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X's Twisted Thoughts
Just crap I put in wen im bored ok anybody can look and comment if ya want but watever
The gaia I once knew
To much has changed here on gaia, I am Beyond the Grave X a loyal member of gaia for over 6 years now, I have rped in countless threads, done probably over a thousand rps through pms, I have made so many wonderful friends. Gaia has been great but it has changed so much as well, when I first joined gaia was about rping and chatting about games and anime, and customizing your avatar with stuff the occasional monthly item was just right, now we have evolving, animated, gaia cash only items it is too much. Gaia was about the text based rps and a picture you drew or ripped offline to base your character off of, it was all just words, it was free and open no one judging you when you rped, sure you had the occasional bumper or spammer but it happens. Now we have Zomg, games, and crap like that, the towns are ok but even that changed gaia a lot, gaia is no longer a place for rping as much as it is now an mmorpg. Gaia was a place where the forums were not just stupidity and pointlessness created by fools and dumb asses who have ruined this once wonderful website, Gaia used to be a fun wacky anime and rp based place where people could enjoy fun rps in the forums without people breathing down their necks or criticizing them for messing something up because they feel like if they make fun of or attack someone else's way of rping or writing it will make them look cooler or makes them feel better while all it has done is crush people and rpers and caused thousands to leave gaia forever. I have been here a very long time I have rped and talked and roamed gaia for over 6 years I loved this place, it used to be I could not wait to get online to continue an rp in the threads or in the pms, now I watch rps die left and right dropping like flies, I have seen threads closed and destroyed by people who just wanted to cause problems, they post stupid s**t and then a thread that had been alive for so long is shut down because of one jerk. It used to be I could not keep up with the amount of rps I had I could barely respond to one before 3 more would pop up, now I have to search and scrape through forums to find rps and I know many others do to, gaia has lost it's original purpose, gaia is not the gaia I once knew. I am Beyond the Grave X a man who has seen so much on gaia watched it grow and prosper I have seen new people arrive ready to rp and have fun, now new people show up for the mmorpg or to talk about stupid crap or ruin other people's rps, sure friends came and went over the years but there were always more people to meet and be friends with, now gaia is nothing like what is once was, it has lost it's core it's true reason for existence has fallen away and all that remains now is another site like MySpace or facebook. You can agree with me or just think I am ranting like an idiot I really don't give a s**t what you people think, this is how I feel, I have been here since just about the beginning and to see gaia become like this from what it once was makes me kind of sad. I mean sure a little change is fine but this gaia is not even the real gaia anymore, I shall not leave gaia not yet maybe something will happen to bring back some of the real essence of this wonderful place, maybe something will change things a little back to how it once was. I am Beyond the Grave X and I always will be but will Gaia always be Gaia or will it soon become something entirely different.

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commentCommented on: Wed Jun 01, 2011 @ 04:56am
*hug's* I know how you feel Oni-san! ninja heart

commentCommented on: Fri Apr 27, 2012 @ 10:00am
i haven't been on gaia long but the only real reason i am on all the time is to check my rps and i wish there were more, but rping with you is fun ^^

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