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i love writing
This is my first time writing a yaoi. I hope you enjoy. Welcome to: More than Just Friends

Chapter One: The Mission

Kanda woke up to the soft knock of his friend Lavi. "Yuu-Chan, Komui has a mission for us." He called into the room. Kanda cursed. "Don't call me Yuu-Chan, Baka Usagi." He siad getting up out of the bed. He got dressed and grabbed his sword Mugen and his exorcist coat. He then brushed his hair and put it up in it's normal ponytail. He opened the door to his room.

"Morning Yuu-Chan." The red headed Bookman Jr. said smiling.

"I said don't call me Yuu-Chan." Kanda said smacking Lavi on the back of the head. Kanda and Lavi walked into Komui's office and Saw Allen and Lenalee.

"Morning Kanda, Morning Lavi." Allen said Softly.

"Don't talk to me Moyashi." Kanda hissed.

"My name is Allen, Bakanda." Allen said.

"Che." He muttered.

Komui walked in. "Okay, I have to separate missions, two groups. One is in Budapest and the other in Japan." He said.

Kanda looked at Komui and nodded calmly. "I'll take the one in Japan." He said.

"Lavi, go with Kanda. Allen, Lenalee, you two have Budapest." Komui said hugging his sister.

"Lavi, meet me at the docks in an hour." Kanda said sighing. He went to pack somethings and then to eat some breakfast. Lavi sat next to himas he ate his tempura.

Lavi was eating some chocolate filled pancakes. "Aren't you from Japan, Yuu-Chan?" Lavi asked.

"Baka Usagi, I said not to call me Yuu-Chan. And yes, I am." He muttered.

After breakfast they went to the dock to find the finder Toma waiting for them. "Good morning, Kanda-San, Good morning, Lavi-San." The finder said calmly. They left the docks and went to the closest town. There they jumped aboard a train, though an attendant tried to stop them.

Minutes later, Kanda and Lavi were sitting in a private cabin. Kanda was staring out of the window his eyes closing every few minutes.

"Yuu-Chan, Are you tired?" Lavi asked softly.

"Please stop ******** calling me Yuu-Chan." He hissed.

Lavi looked at Kanda and sighed. "How come you shut people out?" He asked softly.

"Che." The black haired samurai muttered. "I've told you why many times Baka Usagi." Kanda muttered. The train whistled signaling a stop. The two exorcists got off of the train and looked around.

Lavi looked at Kanda and smiled. "Wanna get something to eat, Yuu-Chan?" The red head asked softly.

Kanda ignored the red head and looked around, his had never leaving Mugen's hilt as if he expected an attack. A pair of arms wrapping around him caused him to jump slightly. "Kuso," He cursed. "What the hell, Baka Usagi?" He asked.

"You ignored me. I asked you if you wanted to get something to eat." Lavi said smiling.

"I am going to keep ignoring you until you stop calling me Yuu-Chan." The samurai said. "I am hungry though, where are we going?" He asked.

Lavi sighed. "Why can't I call you Yuu-Chan?" He asked softly. He grabbed Kanda's wrist and led him to a restaurant. "Right here." He said smiling.

"Because that is only for best friends and family. Neither of which I have." He said glaring at Lavi as he dragged him to the restaurant. "Looks interesting." He muttered.

Lavi looked hurt. "S-so I'm not your best friend?" He asked sounding hurt. He let Kanda's wrist go and walked into the building.

Kanda noticed the look on Lavi's face and sighed. His chest had started aching when he saw and heard he had hurt the apprentice Bookman's feelings. He followed Lavi into the building and sighed. I should apologize or something. He thought to himself.

A waitress walked over to the two exorcists with a smile. She handed them menus. "I'll be your waitress for the day." She said. "What can I get you to drink?" She asked.

Lavi looked at the waitress and gave her that charming smile of his. "Coffee, please and thank you." He said smiling.

Kanda looked at the waitress. "Do you have green tea?" He asked, turning a glare towards Lavi. "Stop flirting Baka Usagi." He muttered.

Lavi turned his smile to Kanda as the waitress confirmed the green tea. "Why, you jealous?" He asked, teasing the black haired male.

Kanda growled at Lavi and looked at the menu. What to get? He thought to himself. "I think I am going to get a soup or something." He said softly to himself.

The waitress returned with their drinks. "Can I get you anything else?" She asked with her little smile.

Kanda took one last look at the menu and sighed. "I am fine." He said looking at Lavi.

Lavi looked back at the waitress. "I would like the fish fry please." He said smiling.

The waitress walked away after taking his order.

Kanda sipped his tea and sighed. "After this we have to find the next train to Berlin, Germany." He said to the junior Bookman.

"Okay." Lavi said sipping his coffee. He looked at Kanda mischievously. I am going to braid his hair while he sleeps. He thought.

"Don't even think whatever you are thinking, Baka Usagi." Kanda muttered glaring at the other. He sighed and mumbled under his breath.

The waitress returned with Lavi's fish and looked at Kanda. "Are you sure I can't get you anything?" She asked, receiving a nod from him. She walked away and waited on the other customers.

Kanda watched Lavi eat and then looked back at his tea sipping at it. He looked back up at Lavi.

Lavi ate some of his fish, before he noticed Kanda looking at him. "Yuu-Chan?" He asked softly.

"Nothing, Baka Usagi." The samurai said.

Then why were you looking at me?" Lavi asked.

Kanda sipped his tea. "Because I can." He said. Why did I look at him? He thought to himself.

Lavi finish his fish and He and Kanda both paid the bill. Walking back to the train station they ran into a couple of Akuma and took care of them.

"Can you tell me the next time a train to Berlin,Germany will be along?" Kanda asked, while Lavi was standing next to him.

"What taking your boyfriend on a trip missie?" The guy asked.

Lavi's eye widened. "Um, actually we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. 'She' is a he and even then we are not a couple." The Bookman Jr. explained.

Kanda was glaring at the guy. "Just tell me when the damned train is going to be here." He said.

"In an hour." The guy said watching the two males walk away.

"Yuu-Chan, you didn't have to be so mean to him." The red head was heard saying.

"Che. I'm mean to everyone. You know that Baka Usagi. And stop calling me Yuu-Chan." He said slapping the apprentice Bookman over the head.

Lavi rubbed his head and sat on a bench. To pass the time he flirted with passing single women.

Kanda watched the Bookman Jr. and sighed. "Baka Usagi, stop flirting with people, we have work to do." He said gripping Mugen.

"Jealous Yuu-Chan?" The apprentice Bookman asked with a smirk.

"Che, why would I be jealous of you?" Kanda asked. The black haired exorcist began pacing.

"I don't know." Lavi said smiling. He watched Kanda pace, feeling weird. "Will you stop pacing? It is making me nervous." He said.

Kanda looked at Lavi with a slight smirk. "I thought a Bookman never gets nervous." He said.

"So, I don't care. I'll get nervous if I wanna." Lavi said smiling. "It just can't affect the history of this war in anyway." He muttered.

The train came and they boarded, getting a private cabin. Kanda laid down in one of the seats and closed his eyes. "Get some rest Baka Usagi." He said slightly curling into a ball. He was curled around Mugen.

Lavi looked over at Kanda and smiled. He looks different when he is asleep. He looks younger. The Bookman junior thought closing his own eye.

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