4:1 - 4

1.Yea, for Berra weeped tears of the rite from her land. Give nothing but take all Ke-Amorah cried and so the Kesson Tribunals that breathed deep the ether of life and cried for the loss of Lanco. So was born the compact of Mundus Berra to Kesson blood and the tomb of the old world was closed. Such was the end the first world and the new world in a war of life creasing itself endlessly in blood.

2. Plea though they did for pardon the write of give nothing and take all bore to the unafflicted only a lesson of life without love and compassion. As such did the wheel of misfortune to life turn so did the bloodshed to the land from sacred adonment of flesh. Nary did compassion burn, Nary did pardon come for the vicious who slew compassion from the reality of the world.

3. And so Berra did not deliver her new children to a world of gifts but to a world of dissatisfaction and closters of trials and few triumphs, though all cried into the night and to one another for a love time could not deprieve the living of the pardon was met yet once more only by the darkness in the sky and the ether of the changed lands. From the No Lands they came forth to defend to the No Lands they retreated in sadness. Lanco did not respond, Ke-Amorah fell silent and Berra breathed life further to lands of savages and the lost hordes to whom had no compassion or love of fruitful natural gifts.

4. Yea, for the No Lands was kept unto it's children it's bounty spread to the hateful and deceptive though Berra loved them to breath her life giving breath and spilled to the out land worlds the gift of water and delightful air. Nary the outlanders thought of this gift but it's being instead turned aside as common, they understood not it's simple yet invaluable luster.

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