User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Recently, Roy Mayorga had a stroke and now, there’s photographic proof: this photo, right here — the one that looks like it was taken underwater.
Doesn’t it look like it was taken underwater? Anyways, Roy’s wife, Cazzie Mayorga, released the photo of her hubby, which was taken soon after he suffered a stroke.

The stroke was said to be minor, and allegedly happened following a gig in Des Moines, Iowa, earlier this week. The band had to cancel a bunch of gigs after Roy’s stroke. The dude is 40, by the way, so…that’s scary.

The canceled shows included stops in Rapid City, South Dakot; Fargo, North Dakota; Detroit; Libertyville, Illinois, and Columbus, Ohio. If you want my opinion, I think maybe Corey Taylor and Jim Root were getting tired of touring, looked at the remaining dates on the tour and were like, “Why the ******** do we want to go to any of those places?”

They wanted to end the tour early — but they have those Slipknot shows this summer. What to do?

I bet they had Roy fake a stroke so they could nix the tour without facing any legal consequences (contracts have clauses for s**t like this…) and STILL play those Slipknot shows this summer.

Nah, that didn’t happen. I’m kidding. Don’t anybody take that too seriously. It was just my first thought, because in that pic, Roy looks like he’s underwater. And I don’t know how the two are connected.