A truly perfect sphere is a natural impossibility that would fill many a scientific and mathematical void. In an infinite multi-verse, there are bound to be an infinite (if relatively low infinite) number of them in existence. Once in a great while one is discovered, sought after, and coveted until it meets its end. Such was the case with the Dragon's Eye, one such 'perfect sphere' made of a deep crimson crystal of mysterious origin. As the name suggests it was somehow connected to the dragons of ancient lore. Once per every so often it would 'well up' and shed a single Dragon's Tear, a small gem even more sought after than the Eye itself that was often used in betrothal offerings.

So it came to pass that the Eye found its way into the hands of Kaiseté Arrein-Makateh, a child of both the Viiashiino (desert-dwelling reptiles) and Human-ish races born on the planet of Ter'Ath, who became the First Prime of the Viiashiino only to instead commit himself to a wandering exile that his half-sister may rule. He kept the Eye with him for many years, occasionally tapping into its power. Each time he touched the power of the Dragons, his life force became more and more Draconian until most of his original essence had been replaced.

Kaiseté lead a life of many varied deeds; he spent time as a soldier, a scholar, a shaman and even a sovereign. His greatest deed of all was the final deed of his existence in the land of the living, closing a portal to Hell. Kai used the Eye to connect himself directly to the Draconian life-stream, and shattered the gem against the portal from the inside to seal it. The Dragon he had become survived as an Arch-Daemon of Hell's new regime... at the expense of his mortal soul

As his last living act Kaiseté infused the last of his mortal essence into the largest shard of the Eye which he then stuffed into his Traveler's Charm. With a massive pulse of Draconian energy, he sent the Charm back to it's designated 'home' - the Santuarie nol Xustiza (Shrine to Justice) in the Eastern Deserts of Ter'Ath. The process destroyed the charm, as well as the main chamber and Bati Hatu (Heart Stone) of the temple, but preserved the Eye and with it a fragment of Kai's spirit.

The gem was taken before the First Prime, Kaiseté's half-sister, who recognized it for what it was. It was deemed a holy token, and used as the seed to grow a new Heart Stone for the Shrine. The heavily ritualized alchemy used to create the new stone reacted with the infused spirit in an unpredicted way; unbeknown to the shaman who prayed to it every day and night, a new life was forming within the opaque core of the crystal.


Many years passed before anything changed. A young monk apprenticed to the Keeper of the Stone reported to his mentor a small crack in the stone. The Keeper repaired the crack through a much simpler alchemy than that which created it, and considered the issue closed. The very next sunrise the crack was back and larger. This pattern repeated several weeks until the crack spanned the entire height of the Stone, at which point the Keeper brought it to the attention of the First Prime and the Council of Thirteen, the ruling bodies of the Viiashiino. The initial creation ritual was repeated, and in the process the crystalline vessel exploded. When the dust settled, a male human figure was revealed.

Though retaining no memory from before his emergence, this new young man bore a striking resemblance to the former Prime in Exile, Kaiseté Arrein-Makateh and was deemed to be his reincarnation and/or resurrection. Training and education were swift as he quickly absorbed the knowledge and developed the skills his predecessor had attained during his time in the desert. It was not long before wanderlust took hold, however, and the nýtt-Kai (New Kai) slipped out through a Traveler's Shrine in the dead of night.




Name - Vyhnanstvi Dax
Aliases - Socially known as Van or Dax. In his short time travelling, he has also been called several of the aliases of his predecessor, Kai.

General Physical Description - Van appears to be roughly in his mid twenties and has his predecessor's bold red hair and strikingly deep eyes, as well as overall physical characteristics. He has the same alchemic tattoo around his midsection. His hair may be the same color, but he changes its length and style based on whimsy or weather. As it grows it fades ever so slightly from deep crimson to blond. His eyes, while retaining metaphorical depth, are much different. Vyhnanstvi's eyes are actually infused with crystal dust, they reflect different colors depending on both ambient light and his mood.

Personal Information

Specific Descriptions - Standing just under two meters tall and weighing ninety-eight kilograms in human form; Van refuses to wear clothes that aren't comfortable, that he can't move in. He sticks to neutural colors (except the occasional red or purple), and has an appreciation for both pockets and the things in them. Like Kai, he favors dressing in layers even in warm weather. Unlike Kai, he maintains at least one layer of armor or armored clothing at all times in human form. He prefers a tunic-like vest of boiled black wyrmskyn in most cases, with little metal runes stamped in. On him somewhere is a scabbard with a swordhilt patterned after the sabers of the humans of Ter'Ath. The 'sword' is always with him, no matter what he wears. His main hairstyle is mid-length and flared out, his primary eye color matches his hair almost perfectly. Frequently, Van lets his hair grow out and wears a long coat and pants - Seen here.

Personality - Van can be described at best as quietly curious... and at his worst decidedly troublesome. He observes every new situation quietly from a distance at first, sometimes completely unsure as to how to act. At times he consciously stops himself from 'going with his gut' in an attempt to separate himself from the reputation of his 'ancestor'. This results in the occasional mid-sentence halt or hesitation, but he trusts his instincts when it comes to sensitive situations... and some decidedly insensitive. Of course I only said you -can- describe him as such, not that you typically would. Vyhnanstvi has a habit of being as goofy and mischievous as the situation allows. When he doesn't stop to look before he leaps, Van dives head-first into whatever is in front of him with all his heart and soul. That quiet curiosity stays quiet in the back of his mind, lest he come to an entirely unfamiliar situation.

Interests - Van/Dax, whatever you want to call him, is obsessed with handmade items. Almost anything of significance in the great desert of Ter'Ath is made through alchemy, so the art of actually crafting something with one's hands is something Van has developed a fascination with - cooking in particular. He is also interested in learning or observing any form of art be it musical, manual, or martial.

Possessions - -={See Armory, link above}=- Back to that sword of his. His sword, simply put, is anything but conventional. With a blade made out of crystalline dust that shapes itself alchemically into whatever kind of shape Van wills, within limits. The sword itself is named Asayake, a name that stirs poetic feelings in the back of Van's mind.

On the subject of guns, Vyhnanstvi has none of his predecessor's qualms about them. He learned the basic fundamentals of marksmanship during his first foray into human territory on Terr'ath using a muzzle-loading rifle, and progressed from there as he went from world to world. He prefers pistols for most engagements, more specifically revolvers. His current firearm of choice is a custom revolver. The gun's name is Kagetsu, another name that brings those same poetic feelings to Vyhnanstvi's mind.

Aside from that, Van doesn't keep much with him at any given moment aside from various different types of tools (See ^Armory^) in pouches along his sword belt bandoleer and a hardbound pocketbook containing notes and mementos from most of the places he's traveled to. He essentially owns little more than the clothes on his back and the trinkets on his person.

Secrets - The only secret Van knows and keeps to himself is his origin. He always just explains it away as a 'magical accident'. That he just woke up in the temple one day, naked and amnesic. As far as he even knows he has no past whatsoever. A near complete lack of recollection from anything before his crystalline birth - only the exceedingly rare memory or vision of Kai. If anything his true secret is just how alone that makes him feel.

Dislikes - Van started life not knowing anything about himself. So he'll try -anything- once. Absolutely anything. It's almost killed him a couple of times. He's discovered a dislike of bitter or strongly sweet flavors, and that pepper and mint must be paired with something complimentary to be palatable. One thing he definitely knows he doesn't like is when people mistreat others, in particular domestic troubles. He also has an intense dislike of cold or pitch darkness. Putting them both together wreaks havoc on his nerves. Deeply rooted in his mind somewhere is a morality he has barely probed and only just slightly understands.

Likes and Wants - Van had no idea what he liked for awhile, and so adopted a 'try anything once' philosophy. He has discovered his favorite flavors are tangy, zesty and savory. He does know something he wants, though. He wants to find the place that closes the loop and ends his wanderlust, he wants to find a place he actually feels at home. That and as many good bread recipes as he can find.

Relevant to Combat

Magic-like abilities - Dax has a passing understanding of the alchemy he uses to change his hair and clothes and to control his 'sword', and he can use it to do a great many more things, but he lacks the training and instruction. His technique is sloppy and wastes energy, unrefined and somewhat flashy. When he uses the circle drawn around his middle to transform between Viiashiino and human his body flares out with the energies involved. Any time he uses alchemy it creates an unnecessary light show of wasted energy and burnt-off particles.

Fighting style - Van's fighting style is based off of the Viiashiino warrior caste spear and sabre fighting involving a lot of attack and counter-attack, never backing down... albeit heavily modified in human form to account for no tail and one less set of joints in the legs and the use of only one weapon. While Kai had a deep aversion to guns, Van has no such qualms and in fact has an appreciation for revolvers. He is also primarily left-handed and only partially ambidextrous. He is slightly clumsy dual wielding, even a shield, and avoids it unless absolutely necessary. Right hand alone he's competent, just not both at once. Vyhnanstvi is also an ambidextrous shooter with training in reflexive fire and point-and-shoot pistol techniques.

Physiological Data - Dax, as a member of the Viiashiino race, is extremely agile even in human form. His musculature and ligaments are formed differently, giving him an excellent ability to leap and jump. From a dead crouch he can leap or lunge just shy of four meters, even more with a running start, with about a three meter vertical jump. His muscles then require a different skill set to predict by watching the motions of his skin, and his pressure points are almost completely unique. This more complicated muscle structure does have one drawback - bruising is more inhibitory, as the more tightly wound muscle fibers are sensitive to swelling. Skin thicker than human norm with almost scale-like patches at the joints combats this, but doesn't prevent it.