I have successfully completed my fourth year of high school! Next on my life list is college. A community college in the best educational region in America so don't think for a second that I'm going to a community college because of bad grades. Actually, I've had very good grades until this year, which I did on purpose because I really want one year to get some well deserved rest from the last 11 years of my education.

My graduation is on Tuesday of next week and will be awesome! I registered and received my Service Cord and Civic Seal Cord (the first for doing at least 20 hours of volunteer service; the latter for doing at least 50 hours of volunteer service)

My last day of school was yesterday, which I only had an International Foods final that was open-note. So easy xD
What I was really surprised about was my English final exam. Normally, I don't try to do well in class because I hate everything that class stands for and one of my teachers even more, but I actually did amazing on the final. For both the essay portion and the test portion, I got a 95.59 out of 100!

And I love my new laptop! It's a graduation present from my parents and I cannot believe how blessed I am to be able to ever get something so great. It is a Toshiba, which is an amazing brand we've been sticking with for years after eMachines failed us too many times, and it has 500 GB of hard drive memory, 4 GB RAM, and is the perfect size for when I start going to college, which is not even a long drive away from home. Everything is...almost too good to be true