Original Fiction, loosely based on real-life events with fantasy sprinkled all over


In the beginning, on the eve that Ava was born, the Rogue Pixies attacked the Fairy Kingdom. In order to protect their darling child, the King and Queen entrusted her to me, Naloria. I fled to the Human World on my sorry excuses for wings, magicking a glamour upon us both to appear human so as not to arouse suspicion. The Human World knew nothing of the magical world I grew up in my entire life, but I knew quite a bit about theirs. There was a middle-aged married couple I knew since I was very young. They had helped me out my first time in the Human World and I had often visited them since. I knew they would help me. I knocked on the door at the late hour of 1am. The husband, Godfrey, appeared in the doorway sleepily. Upon seeing my panicked face, he quickly ushered me in. I recounted a condensed version my tale at the kitchen table and he insisted that we stay the night and talk of what to do in the morning.
The next morning, I woke up feeling stiff and as if my limbs were made of lead. Upon further appraisal of my body, I realized that I no longer looked like the fairy that I was. I had magicked a pretty heavy glamour upon myself. Immediately remembering my mission, I looked around for the baby Ava. She was nowhere to be found in what looked like a guest room. I didn’t remember how or when I fell asleep, but I needed to find her. I left the room and bounded down the stairs to my right in the now familiar human home. “Godfrey! Lillian!” I called. I heard some noises coming from the kitchen and Lillian, Godfrey’s wife, appeared in the doorway with a crying baby Ava in one arm and a make-shift baby bottle in the other. I heaved a sigh in relief and slowly scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. “Can’t get her to eat?” I asked. Lillian shook her head in defeat. “Hand her over.” I said, holding out my arms to her. As soon as Ava was in my arms and I began rocking her back and forth, she stopped crying. Motioning for the baby bottle, I swiftly brought it to Ava’s mouth and she began to eat with fervor. “So, you were hungry. Just being a grouch with Lillian?” I shook my head at the baby, fondly. Focusing my attention on Lillian, I spoke in a serious tone. “Is Godfrey out back? I have a favor to ask the both of you. Can we sit down at the kitchen table?”
“Yes,” Lillian answered. “Let me go get him and we can talk.” I took a seat at the wooden table in the middle of the room with baby Ava in my arms sucking happily on her bottle. I smiled at her, but my mind was filled with worry and anxiety over what I was about to ask these lovely people who always helped me when I was in trouble. But this was far bigger than anything I had ever requested of the couple before. Lillian returned with Godfrey in tow. “How are you this morning?” Godfrey asked, kindly. “You looked such a fright last night. I was worried about you so I asked Lillian to take care of the baby when she woke up.”
I nodded in understanding. “I’m doing much better now, thanks. But I have a confession to make. This baby is no ordinary baby.”
“We didn’t think so.” Lillian interjected. “So, who is she?”
“Her name is Ava. She is the newborn princess of the Fairy Kingdom and single heir to the throne. Her parents, the King and Queen, entrusted her to me because they feared and I feared that she would be in grave danger if she stayed.” I said.
“And you think she won’t be in danger here?” Godfrey questioned.
“Well, she’ll be safer here. No ordinary human can see through glamour anyways and I’ve made a very thick one for her and myself. The reason we had to leave is because, as I speak, the Fairy Kingdom is under attack by Drows, Dark Elves. They are not to be messed with. They’ve never been happy with our rule, but have only just now decided to act upon their feelings of hatred and greed. The Kingdom is no longer safe for my dear Ava. I have come here to ask something of you. I know you are not able to have children on your own. So, I beseech you to take this child into your care and raise her as your own until I can take her back to the Kingdom when she is ready. I will, of course, watch over her and help you out in any way I can. But as you know, I’ll need to go back and forth between this world and mine to receive news of the war and any new developments. So, I won’t always be here; which is why I need you. Please, you’ve helped me before and I am so grateful for that. I can’t promise this will be the last thing I ask of you, but I know you will be perfect to raise this child.” I let what I said sink in. Godfrey and Lillian shared looks with each other and seemed as if they were deliberating. After a few moments, Lillian spoke, “We are just two humble bakers. All we have is this house and the bakery down the street. But we will adopt Ava and care for her as if she were our own child.” I just about screamed in joy and relief. “Oh, thank you, Lillian! And Godfrey.” I would have thrown my arms around them in a hug, but since I had Ava in my arms, I could only offer them a huge smile to show them my immense gratitude.
“Oh, and we have an apartment upstairs in the bakery that you are more than welcome to stay at while you are here.” Lillian offered.
“That sounds perfect,” I replied. I knew I had made the right decision in trusting them with my, our secret. The years passed by so quickly that I hardly even noticed them.

Unfinished (In progress)