For not so long ago, I could remember myself walking in a dangerous path full of thorns. I would always end up wounded and in so much pain. I have walked that path ages ago and now, I am walking a different one. This path is much safer than the other one. Instead of thorns, I see rose bushes beside the cemented path. It was like walking in the pavement of a park. But walking far and long, I have wondered where was the path I was taking..

I looked back and saw nothing but the empty, safe path.. I somehow missed the path I was taking. Not because I wanted pain but because this path I am taking was safe but unsure. The path I was taking was of a purpose and has meaning.

Where are you Path?

You were supposed to teach me how to stand when life gives me troubles.
You were supposed to make me realize that nothing is ever worth it unless you're willing to sacrifice.
You were supposed to show me what reality is and how I should appreciate it despite its painful truth.

You were supposed to be the Path I should be taking forever.

So where are you?


Now I am certain that my life is in so much doubt and uneasiness.