The conflict between "The Afflicted" and the human population is based on oral tradition through survivors of the Terraformation AKA The Plague of Berra. When the Afflicted who where descendants of those who deserted civlization to go deep into the deserts of Berra vanished had returned to civilization they're appearance was misconstrued by the humans that they where "cursed" and therefor the hate that runs so deep between the two civilizations on Berra began. The human settlers are weary of The Afflicted and in turn the Afflicted stay in their tribal villages in remote landscapes deep in the ever changing landscape of Berra that once was a desert. Occassionally the two civilizations meet when scavenging colonial city ruins for old technology to use for their benefits and as expected shots are fired from both sides. There are stories of humans intermingling with The Afflicted in small settlements that remain undiscovered but they are rare.

The reason for the fear of the Afflicted by the humans is the belief they had something to do with the massive Terraforming process ( AKA Plague of Berra ) that took the lives of many of the humans through intense natural disasters. And the reason for fear the Afflicted have for the humans is based on a simple philosophy "They are shooting at us, we had better hide and try to avoid them."