Wow… its been like 5 years since I made one of these. I was looking through the older ones which brought back a lot of funny (chain of) memories =p

So what’s new… well it’s a long list I guess:

My real life is going by quite nicely got job, got money, got a girlfriend all is good

My Yu-Gi-Oh! Life (that’s right I’m still with it) has been a bit of a struggle but is now going very well!
Over the last 5 years I have had to give up my role as a full time player to become the TO and main judge of Antics, over this time I feel I have made a major difference in how the store runs and plays the games it sells, I have brought major events to the store have through the help of my awesome players have been starting to make a name for our store across the UK! Over the years of being a judge I have watched kids grow in to young adults and adults de-evolve into kids, I have worked through almost 3 generations of players and have felt both the sorrow and joy of meeting new players and bidding farewell to others.
For me this game is still very much about the Heart and I play (how ever little that may be) with this in mind at all times but over the last few months a dark shadow seems to be looming over the players, bring sprits down and filling players with anger over the game… I have yet to figure out what is causing this but I need to stop the root of it and fast!

As for life on Gaia although I don’t really take to anyone and could do with meeting a few new people to talk with my Avi work has been coming along very well, since figuring out how to play Gaia I have already completed these avis excluding a few items

Yugi Moto – Battle City
Sasuke – Young/ Current episodes
The Doctor – Tux/Brown suit/Blue suit/Regeneration/Drunk/gas mask and ood planet
Goku – Super Sayin/battle wrecked
Roxes – Hood/no hood
Cloud FF7/ Advent Children
Ken Masters
Phoenix Wright (Not complete)

Still have a lot of work to do on some of them and loads I am still looking toward trying to make!

Well I guess that’s about it, only made this because I was fed up of seeing “last entry 2006” on my screen lol