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Charming's Workspace
A compilation of avatar/OC art, stories, and current character profiles with background stories.
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Many years ago, a young warrior woman died of a mysterious illness that was a result of a curse placed upon her family by a gypsy witch. This illness lay dormant inside young girls until they reached puberty. It slowly made them ill, looking like mere colds at first. However, once a girl began reproducing the curse rapidly began to deteriorate these women. A woman could live a full life if she never had children, but once her first child was born...she began to die quickly. The more children she had, the faster she died.

This was the case of Moonglow Hayashi-Arrein. Having three children, a set of twins and a single made the curse within her grow so rapidly, that within three months of having her single, she passed on. Her family mourned her for years, speaking out she came from the dead to help seal off a great demon in her home with her once beloved. Upon entering the portal into Hell, she and her living beloved were never seen again. No one knows what happened inside, but it was for sure they both completely perished, even Moonglow's spirit. She let behind three children, Jordan, Sarah, and Raiyuu along with a sister named Rhys and a nephew named Telanre.

Enter Sohalia Finley, a young girl who bears a remarkable resemblance to this woman and yet no relation. Some cultures believe in the reincarnation of souls once they pass on, those who have done good deeds and such. Everything about this young girl, down to her name says EXACTLY who she is. Down to her bloodline. Moonglow was very much a mutt, so to speak. Tiger demon, human, and sayain. A rather odd mixture of blood. Sohalia has these blood lines, except that they are so thin in her, that she is believed to be human. No ears, no tail. She bears no trace of her features, appearing human except for one feature. Her eyes. The color sets her off from the rest, appearing to be a deep purple color. There is a scar on her lower back, near her tailbone that she believes to be an accident from her childhood. Her parents never told her that she had a "deformity" which they had removed at birth. Her parents also do not know of Sohalia's blood...because they do not have it. Sohalia is an exceptionally rare reincarnation. The type that bears resemblance and blood line of the incarnate.

As Sohalia grew, she found herself interested in martial arts. She was trained, but never stay in one style for very long until she grew into her own. She never tapped into her hidden powers, never tried since she was unaware. Her interested broadened to weaponry of the sword and arrow. Sohalia was able to wield them proficiently in a duel, but she preferred to use her hands.

Sohalia has left her parent's abode, in search of great and wondrous things. She wants to learn more about herself, to learn what kind of person she really is. Perhaps, she will actually learn WHO she is as well.

[Serious updates added to bottom of profile with date.]


Name: Sohalia Finley [So-Ha-Lee-Uh Fin-Lay. Sohalia means Moonglow]
Age: 22
Date of Birth: August 1, (birth year determined according to year in roleplay)
Zodiac Sign: Leo the Lion
Immediate Family: Jennifer and Nicholas Finley, both alive and still living in her childhood home, with no known siblings.
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Vyhnanstvi Dax. Sohalia and Dax
Physical Appearance:
Standing roughly five-four in feet and inches, weighing in at around one twenty-five of taught muscular flesh under lightly tanned skin; Sohalia is by no means a dainty flower. While she is no body builder, one can easily tell she works to keep herself in impeccable shape. A few visible scars and the callouses on her hands provide proof of her lifetime of training, of sparring matches and the occasional actual fight. Her raven black hair, shining the faintest purple in direct sunlight, is oft worn in a few styles ranging from a pony tail to a french braid or bao buns. Her eyes are often described as her most memorable feature; defaulting to a deep purple hue that is lined with a lighter almost lilac color then a thin ring of gold, they flash boldly with every color of the rainbow to match her flares of mood and emotion. Sometimes Sohalia lets her hair down, falling to her tailbone in soft, weighted curls. She has her own style and wears whatever available clothes she feels like (Usually described in posts). User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Personal Details

Personality: Sohalia is a rather quiet girl on most occasions, not having very much to say in general to people at first. For the most part, she is a nice friendly person once you can get her into the conversation. Usually, she has a quick wit and a sharp tongue in conversations, able to deal out sarcasm, puns, jokes, insults in a second's notice. During a fight, Sohalia has an odd, nearly incurable bloodlust where it would seem she was a different person. She becomes extremely cocky and vulgar, which has caused her to lose on more than one occasion. Despite her warrior attitude, Sohalia gets hurt very easily and can be a whiny cry-baby over nothing in verbal fights.

Interests: Reading, writing, fighting, crafts. Sohalia is very easily persuaded to try many new things, even if she may not be good at them. One of her favorite things to do, besides fight, is to cook. On more than one occasion, one can probably find her in the local market shopping for new foods, spices, and local recipes.

Desires: Sohalia has a strong urge to learn as much as she can about fighting and possibly some day open up her own studio, dojo, etc. She has heard rumors of an old, long forgotten place with a name and a legacy that she would someday like to find.

Dislikes: Senseless violence. A spar is one thing, but senseless violence against others is another. Killing innocents is a huge negative in her book. She is also not a fan eating out, preferring home cooked meals. During a fight, Sohalia also does not like the overuse of weapons, preferring to use her own fists.

Fears: While she usually keeps this to herself, Sohalia fears the dark. She is unsure of why she has this fear, but she fears it. She has an odd fear of entering tunnels as well, almost as if she enters it, she will never come back out.

Secrets: As far as Sohalia knows, she doesn't have any secrets. She has small personal secrets, such as a first kiss, where her diary is..but nothing huge. Her sheltered life made it that way..

Possessions: Sohalia carries a messenger bag full of various articles. This include a small laptop, a spiral bound notebook with several pencils, random first aid, and cash. She also carries on her back a large backpack in which she keeps clothes and such. In a hurry, she left home without much so she carries little.

Public Information

Property: Sohalia is the sole proprietor of the Feather Quill Cafe and Feather Quill Apartments, set in the commerce area of Barton Town. She first opened the cafe, then work diligently with the city and the bank to acquire a vacant warehouse behind her cafe to turn it into a small apartment complex. It was extremely difficult to manage to gain this property, as the owner was no where to be found nor did the city really know who owned it.

Moves: Sohalia does not really have any signature moves. Outside of sparring in teaching dojos, she has never perfected much besides katas and routines a teacher has set up for her.

Magic: Until recently, Sohalia's magically abilities remained a mysterty to her. Her teacher, Vyhnanstvi Dax, had helped begin her training. This unlocked her ability to reach out to access her abilities. While her fascination with fire led her to believe she was intune with the fire element, she actually has powers of the earth and plant life. Part of her that has to do with magic, is something that happens during a fight. It is called "The Bloodlust". During a fight, the magic inside her wells up and literally makes her crazy. She will fight until she draws the blood of the other opponent or they give in to her. Even then, it is very difficult for her to stop fighting, and usually must be dragged away.

Sohalia has found out that she is of fae magic. This explains much about her abilities and opens the door for her to find out more about her predecessor. Unknown to her, this negates what was believe the blood of Moonglow. It turns out that Moonglow was a form of the Cait Sith, because her mother was. She had been an outcast member from birth of the Unseelie Sidhe court, because of a member of her family marrying a mortal many hundreds of years ago. Angelica, however, did not know of her bloodline for whatever reason and believe herself some form of demon because she could transform into a rather large tiger. Sohalia's magic has not uncovered this yet, as of today she just knows she is Sidhe.

Possible Plot: Sohalia discovers she has a hand of power due to being Seelie Sidhe. Her hand would be called the Hand of Abundance, in terms to fertility and the harvest.
A Work Always in Progress..

Alarmingly Charming
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  • User Comments: [2]
    Community Member

    Mon May 23, 2011 @ 03:50pm

    Sounds awesome, cant wait to meet her! If you wish, John and Raven can teach her a thing or two...

    Alarmingly Charming
    Community Member

    Mon May 23, 2011 @ 04:23pm

    She would be more than willing to learn. Sohalia knows fighting, but she knows nothing about magic. She's always looking to better herself.

    User Comments: [2]
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