User ImageLove is something that you have to another.
If you just believe of what people say to you then you got something.
It's like Friendship but different.
The thought of caring for someone is also a thing called love.
Never miss a moment of it when it spreads like a disease.
If you are Bisexual(Gay/Lesbain) or Straight it does matter about love.
You care for others in your life.
People who have Eating Disorders or have Cancer need someone there for them.
I went through Hodgkin's and I had people there for me.
I kept myself living through all of it and God helped me.
He is my savior forever and I will always will believe in him.
When you have a Friendship with someone you actually trust then that's love to.
Don't fall for there "oh I just want you for money" or something else.
I felt for that and never falling for it again.
I do know what love is because I've dated three guys already.
Just think that in the future you will still be there for your friends.
Like for example me and Amy have been together for like 4 years already I mean as friends.
We still talk to each back and forth on Facebook or Texting so don't let anything get in your way.
If you have a family they always do share love too to tell you that they care about you and such.
Memories of you and your family, friends, or maybe your boyfriend will always be there.
Keep the pictures as memories and never through them away.
Friends are there for you no matter what happens. <3