Long ago in a universe very similar to ours there lived a civilization of humans, they exhausted their home planets natural resources and set off elsewhere to mine foreign planets of new fuel sources and metals. There was a planet that existed just on the very edge of the habitual zone of a foreign star, it was warm here and the planets surface was forty percent water. But the lack of water and 224 days with the average day lasting around eighteen hours was not the value the planet held, this planet held a source of energy no one could really explain with modern science. It was called Berrarite, it was extracted from geode stones. It was a hybrid of rock with steel like properties that could be molded easily and was vastly abundant.

When the expeditionary scientists came to Berra they where skeptic about Berrarite's properties, however when mixed with the petroleum of their home planet a miraculous moment in science occured. The Berrarite made Petroleum last up to five hundred times longer. At long last a civilization deprieved of it's most valued natural resource had found the solution they needed to fuel the insatisable appetite for petroleum back home. Five years later the first mining corps appeared, the Migrant Fleet as it was called; scientists, demolition experts, mining equipment technicians and a plethora of able bodied people came in a massive fleet of colossal sized space craft to mine this planet.

Not long after the arrival of the humans and the massive extraction of Berrarite did things begin to get strange, it was called Berrarite Poisoning at first by those who would come to be known as "The Scientia." but in truth they where only medicinial scientists along with other scientific communities in general. Berrarite Poisoning was not uncommon for miners, low levels of Berrarite in the human body had very little side effects but moderate levels carried risks of nausea, immune system defficencies and although rare death. High levels of Berrarite however contradicted all of this, those with high levels of Berrarite began to gain greater intelligence and even the ability to run at speeds four time faster then the average human. Those with high levels of it vanished over night, "The Scientia" believed it was an effect of schizophrenia or demetia that drove the afflicted to abandon society and flee into the endless deserts.

Society built up very fast on Berra, the cities where massive like Earths and many settlements could be found. Industries moved in left and right and despite a near constant temperature of thirty degrees celsius. However with only three massive bodies of water and few lakes inland on the continents civilization hugged the edge of the great oceans this planet had to offer. Although the land itself was not toxic with berrarite the soil produced mineral and nutrient rich soils for farmers to grow crop year round without a winter season to stop food production. With a lack of animal life on this planet ( none infact ) veganism was the choice diet for the civilization that came to live here. All was well, but then "The Plague of Berra" began.

Over four hundred years had passed since the civilization from a foreign world colonized this great land, their super massive mining equipment today still litters the dunes and some cities remained buried beneath the ever changing landscapes. Civilizations toll of carbon gases and pollution had fractured the delicate life system Berra had, volcanos inland erupted and the oceans had begun a retreat from the cities built around them with water supplies dwindling even faster. When the super massive volcanos inland erupted violently they sent Berrarite up into the air, the temperatures around the world cooled a bit to around twenty degrees celsius within a matter of weeks but the strangest was yet to come. Those who had vanished in the early days of Berra colonization where frequently spotted in the dunes of the changing world... This was when the fear occured.

Berra erupted into life, the waters return and foreign trees began to sprout in the lush earth ripe climate and had begun to change slightly. Some changes where height or appearance features but many of them saw trees developing fruits on them. Berra was terraforming itself and the Berrarite was the driving force in creating the lush world this once barren planet was, however the air was becoming somewhat toxic. Many of the rich, famous and powerful where able to flee on the escape fleet but many of the miners and laborers where left behind. Now the world exists with old western justice and defense, those afflicted with Berrarite Poisoning are always fighting with the unafflicted. Production of weapons, fortification of human settlements continue while the afflicted struggle to find salvagable weapons in order to fight off the human armies that seek to destroy them.

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