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I'm feeling upset, unwanted, and angsty so I'm going to f*cking write since no one wants to talk to me.

Kai stormed into the house, his eyes blazing with some undefined hurt and rage. He no longer rememberd what triggered it but it refused to depart him. He wanted to scream, cry, hurt. His teeth ached, his heart ached, his headfelt fuzzy. He felt as if he wanted blood. He snarls as he slams open the door to the kitchen, his eyes locking onto his brother Kyota.
Kyota jumped and stared at his brother as the door had slammed open, his gray eyes wide and they only widened further as Kai stalked towards him, Kai's crimson-orange eyes seeming to burn and smolder. Kyota's throat closed as he stared, frozen, as his brother came up to him. His heart fluttered in panic as Kai grabbed Kyota by the wrist and jerked him forward. Kyota fell, his balence lost at the sudden jerk from Kai. He had been thrown. His dark wings partially spread as if to stop his fall. He lay there, stunned for a moment before Kai placed a kick to his side, effectively flipping him onto his back, the pain that flared and burned in his side causing tears to enter Kyota's eyes, a whimper struggling from his throat.
What was this? Kyota still couldn't find his voice as Kai sat on Kyota's hips, a nasty smile on Kai's lips. Kyota trembled, fear and pain making the tears overflow from his eyes as he stared mutely at his brother. What have I done to deserve this?
Kai's hands moved at Kyota's hips, slippin under the edge of Kyota's shirt, Kai's skin was cold, ice cold, making Kyota gasp, closing his eyes tightly. Why couldn't he move?! Kyota gave a strangled cry when Kai suddenly ripped his shirt open, Kyota's gray eys stared, wide, dull, as Kai pressed a sharp nail to Kyota's pale flesh. He stared as blood beaded quickly and then flowed from the buy, a moment later he gasped as pain hit him, his gray eyes moving from the cut to Kai's face. He wished he hadn't. Kai looked pleased, aroused even, watching Kyota's blood slowly find a path down Kyota's side.

(( Maybe I'll continue this more later... ))

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