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Alot of you, Take your family for granted, especially your siblings. Me, I'm glad to have mine.
Austin Joshua Piper.
Birth Date: November 1st, 2002.
Relationship: My sisters' son, but he might as well be my brother.
Date Injury was recieved: Thursday, April 12, 2007. Noon.
Austin was only 4 1/2 when he recieved his injury. Traumatic Brain Injury, that is.
At the time, I did not live with my sister, or him.
He recieved this, Traumatic Brain Injury, from a car accident. It was a single car accident.
His Uncle Ace, his father, and himself were riding in the car, while Austins mom, my sister, Amanda, was at work. They had stopped on the side of the road near there house to use the bathroom. They commenced to getting back into the car, Austin refused to get back into his car seat. So instead, he sat in Ace's lap, who was the driver at the moment. Less than 1/4th of the way past their house, they went over a hill, the back tire on the right side blew and they swerved off into the ditch. The car rolled 8 times. Austin was thrown out in the first few rolls. He flew into the forest, hit a tree, and slid down. He was away from everyone else, crying and calling for his daddy. His dad was thrown out closer to the last rolls. By then, his dad had a broken leg, his face was split open, and he was laying there, trying to crawl and find Austin, even in the condition he was in. Now Ace, you may ask what happened to him... Ace's neck snapped instantly, he died right then, as soon as the car started to flip.
In the hospital, we all arrived, everyone crowded around, disoriented, crying, confused.. His mom was the only one who was sane enough to find out what she needed to know.
"There's only two people, we only found two."
"No that's a lie, there were three people in the car, three."
Austin and his father survived. Ace, did not. That's what we were pretty much told.
Austin was on a vent. to help him breathe. They had to med flight him to Little Rock, which is two hours from Monticello, where we live. They had him on one stretcher, his equipment to help him live on the other. If they wouldn't have med flighted him out, he would have died, that's what his mom was told. The dad, was transported by ambulance.
Austin was transported to Arkansas Children's Hospital. Austin did not talk for one week. He didn't look at anyone, he didn't say anything. It was as if he was in a coma, only awake. Anything Austin could do before the accident, he couldn't do after.
His father was in UAMS, which was only a exit away from Austin.
Austin went to Kindergarden. He was a straight F student. He had to be put into Special Ed, which after in there, he excelled in his classes. He was put on an IEP, but had to be held back because they failed to do his IEP when he needed it, at the beginning of the school year. Monticello School District, is the best school in Monticello. They have the best everything, yet they failed to give my little cousin(brother) the help he needed in the beginning? That's not the best.
Year 2 of Kindergarden.
Austin excelled nicely through the school year, the school, did partially what they were supposed to, and Austin made it to First grade.
First Grade At Last.
Multiple problems have been here this year..
(Finish this later)
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