"Team, board up!" Naito yells to his team as they get ready to leave for their mission, "Everyone should have their coms and swords, correct?"
Kairo responds, "Everyone has their gear and we are ready to move out now."
"Good. Everyone get to your posistions."
Rouge Squad responds, "Yessir."
As the ship takes off and enters into slipspace they shortly arrive near the planet.
"Activating active camo, Naito." says Korkiyu.
"Good. Take us in slow Kairo. We don't want to give away our position." says Naito.
"I hear you." responds Kairo.
"Oh my gods..." says Naito looking out the front of the ship.
He sees a massive fleet of ships surrounding the the planet. On closer inspection he sees massive cannons big enough to tear through a cruiser and massive armies of shadows and the infection.
Keen-I gasps, "Are we really going to fight something like this?"
"We probably are going to have to." sighs Naito, "I'd never send my troops on a suicide mission like this."
Kairo responds, "Well it's not completely our call. It's mainly Neoxe's."
"I know. We need to get this back to him, but first let us create a more even playing field." says Naito.
"By doing what?" asks Kairo.
"We've dealt with these ships to know the fatal flaw at the bottom of them. We have about twenty or so bombs. There are about twenty or so cruisers surrounding the planet."
"I like this plan." says Sabaki.
"Let's get to this and not set them off. We'll see what Neoxe does then set them off. That way The Shadows don't know what hit them." says Naito.
"Even better." Sabaki says grinning.