I am not convinced that the site has missed me as much as I have missed it. I can't believe I am reading more codes and computer bits and command prompts than appreciating art! Well, I'm starting to think that coding is an art as well. x)

I am here to discuss matters that might or might not matter to you.

The only things I could post in the site are words. I have no upload pics nor scanned arts yet but I'm hoping I will be able soon. Words can create a thousand pictures and a picture can speak of thousand words.

I have to read more books! I don't care anymore if it's physics or chemistry or programming. Why? Because I need to gain knowledge as much as possible while I'm paying for such high tuitions. I will spend my free time warming the seats of the library as I absorb ideas from random books. Of course I would take a break from time to time. I don't wanna die with brain malfunction because it was overridden by too much data.

Enjoy the saddest scenarios of my life. Okay. How would I do that? That's the challenge. I mean, I have always placed myself in a state of depression and everytime I would be able to create a doodle or an art (as I consider it). There must be beauty in the tears that fall from my red swollen eyes or the dragged muscles of my face as I frown. I dunno. I need to find out what exactly that would be.

The Rene Descartes Challenge. Yes, I shall take the dare of someone 6 feet underground. talk2hand

Well, guess that's all. I wanna write more but I need to do some reading. SHEEEEK!

I have to drink ice tea too. I crave!