I am called: Nova Citronny
I have been alive for: 19 years
I stand: Five feet and four inches
I weigh about: 109 lbs
My hair is: As black as coal
When you look into my eyes you'll see the color: Amber
The color of my skin is: This Color
My other half is: Kurokami (Kuro)
He is a: Wolf
He has been living for: 13 years
How heavy is he: 172 lbs
From muzzle to tail he is: Six feet and five inches
His coat: Black
His eyes: Match mine, they're amber colored

I, Nova act: Intelligent and good-natured, although because of the lifestyle I lived I don't have very good people skills. Conflicts scare me and so I tend to back down from them. I usually question authority because I am a princess, but because I'm disguised people get mad when I question their word. I am not a cruel, or spiteful person and I enjoy a little bit of humor.
He, Kuro acts: Strong and patient, he is my courage and strength. He always pushes me to my limit when it comes to learning something new. He is not afraid of conflicts like I am. He likes to joke with me, and over the years we've developed our own inside jokes.

Brief History: As the middle child of the royal family Nova always got what she wanted, except for the love and attention she really needed from her parents. She grew up never having to wait for anything. The one rule that her parents made sure she obeyed was never leaving castle unless she had ample protection, although Nova never understood why. Her two siblings never had the same restriction. Nova tried asking her parents why when she did see them, but they always avoided the question. She went through private schooling by herself mostly because her brother, Lucas was being trained to fight and her sister, Adrianna was being taught the duties of a queen and had to meet with suitors constantly, from a very young age. Since Nova was always feeling lonely, her greatest desire was to have a friend.

Age 6, Memory : Meeting Kurokami ~
Nova opened her amber colored eyes slowly as she sat up in her large comfy bed. Unfortunately the stretching of her arms was interrupted by a loud gasp that escaped her mouth. There, next to her oak dresser across was a small black furry thing, laying on the floor and staring at her with questioning yellow eyes. She suppressed a scream that had built up inside of her as she clutched the blankets to her chest. The black animal let out a quiet whimper and then stood up on all four paws. Shaking itself, the creature starting walking to her. "No...." Nova said shaking her head, feeling uncertain.
"Please don't be afraid." The small girl heard a child-like voice inquire.
"Wha...?" Nova spoke out loud, looking around the room for the source of the words she'd just heard. The creature, now at the edge of her bed, sat back on its haunches.
"Did that thing just say that?" the thought ran through Nova's mind.
"Yes, I did," came a reply, but the creature was simply staring at her.
"What are you?" She thought
"I am your animal spirit," the reply was so honest and simple.
"Um.... okay..." was all the awestruck girl could manage.
Nova had heard of spirit animals before but she didn't know much about them. The only one she'd ever seen was a mouse that always with one of the maids that worked in the castle.
"So what kind of animal are you?" Nova wondered mentally, noting that he (and she was sure it was a he after hearing his voice) looked similar to a dog.
"I am not a dog, I am a wolf." He clarified.
"A... wolf? Huh..." Nova grinned, "Well at least now I have a friend." as the words friend as thought the pup's tail began to wag. He jumped up on the bed and laid over Nova's legs.
"What's your name?" Nova thought the question to him.
"Kurokami." The wolf said with pride.
"I'm Nova, and it's very nice to meet you Kurokami. Hmmmm that's awfully long for a name, I think I'll call you Kuro, it's a little easier to say." The little girl reached out her hand to pet his head.
"That will be fine Nova." He answered loyally, not seeming to mind.
"Miss Citronny!!" Came a familiar female voice, "It's time for breakfast." she stated and opened the door. "Your mother and father are-" but before she could finish the sentence she saw the wolf laying on the bed. "Oh my!" She exclaimed and then ran out of the room quickly.
"Uh-oh..." Nova spoke out loud.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

History Continued: After she got her spirit animal, Nova became much more of a trouble maker. When she wasn't studying or learning, she was running around the castle with Kuro, getting in to loads of trouble. Not to mention everytime Nova could, she'd sneak out of the castle with her wolf. Mostly because she wanted attention from her parents, even though most of the time it wasn't them who dealt with her, it was one of the servants.

Age 15, Memory : My parents don't listen ~ "You are in big trouble this time, if your parents are actually going to talk to you." Kuro thought while walking next to the teenager girl. He was almost full grown now and so was she. They'd been together for eight years, although it felt more like a lifetime.
"I really don't care, Kuro." She replied, walking down the plain white hallway to the private dining hall on the second floor even though they'd already had dinner.
"My human always getting in trouble." He mentally laughed and so did she. Being called his "human" seemed fitting.
They got to the wooden doors and then pushed them open slowly. Inside there was a 20 by 20 foot room. The walls on every side were made on oak, and near the bottoms and tops were ornately decorated carved borders. The floor was a light blue colored tile. In the center of the room was a beautiful granite table that could sit eight people, today however, though were only two people sitting there, Nova's mother and father. Her father King Romere was 6'1'' when standing, and well built. He had black hair like Nova's but his eyes were a moss colored green. Next to him was Floressa, a petite platinum blond with ice blue eyes, her hair came down a few inches below her waist. She stood about 5'9'' (How Nova ended up so short is still a mystery.) and still had a good figure, considering she'd had three children.
They were both staring at her and they didn't look the least bit happy. Although, Nova wasn't sure she'd ever seen them happy when they had to actually communicate with her.
"Uh-oh." She thought walking slowly to the table.
"I told you." Kuro was being a bit smug.
"Oh, hush." She thought back, only being half serious. She pulled out the chair across from her mother and sat down. The black wolf sat down on her side and his head was well above the table.
"Good evening Nova, Kurokami." Romere he nodded as he formally greeted them.
"Evenin'" Nova answered informally. She'd never been much for formality.
"Now, you know why you're in trouble Nova." Nova felt as though she were five with the way he talked to her.
"Because I want my freedom..." She mumbled.
"Excuse me, what did you just say?" Her mother asked in a stern voice.
"Nova, you need to stop trying to sneak out of the castle." Her father stated plainly.
"But I only did it because for some unknown reason, I'm not allowed out."
"Sure you are." Romere said
"Oh yes, you're right. Only if I have close to half your army watching my every move and then I'm only allowed out for a few hours at the most." The teenager countered.
"It's for your protection." Floressa pleaded.
"Well how come when Adrianna goes out she only has two guards with her."
"Because she's meeting suitors." Nova didn't believe that.
"Well, what about Lucas, he doesn't even have guards." The teen pointed out.
"He's a young man he can protect himself."
"Protect himself from what?"
"Nothing." The answer from her father was swift, but uncertain.
"So, Nova, you need to continue your education and stop causing so many difficulties." Her mother said sweetly, and quickly for her husband. Nova felt as though something wasn't being said that should've been.
"No, I won't! I want some freedom!" Nova protested crossing her arms over her chest.
"Nova if you don't listen drastic measures are going to be taken." The King scowled and looked over at Kuro, who ,in turn, gave a small growl.
"Father, you can't just take him away." Nova practically shouted this. "Wherever I go he goes, and vice versa." She stood up from the table angrily.
"Nova, you listen to me. That is just an animal," Romere pointed a finger at the black wolf as he stood up, his voice raised now "And if you do not stop trying to run away and you do not stop the antics you keep pulling I will be forced to remove that animal from the castle." With that he pushed his chair in and began walking out of the nearest exit.
Nova gave a heavy sigh. He'd won this time, he'd gotten the last word.
"You would do well to listen to your father, Nova." Floressa commented once he had left the room and then followed after her husband.
After her mother was gone, Nova sat back down in the chair feeling quite angry.
"Nova, it's okay." Kuro said nudging her hand with his muzzle. "I can't lose you like that. Actually I'm quite certain I will die without you. I'm your wolf and you are my human. No one can change that." He was always so certain and helpful.
"Thanks Kuro, you always make me feel better...." She let out a sigh, and scratched his head softly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

History Continued: From that day on, Nova was determined to run away. She didn't pulling anything for a while, being afraid her father would actually take Kuro, but that didn't stop her completely. The girl, when she wasn't studying and learning, spent all her time with Kuro, trying to figure out the best way to run away. A good number of times she got caught, but she never gave up. The day before she turned 19 her parents told her that they were going to find her a husband. This did not sit well with Nova at all and so she decided it was finally time for her and Kurokami to run away. The next night they were successful.

Age 19, Memory: Happy Freaking Birthday to Me ~ Wiping the beginnings of sweat from her forehead, Nova stopped running for a moment. She had to catch her breath, they'd been running since she'd climbed out of Lucas' window on the second story of the castle.
"Nova, we must continue to move, or risk being caught, again." Kuro commented, only a few feet in front of her.
"I know. I'm just not as fit as you." the young woman answered.
She looked behind her, right now they were only 100 yards from the wall that surrounding the castle. Squinting, Nova could see in some of the windows lanterns could be seen. The race was on, they now knew she had run away.
This had been her 47th escape attempt, consequently most of the others had immediately ended in failure and only a few had come close to succeeding.
The key had been to sneak through her brother's room. There weren't any guards watching him, apparently because he was male he could protect himself. Nova had found that he was quite a heavy sleeper though, and she'd been able to sneak past him to get to his window.
"'Kay Kuro let's go" And with that they before began to sprint.
The moonlight was their light tonight, it lucky for them it was a full moon and there wasn't a cloud in sight. It was a cool night, but not too cold. Before she'd left, the girl had been smart enough to take some of her brother's old clothes, a back short sleeved shirt, black pants, some armored boots, a pair of brown gloves, and a creme colored hood, that was currently up. From the weapons room, she'd gotten a katana and a dagger. The katana was hooked on her back and the dagger was sheathed on her side. What she would need them for, well she wasn't quite sure, yet.
Nova and her other half were headed toward the outskirts of the city. As they swiftly made their way, the two were cautious to only use the back ways. There weren't that many people up but on the main streets there were always guards roaming around and almost all of them had seen Nova and her wolf, the two weren't very common looking.
The sun had begun to rise by the time they'd reached the roughest part of the city. Nova and Kuro stopped in an inn. They were trying to find a place to stay and now that Nova was out of the castle she wasn't exactly sure what to do. She took her hood down upon entering the building, but before she could even make it to the counter to get a room she heard one of the men sitting at a table speak up.
"'Ey, you look familiar." Nova stopped moving, dead in her tracks, along with Kuro. "Harru don't she look familiar?" He said to his friend Harru, who had a dingo (a wild dog) laying next to him. Kuro gave a small warning growl of disapproval.
"Yeah she actually looks like that missing princess Steven told us about." Harru said standing up and the other man followed suit, slowly they advanced toward Nova's eyes widened with fear. Something gave her the feeling, those two guys weren't going to just turn her in for nothing. They'd probably use her as ransom.
"Nova back up to the door and than run!" Kuro said stepping in front of her. "Go!" The word was shout in Nova's mind, but she did as he said.
She got out of the house and booked it. She heard yelling and and few yelps, but she kept on running after about 30 minutes she stopped. She found herself beside a old and what looked like an abandoned house.
"Kuro, please be okay." She said sitting down against the side of the house.
"I am alright." Came a strained voice.
"Where are you?"
"Not far from you. I'm following your scent. Nova do not fear, I am okay." He sounded reassuring.
Nova sighed a heavy sigh of relief. If the people from the outskirts of the city still recognized her, how was she suppose to travel. As she ran a hand through her waist length hair she knew what she had to do. Although it was against tradition, in their family, women were suppose to grow their hair as long as it could go, only cutting to keep it healthy. Nova decided it was for the best though and that this was something that had to be done.
Unsheathing the dagger with one hand, the other gathered her hair up into a ponytail. She cut it off in one fluid movement and then let the cropped hair drop to the ground. Feeling as though she needed to fix her hair, she stood up and used a grimy window to see her reflection in. With the dagger, she fixed her hair, cutting it here and there. When she was done, her black locks were now just above shoulder length and she looked a little less feminine.
"There." Nova said sadly still looking at herself in the window.