The Rev. Mr. Crispin Moore (aka Sir)

Nationality: English
Hair color: black, greying on the sides.
Eye Color: dark blue
Build: He's a man. Broad shoulders, here.
Sexual orientation Bisexual, but leaning heavily towards women.
Personality: Very assertive. Willing to hurt others to get what he wants. An amazing public speaker. His words will get your attention. Extremely religious, but sort of a hypocite. He will quote the Bible, then turn around and do something against its teachings. Crispin never realizes that he is doing this. Has many followers, and usually spends his free time surrounded by gorgeous youths.
Special Characteristics: Telekinetic, very strongly so. He's very rough with it, not very precise. Is never seen without his cane. Is very fond of dark blues and greys for his clothing.
History: An ex-preacher, this man has used this influence to gather an veritable army of fellow psychics to his cause: own the country. smile He wants power, and is getting anyone he can to help. Is almost never seen without his trusty cane. He firmly believes he was called by God to do this. he was once the most handsome man in the area, and is still good looking, even in his advancing years.
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Hair color: dark brown, with a right side part.
Eye Color: dark brown
Build: Skinny, kind of stunted.
Sexual orientation: gay?
Personality: A big worrier, also very prone to be jealous. OCD. He wants to be the perfect person for his hero.
Special Characteristics: He can transform objects and people into other things.
History: Christian was adopted at the tender age of two by Moore because of his transforming abilities. He spent most of his young life as a sort of son to Rev. Moore, then a rapid change occured when a man named Thomas joined the Rev's cause. Thomas' powers were far superior to Christain's: he could see into the future. Christain was all but replaced, and never was very popular with anyone else. Alone, he did what most would do in this situation: tried to win his spot back in the limelight. He eventually only gains favor in his father figure's bed, and has only slightly progressed to being a sort of schedule-maker for Moore. Christian is fiercely against anyone who would remove him from his hard-earned position, but actually wants a different life. HE IS NOT EMO.
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