I have never really known you quite well until I tried to reach out for you.
You were always there and I assure you, your presence was never left ignored.
As a matter of fact, you always catch my attention.
Don't take this the wrong way but what I mean is..
It is quite annoying how you are weak in others' orders.
Yes. That's your life. But it's like watching someone die and just stare at her.
I've known you as a fake person who tells her friends that every thing is fine. Well, let me tell you. It isn't. I'm sure of that.
You are never wrong about the things you tell to yourself.
Yes. You're stupid.
Yes. You're not good enough to make the people around you happy.
Yes. You're selfish.
Yes. You're ungrateful.
Yes. You have too much pride.

But then I have one thing that nullifies all of these..