I went and mentioned a lot of crap about Sorenification the yesterday, which is still technically today, but that's not important.

The note I ended on was Southern Soren. I explained a little bit of the counterpart to Northern Soren's Fairies, Dragons, Cyborgs, and Illusions. Though I think I'm gonna be straying from it a bit. So the updated thingamajigs are as follows:

Fairies = Succubi
Dragons = Incubuses
Illusions = Banshees
Cyborgs = Goblins

Vampires were done away with as a faction 'cause I planning for the succubi and incubuses to just -be- vampires, along with anything else they already are.

So let's review again because it helps.

Northern Soren: Associated with the original Sorenian perspective. Four-way gender warfare with Marc leading the Dragons, Susie, leading the Fairies, Zero leading the Cyborgs, and Ectie leading the Illusions. We're most familiar with Kutzu's story out of all of this.

Western Soren: Associated with the Safan perspective. Tribes scattered across the hemisphere and worshiping the Ancient Growths as the gods of nature and time. Despite a few physical changes, we're going to see plenty of stories involving Safiri and company and how they came to be.

Eastern Soren: Associated with the original Fusion perspective. It's new, but I think the general idea is easy to latch onto. Akashes train in the ways of "Aurax" to become potent explorers of Eastern Soren's Veil Plains.We're going to see the story of Hymn: Glitra's ordeals with En's Guild of Elements.

Southern Soren: The newcomer of the four. It's a lot like Northern Soren's "gender warfare" thing, but much darker and more gothic. We're going to see a kind of story neglected on Northern Soren, which will include Cruce as the main character, as well as a long line of new characters and mechanisms.


Characters from older Blast stuff will make an appearance either as a Sorenian, Safan, or Akash in this reformation, including the famous Rush, Lavender, and Amen! (They actually have their own storylines here that lead up to some pretty epic stuff, or so I'm planning. Granted, not too many characters from old stuff will be here. I have to leave room for new ones. Nonetheless, here we are:

(Keep in mind, these might change. And these are just characters most should know at this point.)

Northern Soren: Rush, Kutzu, Susie, Ectie, Lea.

Reinserted: Surge, True, Stream, Adam.

Western Soren: Lavender, Safiri, Rilia, Slianna, Nuvlora, Danny.

Reinserted: Tutuki, Pumiki, Eitor(Cree), Kylie.

Eastern Soren: Braig, Glitra, Floe, Chinook, Terrah, Oceanus, En, Aphotos, Skarr, Occulu.

Reinserted: Vixx, Sirocco, Sam.

Southern Soren: Since it's completely new, there are only new characters in this section.

Reinserted: Cruce.

Just looking at it, you can already tell which hemisphere is going to have the most characters. (Hint: Eastern Soren.)

Now let's move to some terms to remember. For the past like... forever, I've been referring to them as "Sorenians". Time to break it. And also break the habit of capitalizing their species names. You don't see humans being capitalized, so we're going to change that. HERE'S ANOTHER LISTTHINGY.

Northern Sorenians will be referred to as nimbi. (Nimbus for singular.)
Western Sorenians, or Safans, are gonna be called efluses.
Eastern Sorenians, or Akashes, aren't gonna have their names changed. They'll just be akashes.
Southern Sorenians are mostly nimbi without wings. They'll be called athras.

The worldly term for any being from Soren is still going to be Sorenian, just like Earthling is to Earth.

As for pictures, I'm going to be updating my profile as usual. Hopefully, I actually manage to get more than like... 1/5 of my picture up this time. I'll be trying something a bit different, so pictures are gonna be a little wacky at first.

Unlike previous Blast reformations, I feel I've already explained this one enough to just jump into it. First, I'm gonna be working on pictures and plots and stuff. I would use Facebook to update stuff, but Facebook's all... mainstream. Using that to host gender switching warfare could be a little hard to explain to a lot of people. With Gaia, we're all fun and quirky! =3 At least those of us who still exist.

So I'm going to cut it here and start work on mah mass Sorenification reformation~.