[16:54] CharmedSunshinex: YOU HAD A DREAM. o uo
[16:54] xsteelcommandox: yes
[16:54] CharmedSunshinex: as I was saying
[16:54] CharmedSunshinex: it was a good dream I hope? <<
[16:55] CharmedSunshinex: not one of your crazy dreams x-x;
[16:58] xsteelcommandox: it was weird
[16:58] xsteelcommandox: we eloped
[16:58] xsteelcommandox: and got married
[16:58] CharmedSunshinex: sounds okay so far..
[16:58] CharmedSunshinex: now did like ameteor crash?
[16:58] CharmedSunshinex: ...
[16:58] xsteelcommandox: ameteor whatnow?
[16:58] CharmedSunshinex: * a meteor
[16:58] CharmedSunshinex: xD lol
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: no
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: lol
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: we drove away
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: from philly and ny to the west
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: to cali
[16:59] CharmedSunshinex: something crazy always happens so I'm just trying to get myself ready ow o
[16:59] CharmedSunshinex: - Oh my.
[16:59] CharmedSunshinex: o:
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: mhmm
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: and we had lots of money
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: so we started to buy things
[16:59] xsteelcommandox: you bought me a hummingbird guitar
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: (melissa's dream guitar LMAO)
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: but i was like
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: aww ty
[17:00] CharmedSunshinex: (= w= your dream sucks for her )
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: we had sex in a motel
[17:00] CharmedSunshinex: oh my.
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: mhmm
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: like in the movies
[17:00] xsteelcommandox: you know
[17:01] xsteelcommandox: nothing explicit
[17:01] xsteelcommandox: and we kept driving
[17:01] xsteelcommandox: we were running out of money
[17:01] xsteelcommandox: you got pregnant
[17:01] xsteelcommandox: and you wanted to go home
[17:01] CharmedSunshinex: o-o... wha.
[17:01] CharmedSunshinex: o- O
[17:01] CharmedSunshinex: -told you something crazy would happen >>-
[17:01] xsteelcommandox: lmao
[17:02] xsteelcommandox: yeah
[17:02] CharmedSunshinex: Something crazy ALWAYS happens
[17:02] xsteelcommandox: we argued while getting gas
[17:02] xsteelcommandox: argued while we were driving
[17:02] CharmedSunshinex: woa woa woa we neeeevver argue o- O
[17:02] xsteelcommandox: we got so broke that we couldnt even afford motels to sleep on
[17:03] xsteelcommandox: mhmm
[17:03] xsteelcommandox: so we slept in the car
[17:03] xsteelcommandox: mhmm
[17:03] xsteelcommandox: so you got so tired of the life we were living in
[17:03] xsteelcommandox: that you wanted to sell the guitar
[17:03] xsteelcommandox: plus the hormones from being prego
[17:04] xsteelcommandox: you got really tired
[17:04] xsteelcommandox: tired of me
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: o-o.. Im way too chill to be saying all this xD
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: D: NEVER.
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: I dont wanan ehar
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: no more.
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: nooo mooore
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: -covers ears and eyes-
[17:04] CharmedSunshinex: noooo mooore.
[17:07] xsteelcommandox: so
[17:07] xsteelcommandox: wait
[17:07] xsteelcommandox: its not over yet
[17:07] xsteelcommandox: we argued about selling the guitar
[17:08] xsteelcommandox: (look how expensive it is : http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Hummingbird-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-101393890-i1149463.gc)
[17:08] CharmedSunshinex: OMFG o-e
[17:09] xsteelcommandox: yea
[17:09] xsteelcommandox: you bought me that
[17:09] xsteelcommandox: and now you wanted to sell it
[17:09] CharmedSunshinex: o-o.. doesnt sound like me - w-
[17:09] xsteelcommandox: cause of our crappy lives
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: so we were arguin
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: i didnt wanna sell it
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: but you do
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: so we acted like children
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: and played tug of war with the guitar
[17:10] CharmedSunshinex: o-e;
[17:10] CharmedSunshinex: ..
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: and the end the guitar broke
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: and it accidentally hit your stomach
[17:10] xsteelcommandox: with the baby in it
[17:10] CharmedSunshinex: O-O . ..
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: and you were crying
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: and saying no more
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: and i was like im sorry babe
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: and you ran off
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: and i took the car and started to follow you
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: but before i did that i was like
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: damnit -fist slam on car-
[17:11] xsteelcommandox: lmao
[17:12] xsteelcommandox: so yeah you ran off crying
[17:12] CharmedSunshinex: ....
[17:12] CharmedSunshinex: o-e;
[17:13] xsteelcommandox: and you like threw the ring
[17:13] xsteelcommandox: at me
[17:13] CharmedSunshinex: -covers ears-
[17:13] CharmedSunshinex: =w = la la la la.
[17:13] xsteelcommandox: saying i hate you like 3 times
[17:13] CharmedSunshinex: o-e.
[17:13] xsteelcommandox: well it wasnt the ring i gave you now
[17:13] xsteelcommandox: it was like a plain silver ring
[17:13] xsteelcommandox: but inside it was like
[17:14] xsteelcommandox: Jessica x Ken engraved
[17:14] CharmedSunshinex: :]..-smiles at ring-
[17:14] CharmedSunshinex: -sadfaceatdream-
[17:14] CharmedSunshinex: x-x
[17:14] xsteelcommandox: lol
[17:14] xsteelcommandox: i didnt chase after you
[17:14] xsteelcommandox: you know me
[17:14] xsteelcommandox: id cry first
[17:14] xsteelcommandox: then chase after you
[17:15] CharmedSunshinex: Dx -would never do that to you ever ever - x-x
[17:15] xsteelcommandox: and you were crying walking out in the middle of nowhere
[17:15] xsteelcommandox: then i drove out to search for you
[17:16] xsteelcommandox: but you hitchhiked a bus back to philly
[17:16] xsteelcommandox: the driver took pitty of you
[17:16] xsteelcommandox: so he let you
[17:17] xsteelcommandox: you say thank you, and you give him like some money you had in your pocket like 5 to 10 dollars
[17:17] xsteelcommandox: and you got a bus ride back home
[17:17] xsteelcommandox: i didnt know what to do
[17:18] xsteelcommandox: i was an emotional driver
[17:18] xsteelcommandox: lmao
[17:18] CharmedSunshinex: o-e.
[17:18] CharmedSunshinex: did I mention I do not like this dreamx-x
[17:18] xsteelcommandox: so i crashed into somewhere
[17:18] CharmedSunshinex: ----
[17:18] CharmedSunshinex: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:
[17:18] CharmedSunshinex: v -v;
[17:18] xsteelcommandox: (its like an american drama movie)
[17:19] xsteelcommandox: so i crashed
[17:19] CharmedSunshinex: ( I realize this >> wink
[17:19] xsteelcommandox: and they took me to the hospital
[17:19] xsteelcommandox: but they didnt have enought thingies
[17:19] xsteelcommandox: to heal me there
[17:19] xsteelcommandox: so they helecoptered me
[17:20] xsteelcommandox: to the hospital in cali
[17:20] xsteelcommandox: cause we were like somewhere in the arizona dersert or texas
[17:20] xsteelcommandox: somewhere along there
[17:20] xsteelcommandox: but yeah
[17:20] CharmedSunshinex: (<< how cliche?)
[17:20] xsteelcommandox: (ikr)
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: i lived in california
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: with medical debts
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: and my family dont even know where i am
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: so i worked like in the hospital
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: as a janitor
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: to pay it off
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: you
[17:21] xsteelcommandox: got home to philly
[17:22] xsteelcommandox: gave birth to our child
[17:22] xsteelcommandox: worked in a bakery store
[17:22] xsteelcommandox: while our child (you named her anikacy)
[17:22] xsteelcommandox: goes to school
[17:22] xsteelcommandox: your parents went back together to help you and your child
[17:22] xsteelcommandox: supporting you
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: theyre still angry at you but they pitty you
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: they want to kill me
[17:23] CharmedSunshinex: o-e;
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: mhmm
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: and everyday youre discontent
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: cause
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: you day dream at work
[17:23] xsteelcommandox: thinking of me
[17:23] CharmedSunshinex: ((-coughsoundslikeeveryschooldaycoughcough)
[17:24] xsteelcommandox: but you shake it off
[17:24] xsteelcommandox: and everynight when you cuddle ani
[17:24] xsteelcommandox: she asks, wheres daddy?
[17:24] CharmedSunshinex: ; 3;
[17:24] xsteelcommandox: you say you dont know
[17:24] xsteelcommandox: and you cry yourself to sleep everynight
[17:25] xsteelcommandox: while me
[17:25] xsteelcommandox: i got my debts payed off
[17:25] xsteelcommandox: after like what
[17:25] xsteelcommandox: a lot of years working?
[17:25] xsteelcommandox: but no
[17:25] xsteelcommandox: also cause i joined like a local band
[17:26] xsteelcommandox: and we got signed by record deals
[17:26] xsteelcommandox: and we made it okay
[17:26] xsteelcommandox: got more money
[17:26] xsteelcommandox: than that janitor job
[17:26] xsteelcommandox: so i payed off my debts
[17:26] xsteelcommandox: with my money comming from music
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: while my band mates are getting better equipment
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: mhmm
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: i was still borrowing the other guitarist stuff
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: and they were like druggies
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: so
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: yeah
[17:27] xsteelcommandox: i didnt do sh*t like that
[17:27] CharmedSunshinex: -proud-
[17:28] xsteelcommandox: i just was thinking about you
[17:28] xsteelcommandox: the songs i wrote were about you
[17:28] xsteelcommandox: and i remembered our promise
[17:28] xsteelcommandox: id never do drugs for you
[17:28] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:28] CharmedSunshinex: -Would never touch a drop of alcohal for you-
[17:29] xsteelcommandox: our band made it big that we went on tour
[17:29] xsteelcommandox: and i kept singing that song
[17:29] xsteelcommandox: i wrote for you
[17:29] CharmedSunshinex: -softsmile-
[17:29] xsteelcommandox: you didnt know what the band or song was called
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: so while im tourin
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: chyea
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: you were in philly
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: with our child
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: and your co worker is like
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: we should go clubbing tonight
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: and you were like
[17:30] CharmedSunshinex: ( the hell I will >> -stays home with ani- <3 -
[17:30] xsteelcommandox: i dont know
[17:31] xsteelcommandox: but she was like
[17:31] xsteelcommandox: your still thinking of that guy?
[17:31] xsteelcommandox: your co worker is like your bff
[17:31] xsteelcommandox: you tell her everythin
[17:31] xsteelcommandox: you tell her you has a child so i dont think clubbing would do it
[17:32] Meebo Message: CharmedSunshinex is offline
[17:32] xsteelcommandox: but she was like psshhh cmon we need to get that icky saddness off of you
[17:32] Meebo Message: CharmedSunshinex is online
[17:32] xsteelcommandox: and then you were like fine
[17:32] xsteelcommandox: you went clubbing
[17:32] xsteelcommandox: you met this guy in the dance floor
[17:32] xsteelcommandox: you got really drunk
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: you came home drunk
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: scared ani sh*tless
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: but that guy was a gentle man
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: he drove you home
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: and took care of you
[17:33] CharmedSunshinex: D: WHAT. -headtodeskheadtodesk-
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: and ani was like
[17:33] xsteelcommandox: are you my daddy
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: and he laughed and said no and patted her head
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: your parents thanked him
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: and stuff
[17:34] CharmedSunshinex: (does not like where this is going at all)
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: nother day of work
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: and you got a hangover
[17:34] xsteelcommandox: head hurts like crap
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: your co worker is like its ok ill do your share
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: of work
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: then the guy comes into the bakery
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: and you were like
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: hi
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: and he was like hey
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: and you guys hooked up
[17:35] xsteelcommandox: and stuff
[17:35] CharmedSunshinex: ( o-e;. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . .. . . . .)
[17:36] xsteelcommandox: then my band was gonna tour in philly
[17:36] xsteelcommandox: so he was cool
[17:36] xsteelcommandox: and he was digging my band
[17:36] xsteelcommandox: your new bf
[17:37] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:37] xsteelcommandox: he took you to a concert
[17:37] xsteelcommandox: he showed you some of the new songs
[17:37] xsteelcommandox: my band had
[17:38] xsteelcommandox: but then on that conert in philly
[17:38] xsteelcommandox: my band played a classic
[17:38] xsteelcommandox: i was like on stage
[17:38] xsteelcommandox: and you were there with your new bf
[17:38] xsteelcommandox: and ani
[17:38] xsteelcommandox: cause our band isnt metal
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: its more like you know
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: family friendly
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: kinda like greenday
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: lmao
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: so ani was there
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: your new bf
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: and i was on stage
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: and i was like
[17:39] xsteelcommandox: this is a song i wrote when i was 15
[17:40] xsteelcommandox: its called The Energy Project
[17:40] xsteelcommandox: you like raised your eye brow
[17:40] CharmedSunshinex: ( I heard that song so many times I better have realized it <-< )
[17:40] xsteelcommandox: and i was like its not in our new album
[17:40] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:40] xsteelcommandox: be prepared to get blown away
[17:40] xsteelcommandox: and then we played it
[17:41] xsteelcommandox: Energy! I'll run away as fast as i cann~
[17:41] xsteelcommandox: and by the middle of the song
[17:41] xsteelcommandox: you were like
[17:41] xsteelcommandox: where have i heard this song before
[17:41] CharmedSunshinex: (great I have alsheimers at what age? << wink
[17:41] CharmedSunshinex: **<< )
[17:42] xsteelcommandox: (no lmao its that i havnt played this song for ages, and how old are we like 27-28?)
[17:42] xsteelcommandox: (you have a child that can speak and goes to school)
[17:42] xsteelcommandox: (when you left me you were still prego, we were probbably like 20-19)
[17:43] CharmedSunshinex: ( ; w;. . . . -none of this would have ever happened because i wouldnt leave you in the first place- x-x)
[17:43] CharmedSunshinex: (anyways go on- w-)
[17:43] xsteelcommandox: (and i havint sang this song since i was like in highschool)
[17:43] xsteelcommandox: so then it starts to hit you
[17:44] xsteelcommandox: when i sang
[17:44] xsteelcommandox: Dear you its all right please let go~
[17:44] xsteelcommandox: Dear you you know i would love to love to love you
[17:44] xsteelcommandox: Dear you its too late im for sure~
[17:44] xsteelcommandox: And jessica its all right please hold on to me~
[17:44] xsteelcommandox: and you started crying
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: and you ran off
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: towards idk the front
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: to get a closer look of me
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: and you wanted to go back stage
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: but the big black guy was like, VIP only
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: (lol)
[17:45] CharmedSunshinex: (dude srsly cliche big black guy(
[17:45] CharmedSunshinex: ( xDDD )
[17:45] xsteelcommandox: yes
[17:46] xsteelcommandox: ( lol, you know the one with suits and ear peices and shades)
[17:46] xsteelcommandox: but yeah
[17:46] CharmedSunshinex: (yes xD)
[17:46] xsteelcommandox: your bf follows you
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: with ani
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: and you see me gett of stage
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: and get on backstage
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: and you called my name
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: Ken!
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: which i havnt heard in ages
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: cause everyone else referrs to me as Ray
[17:47] CharmedSunshinex: (<3)
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: so i turned
[17:47] xsteelcommandox: i was like
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: O_o
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: and raised my eyebrow
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: and i turn
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: i see you
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: and you were like Ken!
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: i told the big black guy to let you in
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: and your bf was like, im with her
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: you run to me
[17:48] xsteelcommandox: but you stop
[17:49] xsteelcommandox: and were there facing each other
[17:49] xsteelcommandox: i look in your eye
[17:49] xsteelcommandox: s
[17:49] xsteelcommandox: and you look into mine
[17:49] CharmedSunshinex: (..you're going to make me crrryy...x .x)
[17:49] xsteelcommandox: and i was like... jessica?
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: and you nod tearing up
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: and then your bf with ani on his shoulders comes up
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: hes like bigger thn me
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: so he was
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: oh im a big fan of you guys
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: and he shakes my hand
[17:50] xsteelcommandox: and asks for auto graph
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: and he was like
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: so babe
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: you know him
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: ?
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: and you like took a deep breath and said yeah
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: and wiped your tears off
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: hes an old friend i havnt seen in a while
[17:51] xsteelcommandox: and my heart broke right there
[17:51] CharmedSunshinex: (YOOO D< -kicks my ownass- x-x)
[17:51] CharmedSunshinex: ( no more please . m.)
[17:52] CharmedSunshinex: (please .m.
[17:52] xsteelcommandox: (wait lol promise me that youd stay with me till the end)
[17:53] CharmedSunshinex: ( Neehhhhhh -crawls over to you- .m.)
[17:53] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:53] xsteelcommandox: i imedietly recognized who you are
[17:53] xsteelcommandox: so after i gave auto graphs and stuff
[17:53] xsteelcommandox: i dropped the ring
[17:53] xsteelcommandox: the silver one with our names ingraved into it
[17:53] xsteelcommandox: and my band mates were like
[17:54] xsteelcommandox: Dude cmon aftershow party!
[17:54] xsteelcommandox: and i follow them
[17:54] xsteelcommandox: you saw the ring
[17:54] xsteelcommandox: and you picked it up
[17:54] xsteelcommandox: and you cried
[17:54] CharmedSunshinex: (-officially started crying- x -x. . )
[17:55] xsteelcommandox: -cuddles you as i tell the story)
[17:55] xsteelcommandox: (its ok love i love you -kisses-
[17:55] xsteelcommandox: )
[17:55] CharmedSunshinex: (-sniffle- -kisses- -clings to-)
[17:55] xsteelcommandox: so yeah
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: he dropped you off your house with ani
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: and you were silent all the time
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: and he was like if something was wrong
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: and you were like no, i just wanna go home
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: and he got worried
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: so once he drove you guys home
[17:56] xsteelcommandox: he kissed you on the cheek
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: and said bye
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: and he patted ani on the head
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: and you guys went home
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: while cuddling anni at night
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: you were sobbin
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: odee hard
[17:57] xsteelcommandox: and ani was like
[17:58] xsteelcommandox: whats wrong mommy?
[17:58] xsteelcommandox: and you say, that guy who sang on stage
[17:58] xsteelcommandox: tht was your daddy
[17:58] xsteelcommandox: and yeah
[17:58] xsteelcommandox: next day at work
[17:58] xsteelcommandox: you tell everything to your bff/coworker
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: and she was like -gasp- get out
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: like no way
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: srsly?!!?!
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: and you were like yeah
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: and she said what are you gonna do
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: anand you were like
[17:59] xsteelcommandox: idk
[18:00] xsteelcommandox: then after that
[18:00] xsteelcommandox: your friend started to go on my band myspace page
[18:00] xsteelcommandox: we had no more shows in philly
[18:00] xsteelcommandox: but we have a show in ny
[18:01] xsteelcommandox: and she was like you should go, imean it feels like fate isnt it?
[18:01] xsteelcommandox: you were like idk
[18:01] xsteelcommandox: and you go home after that day
[18:01] xsteelcommandox: and you pick up ani from school
[18:02] xsteelcommandox: and shes like bragging
[18:02] xsteelcommandox: my daddy is a rockstar
[18:02] xsteelcommandox: and one of the mean kids were like, stfu you got no daddy
[18:02] CharmedSunshinex: (..xD.. ani..<3)
[18:02] CharmedSunshinex: (>-> b*tch SAID WHAT. >-> wink
[18:02] xsteelcommandox: and you go to one of the mean kids and like flip and curse him off
[18:03] CharmedSunshinex: ( YEAH >:U GO ME. >:UUU - I know how unadultthatsoundsbut YEAH-
[18:03] xsteelcommandox: and the other parents were mortified
[18:03] xsteelcommandox: but you dont give
[18:03] xsteelcommandox: and they scoot their childr4en and themseelves away from you
[18:04] xsteelcommandox: your bf called you like alot of times today
[18:04] xsteelcommandox: but you never answered
[18:04] xsteelcommandox: till he comes over at night
[18:04] xsteelcommandox: you say its fine im just busy and you misplaced your phone
[18:04] xsteelcommandox: he insists he sleeps over
[18:04] xsteelcommandox: but you were like no
[18:05] xsteelcommandox: and ani was like, guess what guess what
[18:05] CharmedSunshinex: ( Oh boy. xox;..)
[18:05] xsteelcommandox: and he was like what kido
[18:05] xsteelcommandox: ani was like my daddy is a rockstar 83
[18:05] xsteelcommandox: and he was like huh?
[18:05] CharmedSunshinex: (.. -has to giggle- xD )
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: and he got confused and angry
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: and he was like
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: you mean
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: that ken?
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: and you nod
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: and he was like
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: wtf
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: how
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: ?
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: and you explain
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: everything
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: and he got pissed
[18:06] xsteelcommandox: nd he dont know how to react
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: and you say im sorry
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: and he says its fine
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: imean
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: its fine
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: ugh
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: -fist slam on car-
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: he offically hates my band
[18:07] xsteelcommandox: 8D
[18:08] CharmedSunshinex: ( o u o.. why does this guy remind me of jack..)
[18:08] xsteelcommandox: (cause jack is a bf stealer
[18:08] CharmedSunshinex: **gf
[18:08] xsteelcommandox: (gf*
[18:08] CharmedSunshinex: ( -always yours- =w =<3)
[18:08] xsteelcommandox: so yeah next day after work
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: no not after work
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: at work
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: yeah
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: next day at work
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: you tell your bff/coworker
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: and she was like oh
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: and then he comes at the store
[18:09] xsteelcommandox: and he apologizes
[18:10] xsteelcommandox: to you
[18:10] CharmedSunshinex: (.. -breaks up with him hopefully- <<. . . )
[18:10] xsteelcommandox: gives you roses
[18:10] CharmedSunshinex: ( -shuns roses- >-> )
[18:11] xsteelcommandox: you say thank you looking down at your feet
[18:11] xsteelcommandox: he leaves
[18:11] xsteelcommandox: a part of you you know
[18:11] xsteelcommandox: doesnt like letting go
[18:11] xsteelcommandox: so
[18:11] xsteelcommandox: you take the roses
[18:12] xsteelcommandox: you decided to go
[18:12] xsteelcommandox: to his place
[18:12] xsteelcommandox: and properly apologizes
[18:12] CharmedSunshinex: (-facepalm- = o=)
[18:12] xsteelcommandox: and call it off
[18:12] CharmedSunshinex: ( ou o.. I hope that means what I think it means.)
[18:12] xsteelcommandox: but like once you got there
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: you find moaning noises
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: and the door open
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: and you see your coworker/bff having sex with him
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: and you were like
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: wtf
[18:13] CharmedSunshinex: ( I KNEW IT >> wink
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: and they shreik and put on their clothes
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: and he was like its not what you think
[18:13] xsteelcommandox: she was like that too
[18:14] xsteelcommandox: and you throw the roses back at him
[18:14] xsteelcommandox: and you leave frustrated
[18:14] CharmedSunshinex: ( wtf. o-e. . . .do they think im an idiot- YEAH GO ME D< )
[18:14] xsteelcommandox: you were so pissed that you didnt go to work
[18:14] xsteelcommandox: they called you
[18:14] xsteelcommandox: but you never answer
[18:15] xsteelcommandox: till a few days later
[18:15] xsteelcommandox: you go to work
[18:15] xsteelcommandox: your bff explains
[18:15] xsteelcommandox: you forgive her
[18:15] xsteelcommandox: she was like
[18:15] xsteelcommandox: i knew what was happenin between you two, i got jelous, and how you treated him
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: we knew each other way back
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: i just went there you know to call it off
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: but i couldnt help myself
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: we started makin out
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: then it happened
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: then you came
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: and you were like hah
[18:16] CharmedSunshinex: ( o u o.. my temper wouldnt allow me to listen to that bullsh*t. xD)
[18:16] xsteelcommandox: its funny cause i was going there
[18:17] xsteelcommandox: to call it off too
[18:17] xsteelcommandox: and she was like
[18:17] xsteelcommandox: were still friends right?
[18:17] xsteelcommandox: and you were like yeah
[18:17] xsteelcommandox: and she was like here i got something to make it up to you
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: she pulls out two tickets
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: for that show
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: in ny
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: my band
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: and she was like
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: he gave it to me, he had extras but he didnt like the band anymore
[18:18] xsteelcommandox: so he gave it to me
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: but i think you need it more than i do
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: you were like
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: gasp
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: ty
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: and you hug her
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: and you really forgive her
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: that night you and ani take the bus
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: to ny
[18:19] xsteelcommandox: 8D
[18:19] CharmedSunshinex: 8DDD
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: and take the taxi
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: to the place
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: we played in the show
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: then you went back
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: to the back stage
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: where the big black guy is
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: he recognize you
[18:20] xsteelcommandox: and he let you in
[18:21] xsteelcommandox: you say ty
[18:21] xsteelcommandox: just there you were waiting for me
[18:21] xsteelcommandox: to go back
[18:21] CharmedSunshinex: o -o... go on. go on DX
[18:21] xsteelcommandox: xD
[18:21] CharmedSunshinex: << I had to suffer through the worst part of this story now get on with it
[18:22] CharmedSunshinex: D8
[18:22] xsteelcommandox: when i came back
[18:22] xsteelcommandox: i saw you but i looked away
[18:22] xsteelcommandox: what are you doing here
[18:22] xsteelcommandox: i say
[18:22] CharmedSunshinex: (<< shun me and rawr.)
[18:22] xsteelcommandox: and you were like
[18:23] xsteelcommandox: ken.... i love you... this is your daughter right here
[18:23] xsteelcommandox: she loves you too
[18:23] xsteelcommandox: and ani hides behind you
[18:23] xsteelcommandox: and i was like really?
[18:23] xsteelcommandox: then who was he
[18:23] xsteelcommandox: another jack?
[18:24] CharmedSunshinex: (... -heartbreak- x-x)
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: another replacement?
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: and you started tearing up
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: and you were like
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: yes
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: another jack
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: but no not another replacement
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: cause you know
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: id always love you
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: hes another jack
[18:24] xsteelcommandox: because i know
[18:25] xsteelcommandox: tht you would always love me
[18:25] xsteelcommandox: and i was like
[18:25] xsteelcommandox: ....
[18:25] CharmedSunshinex: ( << Better not shun me. -crying again- x.x)
[18:25] xsteelcommandox: i turned
[18:25] xsteelcommandox: my band mates were calling me
[18:25] xsteelcommandox: after party~
[18:26] xsteelcommandox: but you grabbed onto my hand
[18:26] xsteelcommandox: and you say
[18:26] xsteelcommandox: i love you
[18:26] xsteelcommandox: i turned around to see you again
[18:26] CharmedSunshinex: ( ; ^ wink
[18:26] CharmedSunshinex: *( ; ^; )
[18:27] xsteelcommandox: you were cryin
[18:27] xsteelcommandox: i let go of your hand
[18:27] xsteelcommandox: and i walk away
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: and the black guy comes on back
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: and he says mam you gotta go
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: the show is closing
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: you fell on your knees
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: and you were crying
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: ani was crying to
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: and hugging you
[18:28] xsteelcommandox: the black guy offered you tissure
[18:29] xsteelcommandox: and he led you out
[18:29] xsteelcommandox: you sat there on the street bench
[18:29] xsteelcommandox: it was night time
[18:29] xsteelcommandox: nyc lights where all over
[18:29] xsteelcommandox: (idk if you been to ny at night but it is beautiful)
[18:30] xsteelcommandox: (you should see it)
[18:30] xsteelcommandox: and you sat there on the bench cuddlin ani
[18:30] xsteelcommandox: at the after party
[18:30] xsteelcommandox: i wasnt feelin all celbraty
[18:30] xsteelcommandox: with my band
[18:30] xsteelcommandox: so i told them no ty
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: and i went back stage
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: to look for you
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: but you werent there
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: i told the dudes i quit the band
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: they were like what
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: wtf man
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: not cool
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: and i took my guitar
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: me money
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: and thats it
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: i left
[18:31] xsteelcommandox: to look for you
[18:32] xsteelcommandox: you were roamin around in ny
[18:32] xsteelcommandox: with ani
[18:32] xsteelcommandox: at night time
[18:32] xsteelcommandox: you had no money to get home
[18:32] xsteelcommandox: cause you wasted it all
[18:32] xsteelcommandox: you call your bff
[18:33] xsteelcommandox: to pick you up
[18:33] xsteelcommandox: and i was runnin all over
[18:33] xsteelcommandox: lookin for you
[18:33] xsteelcommandox: with my guitar
[18:33] xsteelcommandox: (the pink one i wanted 83)
[18:33] CharmedSunshinex: ( ; x; )
[18:33] xsteelcommandox: then i found you
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: the same place we 1st met
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: on the colorfull escalator stairs
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: on madison square garden
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: 4th street
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: penstation
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: and i ran towards you
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: and i kissed you
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: and you kissed me back
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: (the end)
[18:34] xsteelcommandox: 8D
[18:34] CharmedSunshinex: ( ; w wink
[18:35] CharmedSunshinex: ***( ; w; )