life and things only seemed to get better from there onwards.

It was time to find love. Honest love, not the love-hate-and lust relationship she had before. Jonathan Faulkner was a man around her age, a local face and one that became a regular patron in her place of work, usually stopping in after a long shift or during a break in the day to peacefully bury himself in paperwork. His frequent attendance allowed them to converse and get acquainted. After hitting it off fairly well, her former employment eventually came up in conversation and as did the nature of their respective work. It turned out that he worked for a branch of the same agency from which she had departed. The particular branch he found himself working for had vastly different policies and instead of employing only mages, it seemed that they had opened their doors to other superhuman and supernaturally gifted individuals. The man she thusly started to see on a romantic level was a Psion – someone with extraordinary abilities stemming directly from the human mind – psychics, in a loose sense. The major difference between the two of them, was his general hesitation or aversion to utilizing his unique capabilities unless truly necessary, a striking contrast to her passion for the arcane and strong reliance on her magic to always get her out of a difficult situation.

Regardless of that fact, they started to see each other. It was a happy, healthy relationship and spanned over a period of two and a half years before he got the guts to propose, with some encouragement by his close friend and partner in the work-place, Alexia “Alex” Morgan. They tied the knot officially, a year following the engagement, and moved in together. Life was quite good for a change.

During the span of their marriage, they’d had a few ‘bumps in the road’ so to speak. Ones that put stress on their lives together and individually. At first, they were compatible enough to make things work and see them through no matter what, but incidents started happening, ones stemming from his occupation. He as well started raising concern over issues that didn’t agree with his moral codes, mainly those regarding the treatment of and unnecessarily aggressive methods for controlling individuals and outburst. For keeping quiet about the controversy, they agreed to let him step down and retire. He had all but left the life behind him. Much like she had. It was because of this as well as their strong feelings for one another that allowed them to find common ground and overcome this roadblock, putting it behind them.

Over time they had some more little bumps in the road, involving things that could very well have destroyed their relationship, but as a strong couple they cleared all the hurdles life seemed to throw at them. For the most part anyway.

A woman showed up later in the story, a former co-worker and partner - hearing about Jonathan's quiet retirement. Elina Serevi, a woman that had been his former partner before an evaluation determined her unfit for the role and spent some time undergoing minor psychiatric rehabilitation by way of a court order. After she completed said rehabilitation, she was allowed to return to the agency but under strict clerical duty. She arrived with claims about being impressed with his strong beliefs and desire to stand up for them. She wanted to meet up with an old friend, to have a friendly chat between former co-workers. Unfortunately, this woman wasn't 100% honest. Elina wasn't interested in playing catch-up with Jonathan just for the sake of it, but she had become so infatuated and obsessed with him through extensive research and keeping tabs on him. This ordinarily wouldn’t have been a problem - except that she was an untouchable.

An Untouchable is an individual with an innate trait or passive ability that acts as (more or less) a power null, most specifically, powers of the mind. Psychic/Psionic abilities. It's a field of nullifying energies that negates any such powers and abilities, for every Psion that was employed; there was an Untouchable, a null to act as a fail-safe should anything ever go wrong. They were meant to compliment one another, and work in cooperation with each other. Elina had gotten it in her head that because of this fact, she and Jonathan were made for each other, that it was only right. Her obsession was bordering on more than unhealthy; it was becoming a little bit uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.

He wanted nothing to do with her, or anything at all to do with the job he left behind, Jonathan, since his retirement, had been trying very hard to distance himself from those people but this woman in particular made things extraordinarily difficult. During their meeting (deciding to go along with this chat at a local pub) the conversation started off all right, and while it ended a little strangely, it had gone surprisingly well. At least, so he thought. She had, in fact, drugged him and in tandem with being unable to defend himself by way of his abilities, he was overpowered quickly and effectively. Elina was able to get him into her vehicle and took him back to her apartment in town, where she managed to hold him for a couple of days. Her mind was warped, twisted, screwed up and unstable, so it was easy for her to think of him not as her hostage or captive but her property.

After enough panicking and desperate searching by Rai, she eventually called Alex who, regardless of her neutral feelings towards their job, didn’t need any convincing to help find Jonathan. Bits of information that formed a trail lead Raien to Elina finally, finding out what just happened to him. They managed to track her down but the whole situation unfortunately could not be resolved without the use of force. Jonathan eventually managed to summon up enough will to overpower Elina, break through the null field and thusly, shut her down.

That was a turning point for both of them. The word eventually reached “_”, they were very concerned with Jonathan, with the growth in his power, and skill combined with his intelligence and discord for the agency’s methods and so called standards. They considered him a plausible threat now and it was time to do something about that.

These incidents, these troublesome situations, they were putting strain on not only Jonathan, but also their relationship. He was scrambling for control over his life and as a result, he was changing, becoming someone different over time and things got a little rocky. Raien often expressed her concerns to him, about how his actions differed from time to time, ranging from brushing it off casually, getting defensive and agitated or honestly showing concern and trying all he could to reassure her. However, due to being constantly manipulated by others, it lead to Jonathan's psyche taking a downward spiral into madness and everything began to fall apart – to the point where he believed she too was simply using him. It became so bad that it eventually lead to her miscarrying (a surprise pregnancy that she had been nervous to tell him about) and near death. She lived, but slipped away in the midst of all the chaos and left him to think he had inadvertently caused her death. In fact, the idea was mutual, leaving both thinking the other had perished in the heat of it all.

Shedding light on the events, long before the incident, Jonathan had encountered a group of individuals, unassuming folks who preached to him about things like hope, change and truth about some ‘architect of fate’ and lead him to believe it would help him, help him take back control over his life and solve all his problems. What he didn’t know at the time was the nature of the group. It was a cult and this ‘architect’ was some kind of deity they worshipped. It was the occult. The more he got involved, the worse things became and the happy couple was not so happy anymore as they started to fight.

At some point later, an incident happened where Raien witnessed Jonathan using some unusual powers – something she had never ever seen him do before – something she later learned as ‘warp sorcery’, and it frightened her. Eventually, things between them had become worse for wear and confronting him about it had adverse results. He started to think that she was against him, and as much as it pained them both – it was partially true. She was against his changes and his desperate attempts to gain ‘control’ over his life and the harmful ways he was going about it and how he was brushing off her help. The situation got out of control once the other members of the cult had tried to take it upon them to intervene and Raien was inadvertently killed. Although it had been an accident, in the height of it all, it had still been his fault.

Everything had effectively come crashing down.

Skipping ahead a good 10 whole years (what happens during this time is in Damnatus/Jonathan’s history) – A’hrymiaka (Mia), A woman, a lich and fairly powerful necromancer who had tangled with Damnatus at an earlier point in time, was bitter and nursing her metaphorical wounds when a way to get back at the sorcerer for shaming her landed in her lap more or less. . What better way to manipulate her enemy than with something that had once been precious to him. Some work had to be done though. She forged false memories, planting the idea into Raien's head that this man, Damnatus (a suitably grim moniker that Jon had taken for himself), had been the one to kill her husband and caused her to miss carry their child. Mia would give Raien the means to exact revenge, if she collected and returned her phylactery that the sorcerer had stolen from the lich sometime ago.

Thanks to a little luck, and some scrying on part of Mia herself, Raien was able to conveniently time her arrival onto a scene where the very sorcerer in question had found himself in a bit of a pinch. She took it upon herself to play the heroine (of sorts) and lend him aid. There was some initial shock and suspicion, but the situation truly turned sour after the 'rescue'. However, in a stroke of irony, the sorcerer’s young apprentice, Rasilyn Lockwood, a girl no older than 12 who had been traveling who happened to be a Warp “Seer” (one who is afflicted by prophetic visions and images relevant to the present or future to come) had been struck by a vision which strongly suggests that Raien was somehow important to whatever plans Damnatus had or whatever he was trying to achieve.

After overcoming the initial shock-factor and going through some interrogation to determine the reason for her 'new' existence she became involved in their lives, and the three of them had formed some sort of dysfunctional working relationship – or least between Damnatus and herself.

While things were awkward and tense at best between them, Raien grew to be very fond of Rasilyn and took on a motherly type of role. This involvement exposed her to a many strange and unexplainable things, things that appalled her, scared her and made her absurdly curious all at once. Unfortunately with more involvement and all the weirdness came a tense relationship between the sorcerer and herself, and many an argument did happen. The more she came to learn about his new lifestyle and the things he did, the more distant from him and essentially confused and frightened she became.

Growing impatient, Mia took advantage of their newfound dynamic and inserted an agent of hers into the mix, a man named Zhekel who turned out to be the very same from Rai’s plane of origin, the one she formerly shared relations with before quitting her job and relocating. He was able to string her along into becoming smitten with him again she was ignorant to his new alliance with the lich and subsequent plans. He was successful in gaining Damnatus’ distrust, deep-seated loathing and brought about well-masked concern for Raien’s well being. When the time was right. Mia sprung her trap and Zhekel abducted Raien from right under Damnatus and returned to his lady’s side, with Mia knowing full well that Damnatus himself would pursue - and that is precisely what happened. It resulted in an intense confrontation, during which she pridefully boasted about her actions, as well as her desire to acquire what rightfully belonged to her. Death came swiftly and horrifically for the lich after trying to stave off the maddened warp sorcerer.

At first, they both felt accomplished in taking out at least one of the forces that had plagued them both, and forced its way into their lives like everything else had. They even tried to go right back to what had been considered normal for the three over the past several months but the idea was better in concept than in action, instead of arguments and spats, there was silence. Lots of silence, or at least right up until another tragedy struck.

Something had happened to Rasilyn, a situation that had gone horribly wrong and left the girl comatose and completely beyond help. With help from some associates, he was able to not only learn but perform some kind of ritual utilizing Rasilyn’s soul, as its certain unique properties allowed it be bound or essentially merged with Raien’s – effectively making it whole again and keeping her together. So in a way, he saved them both whether or not he saw it like that. Rasilyn became a part of Rai and it took her quite some time to realize that it was the best solution.

At first, she was grief stricken, having formed a close and almost maternal bond with the girl. In fact, that had pretty much been the last of all she could take and in her grief and frustration she sought out Damnatus to confront him about it all and get it all off her chest. However, the actual confrontation turned out vastly different than either of them had or could ever expect. What started out as an argument, quickly devolved into satisfying long withheld physical frustrations. Without getting into detail, it happened all too fast and was the product of high emotions and copious amounts of liquor on both accounts.

After the deed was done – she came to her senses and to the terrible realization of what had happened. It was time to leave.

Unfortunately, her options were limited considering she didn’t know a thing about Gaia and, to add to her stress, she was pregnant. Stuck in an unfamiliar place, with a

During that time, well before she began to physically show her pregnancy, she forged an unlikely friendship with a young and spunky woman named Celeste Browning. She turned out to be the CEO of her own company, born into privilege but surprisingly friendly and down to earth. They bonded over a brief period of time before Raien become too uncomfortable with her situation (and weariness of strangers, no matter how kind) and withdrew back into a slightly more reclusive, fairly private life. Nine months later, her son - Jaume (James) Alexandre (Alexander) DeCuir - was born. Honestly she hadn’t known what to expect but he quickly became her entire world and more. She loved him terribly and made a promise to herself, and to the man his father used to be, that she would protect him and raise him to be a good person.

She tried to spend as much time with him as she possibly could, but there was still business she had to take care of…

(To Be Added:
The events prior to and during HoH 2011
After HoH
Sigil: Hard Times
Sigil: The Reclamation
All events leading up to HoH 2012)

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