Well, it's that time again. Time to reform.
Ethereal Cross did -not- catch on, and I became braindead halfway through the first cross. I couldn't even figure out where the story was going, and I like to spontaneously come up with ideas. So that says something.

I pretty much killed EC with the character list. It's not that I wasn't willing to draw that many character portraits, it's just that there were too many Eclipses; too many worlds. I didn't have enough story ideas to keep up with that, and without even one of those worlds, the whole EC system wouldn't have worked anyway. It's really just a tangled mess of perpetually unused -crap-.

I never get to use Vixx of Tutuki or Toxik. I rarely use Khris/Surge the Rabbit, and he was one of my first characters ever. The two Eclipses I DO find myself using WAY too much are those from Soren and Safa. Antifigurates have been seen, but that's probably better off as a comic or something. As for the Pokémon... well, you see 'em everywhere. But I promise you I get enough usage out of them from RPs alone. And the new (or so) worlds of Vrtra and Fusion(Angelwing) have been used MORE THAN SOME OF THE ONES YEARS OLDER THAN THEM.

First off, Vrtra's been around since I've started Gaia... pretty much. It was an RP universe. Fusion almost got its own story called Hymn a while back. I still have the story idea and many plans for it, so you'll see where that comes down the road. Vrtra's gonna remain an RP universe from now on.

As for Aquatica, Mobius, the Antifigurate World, Tulwar V, and Pimix... I scoff at them. 'Cept Anti and Mobius. You might see those again. The others, however... Bleh... I can't ever get around to them. They're always too deep into the stories to explore. So I'm throwin' 'em out for a loooooooong while. Maybe until the next reform, which, based on recent activity, might be sooner than you think/know/believe/want/don't care about.

So! Let's piece together what we've learned so far (and try to do so without actually regarding the title of this entry). Soren and Safa have survived and thrived. Anti and Mobius have survived, but I wouldn't say thrived. Aquatica, Tulwar V, and Pimix are all dead-like. Vrtra and Fusion... well, they're special cases.

BUT WHOA THERE. Out of Safa and Soren, which has been around longer? Which is known better? Which planet's northern hemisphere did I just freaking give the history of in that last post called "Tell Us"? SOREN, BRAH. Soren, and boy, this is a big statement to make, is going to be the -SETTING FOR ALL OF MY CHARACTERS- who are not from RPs like Theory, which I haven't really done enough of in this journal. I oughta show you dudes and dudettes dat shiz.

But yes. Soren is now Blast and Blast is now Soren. Hence the whole Mass Sorenification thing. And I know what you're thinking. "What about all the characters that are badass and stuff?" Even if you're not thinking it, I'll answer it.

Look, characters like Ixis and Elicia get enough notoriety in RPs. Characters like Cruce and Danithan, however... THEY are too good to leave out of Blast. But insertion of these characters in the Sorenian environment is gonna be all tricksy-stuffs. So this sorta thing is a plan in progress. I can think of an easy solution for Danithan, but Cruce is a different story. He, along with Cree and Glitra, pretty much connect the RP set of characters with the Blast set.Granted, that makes no sense at the moment, but... Blah.

So yeah, Cruce and those other fags (Glitra's straight, and Cree is straight as a freaking sphere) are going to appear, but in a different light. I have plans for Glitra already, but Cree and Cruce are still being worked on...

So, this whole Sorenification thing is another reform, like I said. It's just the most unique thing I've ever done with Blast... Hopefully, it goes pretty well. I mean I'm pretty bummed that I have to quit EC so early in. But I wasn't getting enough views or into it as much as I hoped I would. But back to Blast. This is different. This is me returning to my roots; back when I was like 8, or something. Now, Blast wasn't around then, but some incarnation of Soren was. And I remember a symbol I would always use to refer to Soren, which will become the -new symbol of Blast-, rather than that S-liney-zappy thing.

LET'S TALK ABOUT SOREN. As most of you who know me know (...), when you think Soren, you think Kutzu. Yes. Kutzu's big. I'll talk about that later. You might also think about the four genders, which makes no sense to humankind. D'uh, Sorenians are on an entirely different world with different perspectives. So yeah, bunch'a gender switching warfare with the weirdest technology sounds pretty accurate! Castle Blossom, Dragon HQ, Illusions, yep.


I've always said that. In -every- story I have written, gender warfare as been STRICTLY associated with Northern Soren. Recently mentioned in "Tell Us" was Western Soren, which (hint hint) portrayed the image of four-legged Sorenians. I'm going to be changing things up a little bit. Western Soren will be the equivalent, if not, a little less of Safa. So relax. Safiri's not really going anywhere. We're still gonna see the Oath Tribe and the Ancient Growths. Heck, Danny's gonna stick around, Slianna and Rilia will still be there. Dr. Maiwell... maybe. Western Soren is the equivalent of Safa, put short.

That just leaves Southern and Eastern Soren. (How does this work on a globe? Oceans!) Yeah, I might draw a map of the world out like I did for Theory (which, by the way, took all day. Fun... actually, it kinda was.) Parenthetical comments aside, I haven't really covered Eastern or Southern at all. Eastern Soren is where my plans for Fusion come into play. Eastern Soren is going to just -be- Fusion. So yes, Akashes live on Soren, but they, too, are now Sorenians! Just floaty ghosty Sorenians. (I'll be giving each of the specie names. Different names from what you or even I[at this point] know) The principals established in Hymn are most likely gonna be applied there, save the three moons thing. Maybe. SO! Let's review some characters thus far...

Kutzu: Will probably be passed the crown of being the main character of Blast, or at least most iconic. (Already is. Lol.) We know Kutzu from Northern Soren.

Safiri: Another receiver of main character-ship. And another iconic one! We know her from Safa (A.K.A. Western Soren.)

Glitra: The third receiver of main characterness. Pretty new, but she's good for it. Glitra's home is on Fusion (Also known as... EASTERN SOREN! =D).

That just leaves the fourth hemisphere. I'm planning on making this just like the Northern areas, but a tad more on the sinister side. The main character down here is probably going to be Cruce. Sorenified. Southern Soren's probably gonna be a lot darker than its Northern Counterpart. It's probably (Note: 3rd "probably" in this paragraph already) gonna have factions equal to the Fairies, Dragons, Cyborgs, and Illusions. AND THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS:

Fairies are to Succubi.
Illusions are to Banshees.
Dragons are to Incubuses.
Cyborgs are to Vampires.
And there'll most likely be a fifth faction called Goblins.

So stay tunered. I have much more in store. As for now, if you look at the time this was posted, you'll understand why I'm stopping it early.

I'm tired.

I'm going to bed. BUT I WANNA POST THIS. x3

It's info, and I'll work on more tomorrow... hence the "stay tunered".