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Rachel's Rant/Rave
My every day rantings or raves on a variety of things
God damnit i hate my brother!!!!!! I mean i told him earlier that dad asked him to empty half the dishwasher (Ddad diddn't he asked me but thats not thepoint right now) so i empty half the dishwasher and when i come upstairs after taking a nap cuz i wasnt feeling good i start getting s**t for not emptying the dishwasher!!!! I looked to ryan and like wth i told you to empty half and my parents start yelling at me and my brother is just acting like the innocence lil baby. I mean if dad had actually asked him (which he believed at the moment) why couldn't he had done it?! Then last night he has friends over and he freakin asks to go on the computer!!! I said why arent you with your friends and he starts in saying "Get some friends" and i told him to f off before i hurt him and he started on with "Get a life" "Lose some weight" "What is that an internet chat room come back?"

God i am so angry but of course i waould never physcially hurt him because if i tried to punch him id be too scared of freaking hurting him. I hate being so f'ing concious, i wish for once in my life i could just lose it and punch him right in the middle of his stupid a** golden boy perfect can do no wrong face. He came out the good kid, perfect grades, skinny as hell, athletic, lots of friends, all that sh!t where as i have the not so perfect grades, i aint skinny, im tempermental, i have OCD, i have like no friends and im not athletic and i dont have motivation to do much of anything!

And my parents are always looking down on me because my brother is oh so much better and helps out and all this s**t. If only they could see him for who he really is, what he says behind their backs to me, the way he acts when hes a snitty lil sh!t that i wish i could pummel into the floor.

Why the hell must i have big sister syndrome where the worst thing i can say to him is "stupid midget" (Latley hes almost as tall as me so it doesnt count much any more) i mean threats to hurt him are all i got and he knows that i wont follow through, when i get mad i cant think of good snappy comebacks like mr prince, so what the hell, i cant do nothing and im trapped in this stupid house where im the criminal because my brother is a f'ing lil sneak about his words. scream scream scream scream scream scream scream

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    Kokoro Kishin
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Mon Mar 27, 2006 @ 03:21am
    Two things... Ignore him/them, and actually smack him up a little, trust me, it works (being the little brother to someone who's basically twice my size... sweatdrop ) It'll make you feel better! whee

    commentCommented on: Wed Sep 06, 2006 @ 08:48pm
    I really wouldn't recomend hitting your brother. (That just tends to make things worse.) But if you're looking for a way to let off some steam, why not take up martial arts? You get to beat people to a bloody pulp, and you hardly ever have to worry about someone bitching at you for it! (Esspecialy if you're a beginer because then everyone chalks it up to "Oh s/he's just starting, they don't know how to control yet so it's ok!" wink

    Plus it'll help with the whole losing weight thing, which in turn will help with your self-respect, and when you're proud of who you are then people want to be your friend. (That's why the most annoying assholes in the world -much like myself- have so many friends.)

    That and you probably shouldn't pawn off your chores on your little brother. Karma has a way of bitting you in the a** with things like that.

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