First things first! It's not "Mass Sorenification" anymore, more like "Mass Legacyification". Something like that. This is because Soren no longer exists! Instead, the name of their world shall be Legacy~

The reason for this is because it follows a pattern based on my RP Projects. The Series of Theories is, in fact, on a world called Theory. Just as well, Ascension and Pendulum takes place on the world of... Pendulum. Don't take my first statement too seriously, because MOST of what I've said in other Mass Sorenification entries are true. But there's been this huge update on characters that I'm SURE EVERYONE IS GOING CRAZY ABOUT.

Here's the deal: I've come up with a lot of plans regarding all of the storylines for Legacy: Northern Legacy, Western Legacy, Eastern Legacy, and... nope. Not Southern Legacy yet. That one will have to come last. I venture it'll be pretty difficult to think about. THAT ASIDE, it already plays a part in shaping some of the others. All of this storyline planning has now included a fifth Legacy, which is significantly shorter than the others, but will feature some old, beloved characters of mine. For now, it's important not to get ahead of myself. I've really only got Northern Legacy's initial storyline set up. It'll be the first. Then we'll head

For characters (and I know you guys have seen the character lists a thousand times)...

Northern Legacies: Friendship
Initial Legacy:
Kutzu Aria
Susie Haya
Ectie Sidhe
Marc Mahema
Zero 01
Lea Fallsong
True Trinity
Surge .Pi
Stream Sephyr
Adam Emberor

For the other four Legacies, there's still quite a bit of development. But I can safely say that Northern Legacy has been pretty well planned out.

Here's how it's going to work: Northern Legacy's main scenario is the Legacy of Friendship. Kind of cheesy, but it'll all tie in once the other Legacies get a little bit more momentum.

This Legacy focuses on the elements of trust and change. That'll also make sense during the story. I don't want to reveal too much considering I like to keep it so that you kinda have or want to read the story to learn things. I also don't want to spend too much time blabbering... So, I'm going to finish one more picture, most likely Lavender, then do my best to get started...

I say "do my best" because of school. School is... kinda raping me this year. It's the reason I've had TWO reforms in less than ONE year. Hopefully I struck gold this time. We'll see.

Stay tuned for more updates!